The following transmissions were intercepted from the Red Army Destroyer-Class space vessel Bloodbath sometime before the Master Chief led his squad away from Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha. The transmissions held highly encrypted messages that combined standard army encryptions with unknown, possibly alien ones. Only parts of the packages were recovered, as security installments within the encryption programming deleted a large portion of the actual messages.

The Bloodbath was unable to trace the source of the transmissions, as they were being bounced off of a crater on a moon that was orbiting the nearby planet. Attempts to trace the transmissions to the source proved futile, and the crews on the Bloodbath were ordered by Red Command to ascertain the destination of the transmissions. The search ended with the discovery of a device the Red Army's Office of Naval Intelligence (RAONI) top scientists believed to be a transwarp communicator. Discovering the destination of the transmissions was deemed impossible, as the destination was no longer a matter of where, but possibly when as well.





Sorry for the delay, friend, but as you very well know it goes against my policy to carry out assignments with prototype equipment, especially armor. Proper precautions were necessary. As you predicted, those two insubordinates abandoned their comrades at Blue Base, leaving them to fend for themselves. It shouldn't be long now before the Reds discover them and move in.

My contact in the urban region in the Turf sector reported the two moving through the area in a warthog. Recent activity in the area has me concerned- \SECURITY PROTOCOL ENACTED: MESSAGE TERMINATED\





This message is to be transmitted to the Overseer immediately. The mercenary strike force sent to deal with the Red Squad has failed. The Master Chief has indicted the other Blue forces into his ranks and has made altercations to their tank. This should be seen as a serious threat.

Our prowler, Nightscream successfully uploaded an AI programming loyal to our cause into the tank which is set to activate when the tank's profound, powerful, not to mention illegal modifications come online.

The Master Chief has left Blood Gulch Outpost Alpha with his squad in the direction of your to-be-test-subjects. I hope we- \SECURITY PROTOCOL ENACTED: MESSAGE TERMINATED\



-Lieutenant Sawyer


\ENACTED SECURITY PROTOCOL TERMINATED AT SOURCE: POSSIBLE ERROR?\ - . . .might sound a bit odd, but when Private Church approaches your position, make absolutely sure you are in front of him. Do not fire at him, do not engage in anything other than taunting remarks with him. If you fail to comply with your own orders, everything you've worked so hard for will be moot. Just do as you say, leave Church alone, and everything will turn out for the better. For the love of God, he's got a bomb in his chest . . .

9:37:14pm. RLCTRNSCOM4


-Master Architect Krain


I'm going to have to ask that everyone dons their temporal displacement nullifiers. Scans show an error on Installation 05 that jeopardizes the structural integrity of the Control Room that was done roughly two hundred years ago. Simply put; those doors need to be taller and wider.

Just a brief reminder to everyone, make sure if you've been ordered to- \SECURITY PROTOCOLS ENACTED: MESSAGE TERMINATED\





This facility just received a tight-beam transmission from our transwarp satellite in orbit. We think it hit us because we're closest and since it had such a high priority, that's our best guess. The message was too garbled to relay directly, but we got a good portion of it.

Something went horribly wrong with the whole thing. O'Malley's plan seems to have failed miserably. The parasite was either released or escaped and spread through its containment like a flood, infecting everything.

We were ordered to terminate the parasite, but the sender could not be identified nor could the location of the transmission. O'Malley is expected to receive the message in several days time, since he's in subspace on his way here. With all the weirdness with the breach in security at Lockout a few days ago and the- \MESSAGE TERMINATED AT SOURCE: CODEsndrKIAtrmnlDDU: COLOSSUS FACILITY BREACHED: RED ALERT\


Something to tide you over until I start putting new chapters up, which will be soon I hope. I finished Ghosts of Onyx (awesome and Grumbles recommended) and got some inspiration from reading it. Enough to set my priorities in order. When Part 2 comes up, I'll post it here to make it easier to read for continuity purposes.