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Living in Cyberspace


by: XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



Chapter 16: Stupidity Finally Ended

It's been weeks since Sakura began making one horrendous mistake to another. Lately, she knew that she was not getting herself anywhere. And today, she might be actually thinking of doing yet another mistake.

= Flashback =

1 week ago….

Sakura was on her way home. She was only a few blocks away from her abode when she caught sight of something. Rather, it was someone. Someone that she doesn't desire to see today, or the days after that. In short, never.

Though upon seeing an unwanted obstacle on her path, she still went on towards his direction. When she was close enough to him, it was only then did she recognize his presence.

"What do you this time?!" was her hostile greeting.

Sai Ikigami ignored Sakura's unfriendly behavior. He simply smiled as if nothing was wrong with the world. Especially if pertaining to his case.

"Well princess," Sai began "I just want to see your beautiful face. It simply makes me—"

"Cut the crap now Sai! Be on with what you have to say. Stop wasting my time!" Sakura hotly cut him off.

Sai was silent for a while. He was somewhat taken aback because of her behavior. It took a few seconds for him to regain his composure.

"I have to join a competition next month. I just knew that you were the dance partner that I'm looking for." was his reply.

"Forget it. Don't expect me to join you in that fiasco."

The young debonair seemed unaffected by Sakura's remark. It was like he was way too confident that the pinkette would succumb to his wishes.

"Don't be ridiculous Sakura. Dancing has been your life. It was your passion. It is a great opportunity for you. You can't fool me either if you tell me I mean nothing to you. You can't ignore me. I know that something within you is screaming how much you love me." He smugly said.

As if.

Or is it?

"You have got to be kidding me." She answered back.

Seeing no more reason to engage herself in that conversation, Sakura began to turn on her heels and leave. As she trod a good distance away from him, she heard Sai shouting something to her.

"It's no use resisting me princess. You won't be getting yourself confused and everything if I meant nothing to you."

How she hated the guy. But, what she hated more was the fact that he could be right.

- Do I really love him-

= End of Flashback =

"Oh no, no Sakura." Ino almost felt like screaming."You are so are not going to say yes to him. He's a jerk remember. Plus, Sasuke would be left w/out a partner next week if you accept Sai's offer."

Oh great. She almost forgot about that one very important detail. Sasuke. Her boyfriend. Ugh, her ex-boyfriend. Heck, it doesn't really matter who he is to 's Sasuke. Just plain Sasuke. Yes, that's it.

"Ino-chan... I just thought that maybe, if I give him what he asks for, he would stop bugging me for good. Who knows, he might suddenly disappear just like before."

Ino shook her head in utter disappointment. A ver intelligent person turned stupid in a flash. She never envisage herself in ever having this kind of conversation with her bestfriend. Only because of the presence of a very selfish bastard, her friend's world was once again

Turned upside down.

"That's rubbish Sakura. You're actually about to give him more reason to continue pestering you around."



XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



One week had passed rather quickly. Sakura can't believe that it's been 7 days since. For others, today would be just another day. Sakura on the contrary felt like she was about to step into a major turning point in her life. This time, it would mean choosing either Sasuke or Sai as her landing point.

By 8 am, Sakura was all ready to go to school. She is to be expected to have her practicum in Kurenai-sensei's class by 10am. It was surprising that her sensei even gave her a chance to take their final exam. She should be thanking Sasuke and his strong powers in persuading people. Who knew an emotionally deficient person could pull out such trick. Life really is full of surprises. But, despite all these, chances are that Sasuke's effort would go to waste. Especially if she chooses Sai over him. poor guy. If she were to say yes to Sai, she would be bound to have her first practice with him today. Exactly the same day for their practicum. What a cunning creature Sai surely is.

And with all these thoughts in mind, she knew that it's time to finally make up her mind.

As Sakura finally reached her school, finding Sai's whereabout became her first priority. It dind't seem to be much of a task for Sai made it a point to make himself easy to find. rather, his fangirls made the job for Sakura way easy than expected. Just follow the fangirls as Ino always quoted. That is where the heartthrobs would most lkely be.

"Easy girls. Easy." Sai cooly said.

Him and his demonic charm. Always gets his way with girls. Even her was swooned by his charm. The question is, even up t o now?

It would only be a matter if seconds, few meters to trod, a couple of steps to take before she would have to deal with him. As she neared what she considered the epicenter of all evil, she noticed the various reactions that his fangirls were giving her. Some were either curious or puzzled. Others could care less. For some, glaring seemed to be the best thing to do. Like they were at all times ready for the kill.

-Cha. Feels like making my way to my execution.-

Now that she was bout to face her worst ghost from the past, Sakura wondered what her next actions would be.

Should she accept back to her life?

Or should she dump him for good?

