Red vs. Blue:

The Master Chief Saga

Chapter I

"But Sarge, the ship's coming all the way from Earth! It could take weeks, months, even years to get here!" Private Donut shouted. Suddenly, out of the sky, a Pelican-class transport fell out of the sky only millimeters away from Donut's face and crashed to the ground with a thud. Donut followed suit. The close encounter was too much for his fragile demeanor and he fainted.

"Ship's here," Private Simmons declared.

"Shotgun," Private Grif said. While Grif was imagining what the shotgun position would be like in the Pelican, The rear hatch of the Pelican opened and out walked the most terrifying and lethal soldier that ever lived. Two tons of MJOLNIR armor and pure muscle made its way past the rocks up to the red squad. The very soil his armored boots touched seemed to shy away in fear. Even the mighty rocks that jutted up from the landscape that had been both allies in strategy and enemies in ambushes now only served to intensify the lethal persona that now approached. Simmons stepped forward.

"Were you sent by Red Command?" he asked the soldier.

"Affirmative. I am Master Chief Petty Officer SPARTAN 117. What's the situation Private Simmons?" the Master Chief asked.

"Well, sir, do you want the long story or the short?"

"I think, due to the speed at which I was sent here, the short version will suffice," Master Chief replied.

"Ok. The mortal enemy of the Red and Blue teams was at the Blue Base. He's an evil AI who takes over people by getting into their armor through the radios in the suit. He's gone now, but a Blue guy came out here with his tank and now we're pinned down behind these rocks. There's a pregnant guy at the Blue Base, and we need to get back to our base."

Master Chief took in all the information slowly. He was confused about the pregnant guy, but ignored it, as there were more pressing matters that needed attention. Without skipping a beat, the Chief began to take charge of the situation.

"We deal with the immediate threat first," he said. The Chief grabbed the rocket launcher that was slung around his shoulder and fired a round at the tank. The rocket impacted with the turret base where the ammunition was stored. The explosion tore the turret off of its base and caused the rest of the tank to burn in a fiery inferno.

"Now about this mortal enemy of yours," the Chief asked. "You said he takes over the armor systems by infecting a host through their radios?"

"Yes sir," Simmons replied.

"Who was the last member of your squad to use the radio?" the Chief asked.

Grif, Simmons and Donut, who had recovered from his unconscious state and rejoined the group, all slowly turned to where Sarge was standing, but he was gone.

"He was right there," Donut said. "Oh no! If O'Malley got a hold of Sarge . . ."

"Don't worry," the Chief said. He put a reassuring hand on the nervous soldier's shoulder. "We'll deal with this one step at a time. In the end, we'll put this O'Malley character down for good and get your Sergeant back safe and sound."

"I hate to break up the party, but those Blue guys aren't going to be too happy that we blew up their precious tank," Grif stated. "I think we should get back to base."

"I agree. Ok, Red Squad, in accordance with Red Army Naval Protocol, Article One, Section Seven, Subsection Fifteen, Paragraph Eighty Nine, I am taking control of this operation. My primary objectives were to eliminate any Blue threats in this canyon and capture the Blue Flag, and that is what I intend to do."

"What about Sarge?" Simmons asked. "Shouldn't we find him first? If we got him back, we would have five guys on our team! We would be able to send the Blues back into whatever hole they crawled out of!"

"Sarge has really rubbed off on you," Grif said.

"Shut up, Grif," Simmons replied.

"Or are you trying to take his place since, you know, he's possessed and all."

"Shut UP, Grif."

"Well, look at the bright side. Now, Since there aretwo people in Sarge's mind,you can kiss twice as much ass than you have before!"

"Grif, Shut up!"

"Quiet, both of you! Now listen, we can't just go off and perform a Search and Rescue operation without any Intel," Master Chief interrupted. "It might take a while to eliminate all these Blue forces, so that should give us enough time to plan and coordinate our strategy for getting the Sergeant back."

"Are you good with a sniper?" Grif asked.

"I am proficient with all UNSC issue weaponry, yes. Why do you ask?" Master Chief responded.

