I didn't think I could ever write such fluff. I realize uncanon this may be, but I hope you forgive me. This is just a very short one-shot little drabble. I will not be writing any sequels. Please Read and Review.

Jackson thinks Lilly is weird, but not for the same reasons that every one else does. He doesn't mind the way she rides into their house on a skateboard every afternoon, even though anybody else would just walk through the door, like a normal person. He sort of likes its. It gives her character. Makes things interesting.

He doesn't care about her blond moments or her sometimes high pitched voice. He is not at all bothered by her eccentric behavior or goofy style, although sometimes he indicates otherwise.

But he is bothered by the small distance that resides between them on the rare occasions that he and Lilly are alone. He doesn't see why she needs to stand so close when she asks him where his sister is. It makes him lose his thoughts and his stomach turn just a little, and that's weird. However, that's not nearly as weird as the fact that when they speak, and the space between them is a more normal distance, he finds himself wishing she would stand a little closer.

He doesn't like that he wonders were she is if she's not around, and the way he misses her rambunctious energy on days whens she doesn't stop by. He thinks it is weird for him to think this way, and that only somebody really weird could make a person feel so strangely.

He thinks its weird that sometimes he starts to say something about Lilly, but stops because he knows that Miley would think what he is about to say is odd. But Jackson knows he isn't the weird one, Lilly is.

Jackson thinks its weird when Lilly grabs Oliver hand and drags him away to wherever they happen to be heading at the time. He finds it odd that the action makes his jaw clinch, and his breath shorten.

So one day when he finds himself and Lilly alone in his kitchen, standing very close together, he can't help but ask her where everyone else is, where Oliver is. When she raises her eyebrows as his strange questions, he can't help but step a little closer, and when she responds that she actually came looking for him and has no idea where Oliver is, he can't help but kiss her. After they pull apart Lilly smiles and yells something ridiculous and barely intelligible; he can't help but laugh as he smiles back at her.

As she grabs her skateboard and walks out the door a few moments later he tells her that she's weird, and she replies with a loud, "Thanks Jackson," before one last smile and a quick but awkward exit.

Jackson just keeps smiling, and a few hours later, when Miley asks him what he is so giddy about, he simply responds, "Lilly is weird."

The end.