The guy whom she once loved.

The one who gave her false hopes.

The person who hurt her deeply.

The very entity that made her feel that she was unworthy to be loved.

The horrible creature that took her for granted.

With all these thoughts in mind, suddenly....

It became all clear now

The enlightenment that she needed finally came.

Conclusion is finally set. The jury made their decision. Next up would be the necessary actions to be taken.

"Hello Sai." Sakura smiled as she greeted the newest hearthrob in school.

Upon seeing Sakura's initial reaction, Sai felt like today would be his lucky day.


Or not

Not that Haruno Sakura ouched him really hard on the face.

He never really learned.

"Serves you right jerk!: Sakura happily said as she inflicted damage to his pretty face. "I shouldn't have et you get to me. You're not worth it."

For the first time in her life, Sakura felt so sure about hersef. SHe definitely felt liberated after years of getting haunted by him.

And because of this, she knew.

She knew that she could now face Sasuke. She could now come to him without all those emotional baggage that she used to carry. This time, it would only be just her.

Haruno Sakura.

The girl who loved

And more importantly,

The girl who was loved back

Better hurry now.

Sasuke is waiting.



XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



It was already past 10 am and still no Sakura. Sasuke could see Kurenai-sensei looking at him from a knew what that look meant.

Sorry Uchiha Sasuke. You failed

Perhaps, this was his fate then. He chose to stick with Sakura despite all doubts of her even showing up. He still stubbornly chose to dance with her for their final exam. And where did it got him?


And now, he was about to fail this subject with no other alternatives to choose from. Not even anything to do to save face.

What hurt most was the feeling of abandonment that started creeping through him. How he hated it. He's alone right now. On this very depressing point in his life.

Well for now.

But not for long

Sakura finally came into view.



XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



Sakura was so glad that she made it. Moreover, to see him still waiting for her. Despite the agitated disposition that she first saw him at first.

How she hope that it was really not too late for them.

After all, she came. She freaking came. She went there to seek Sasuke.

The guy who saw her at her worst.

The one who found a lot of good in her.

The person who saw through the not so pleasing facade that she to parade to everyone.

The entity who gave a new meaning to her life.

The wonderful creature that loved her for real.

She knew by then, as she was about to hold his hand.

She was at the right place.

With the right person

At the right time

And that, with all these

Her her knew for oce that this is it.

She now had it all.

And she could not ask for more

We're having a full house baby.

Full house



XxsTrInGz N' kEyZxX



Years passed.....

"Don't show your freaking face here Uchiha Sasuke!" Sakura snarled at the 28 year old man.

"C'mon Sak. Don't get too feisty. Calm down." Sasuke attempted to loosen up the situation.

But to no avail.

He was simply rewarded with killer dagger glares and flying porcelain pieces.

"Tch." Sasuke sighed. "I can't believe this would be the fate of these expensive, and not to mention rare, ceramics that I just bought. Good thing I didn't get hit by any of them."


As expected, she went to her favorite hideaway. The bedroom. Typical place for her when she's having her violent streaks.

Just like the old days, Sasuke knew how to fix this argument. Only one effective way he knew of.

His Toshiba computer a.k.a. Tosh the new gadget buddy.

His old desktop is history.

It's now time to seek help. Sakura would have to deal with him and Tosh the laptop.

Nian07: Hey dear.

Littlepetals14: Go away chicken ass!

Nian07: Don't be rude Sakura. I didn't do that on purpose

Littlepetals14: But you still did! You forgot!

Nian07: ........

Nian07: I know. I forgot. I forgot to buy the strawberry cake and choco fudge brownies that you asked for.

Littlepetals14: And the sponge bob printed apron too!

Nian07: And sponge bob, of course.

Littlepetals14: I told you I want them today

Nian07: I know. And I'm sorry for neglecting your requests. Been having a hard time at work. But I'll buy it tomorrow. I promise

Littlepetals14: You promise?

Nian07: Yes. Promise. Now, are we okay again?

Littlepetals14: Yeah. Peace out

Nian07: Thank god

Littlepetals14: (^_^)

Nian07: And Sakura,

Littlepetals14: Yes?

Nian07: Please refrain from breaking the door.

Littlepetals14: Okay. Sorry for that.

Nian07: Another thing

Littlepetals14: Hmm?

Nian07: Don't get too angry. Don't stress yourself too much. It's not healthy for you and the baby.

Littlepetals14:Oh... I almost forgot about little Uchiha. Hmm... I wonder what he'll look like

Nian07: Well, it doesn't matter. He'll definitely turn out good. As long as...

Littlepetals14: As long as?

Nian07: His hair won't be pink

Littlepetals14: Oh. Pink. Freaky.

Nian07: Hn

.The End. Owari

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