"The Blues over there, they're probably the worst fighters in the whole army. You could just pick each one off and be done with it in less than ten minutes."

"Well, I could do that, but when I was with my old team, I was more of a rifleman myself. Linda . . ." the Chief paused, remembering his friend. "she was our sniper. The best I've ever seen."

"So, was she your girlfriend?" Grif asked.

"What? No, no, see, our squad was trained to work as a team since we were six years old," the Chief explained. "Our squad was tightly knit together. We were like siblings."

"Except that you weren't," Grif said.

"Biologically, no," the Chief responded, confused.

"Well, was she hot?"

"She was very beautiful; red hair, green eyes and a face that could stop a whole armada of enemy troops dead in space."

"Wow. So, why isn't she here?" Simmons asked. "If she's as good as you said, we could use the help."

"She's recovering from severe plasma burns," The Chief explained sadly. "Elites are mean bastards."

"What's an Elite?" Donut asked.

"An, uh, advanced special ops Blue Soldier. They use advanced plasma weaponry. They're very . . . advanced" The Chief said. "But enough chatter. Let's get back to base. Those Blues are probably on their way over here as we speak."

The soldiers of Red Squad ran from the cover of the rocky outcropping as fast as they could, crossing the open space of the grassland in seconds. They ran around back behind the base and entered the hangar.

"Nice setup you've got here," the Chief said with approval. "Alright, let's get down to business. Simmons, from what Red Command told me, you temporarily betrayed Red Team because nobody believed you about seeing the tank that I destroyed and turned Blue."

"But you believe me that it was real, right?" Simmons asked.

"Well, I can't say that I destroyed a figment of your imagination. That's a job for a therapist," The Chief replied. "Now, you managed to infiltrate the Blue Base, correct?"

"Yeah, it was exactly the same as this base . . . except with a lot more blue," Simmons answered.

"Good. With this information, we should easily be able to infiltrate their base and locate the Blue Flag. Then we can proceed to kill every living thing there that isn't red. Or jade."

"Sir, can I ask a question?" Donut asked.

"Of course, Private Donut. According to my records, you are the only soldier here to actually take possession of the Blue Flag. Any input from your perspective would be greatly appreciated."

"What? He thought he was buying it at the store!" Grif said angrily.

"Well, it isn't about getting the flag. I just want to know what makes it so darn important. We've been fighting out here for years, and all I know is that it's a flag, and it is important to the Blue team. Why is it so important?"

The Chief took a deep breath. "What I'm about to tell you is classified information. You are to take this with you to the grave, understand? Good. In each flag, there is a microscopic computer. It has in its core a piece of technology so unbelievably powerful that it could spell certain doom for anypeople that it is used against. However, each flag only has one half of the computer. When the two flags are combined, the flag poles are fused together and are redesigned into a super laser weapon capable of turning an entire country into dust and ashes. The laser reduces all organic matter to its base components and vaporizes it. Inorganic material is turned to rubble. Soil is turned to glass. Water turns to steam. This laser is so powerful, that the human race couldn't trust itself with it and so, they created the Red and Blue armies. Completely oblivious as to their true purpose, the armies fought one another for years and the secrets of the flag were safe. Until now."

"O'Malley. He found out the flags' secret and is planning on using it to destroy all life in the galaxy!" Simmons said.

"Bingo," replied the Chief. "We need to get the Blue's flag ASAP. If we can use the laser as bait, we can get O'Malley out of the Sergeant and stop him from his conquest of galactic domination. First we need to get rid of the Blues. Once we have complete control over this canyon, we can operate freely here without worry of interruption. How about it, guys? You in?"

"You bet, Master Chief, sir. I'm behind you one hundred percent!" Simmons said.

"We get to save the galaxy? Awesome! I'm with you sir!" Donut said.

"Not like I have much of a choice. You'd probably just kill me if I said 'no' since I know all that top-secret info and whatnot," Grif said disappointedly.

"Yup," Master Chief replied. "Alright, now that that's settled, let's begin the first phase of our mission. Operation: Red Rage.