A/N - Just a little essay/story I had to write in English this past year as a part of our Charles Dickens lesson. It isn't directly related to his writing, so much as it would be to his influences for writing. Apparently, Dickens' nanny would often tell him frightening bedtime stories so that he would get out of bed at any time during the course of the night. It has been said that these stories influenced him in his writing. I wrote this one to serve as an example as to the sort of story Dickens' nanny might have told him.

"The Silent Shadow"

"Silence is Golden" would not have become the commonplace proverb it is today without such an atrocious figure as the "Silent Shadow" to power it. Many thought the saying was just a catchy phrase that inspired people to remain quiet during times of importance, such as a trip to the movie theatre, or a pressing announcement. But alas, its significance may derive from the tale of "The Silent Shadow."

One night, nearly two centuries ago, a little boy laid in his bed. He made his best attempts to fall sleep, all of which failed. After tree restless hours, he came to the conclusion that his over-active bladder was the cause of his insomnia. Eager to resolve this problem, he jolted from his bed, unaware of the eerie shadow in the middle of his room. This penumbra was not at all ordinary, for there was no object or being to which it belonged.

However, this shadow had a name, the "Silent Shadow, coming from its great detest of any noise, like the sound produced from a pin dropping. This loathing was to such an extent, that it would sever the origination of the slightest sound. Unfortunately for the young boy, the shadow had heard the crash of his feet hitting the floor. Revealing the blade of his bloodstained dagger, the shadow slipped away to surprise the boy.

Upon the boy's return from the bathroom, he finally noticed the foreboding shadow, hiding in a corner of his room. The shadow jumped at the boy, his dagger readied, and hacked off the boy's feet. The boy had to suppress a shriek of agony has the pain spread throughout his body. Quickly thinking, he grabbed what would be the shadow's head, banging it against the floorboards, producing a loud thump. The shadow's impulse led him to guillotine himself, foolish enough to have been tricked by an eight-year-old.

As for the boy, he survived the attack, but would never forget the dreadful night he lost his feet. Fortunately, his courage and expeditious thinking would stop the shadow forever; yet apparently, it seemed to have made matters worse. From that day on, the shadow, upon hearing the slightest sound, vowed to sever the head of the noisemaker, to avoid history repeating itself. So keep the "Silent Shadow" in mind, before you stumble out of bed, and lose your head.

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