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Saber Ninjas –

It was a beautiful day in the 23rd century, on the planet known as Terra II, a sort of 'spin-off' of our modern-day Earth. Some time ago, the Earth became overpopulated, so we sent the majority of their population into space in a spaceship called the Mesopotamia to populate another planet. This planet was exactly like Earth in pretty much every way possible, save one: THERE WERE NO WOMEN! The Mesopotamia had crash-landed on what would become Terra II, killing every single human being on board, save for six men and one woman. All of the men came out of cryogenic stasis, but the woman did not, and would not! Over time, the men 'reproduced' by means of genetic cloning, eventually producing a healthy population of mostly men. But the men remained confident that one day, 'Lorelei' would reawaken from stasis, which would allow them to fully recover the female genome.

On this planet lived a man known as Otaru Mamiya, a teenage, proletarian martial artist who lived in a little apartment in the city-country known as Japoness. But Otaru didn't live in his apartment alone. He shared his apartment room with three lovely women. There are women, sort of. All of the 'women' were actually androids called 'Marionettes,' which were designed to be the 'replacement' for women. They basically resembled the flesh-and-blood women of our Earth, except that they were all unable to express and understand human emotions. Another difference between the Marionettes and normal women, where as the men are able to fall in love with and mate with women as they please, falling in love with and mating with Marionettes on Terra II was considered verboten. In fact, the Marionettes were treated in the same manner as Earthlings treat machines. Humanity was a foreign concept to the Marionettes, and would forever be.

However, Otaru dared to defy the laws of Terra II! To him, the Marionettes were not machines! They were human, and thus, he treated them with respect and love! This belief should be attributed to the knowledge that inside of his small harem of three Marionettes, there was an advanced piece of technology known as the 'Maiden Circuits,' which allowed the Marionettes to exhibit and understand human emotions. With the power of the Maiden Circuits, Marionettes had souls.

Otaru was fortunate enough to haven acquired three 'Saber Marionettes,' each of them different in their own way...

The first Marionette to come Otaru's way was Lime, a cute girl with long blue-violet hair, and huge green eyes. A cheerful and playful Marionette, Lime was constantly smiling and/or laughing. However, she was quite naïve, and had difficulty in understanding complex issues, and was very unskilled when it came to battle, although she was quite fast. Her dark blue hair was almost covered fully by a white cloth hat, that was held together by a large circular gem. Her oversized shirt hid a very nice figure in it, wrapped inside a black material. Her black spandex shorts reached up to her upper knees, and her feet were covered by two oversized yellow shoes. She was like a child in a candy store.

The second Marionette discovered by Otaru was Cherry, who was also quite cute, with long purple hair and huge blue eyes. Cherry's specialties were cooking, predicting her opponent's moves in combat, and daydreaming about her and Otaru. She is demure types, wearing a light pink kimono that covered most of her body. Her purple hair was long and smooth, which was tied by a large ribbon on top of her head. Her hands were clasped in front of her, as she gazed at the room in askance, as if preparing for a fight. Her feet were covered with a pair of geta, an old style footwear of the ancient Japanese back on Earth. Vanilla knew of the Earth's history as much. The marionette was a symbol of a typical housewife.

Finally, the third Marionette was Bloodberry. A Marionette with long red hair, huge red eyes, and a large bust, the tallest one of all, wearing a bright red outfit that seemed to be a few sizes smaller than her real measurements. Bloodberry was also the physically strongest of the trio. Aside from instinctively showing everyone that she was a fighter, she was also exposing her sexiness without restraint, and perhaps the most sultry of the three. But even with three Marionettes living with him, Otaru's life was no pleasure cruise. Terra II had its share of wicked people. For example, there was a man named Gerhardt von Faust X, from the neighboring nation of Gartland, who basically attempted to conquer the entire planet of Terra II, starting with Japoness! But, like all Anime villians, he eventually failed in his grandiose quest.

One thing else noteworthy about Faust was that like Otaru, Faust had his own trio of Saber Marionettes! But these were no ordinary Saber Marionettes. They were Saber Dolls! They were always ready and willing to do battle, especially against the Saber Marionettes! Amazingly, these three 'Saber Dolls' were 110 percent loyal to Faust, even though he treated them like shit! Their names and descriptions are as follows...

The first Doll was Tiger, a short hair-red-haired woman with a large bosom. Tiger was quite quick on the battlefield, and quite devoted to Faust. She is the best fighter of the trio, who wouldn't stop at anything till she defeated her opponent.

The second Saber Doll was Lynx, a long-blue-haired woman with big breasts. Her eyes were completely covered by her bangs of her hair. Lynx possessed similar battle sensors, intelligence level, and the same habit of daydreaming about her master that Cherry had.

The third and final Saber Doll was Panther, a long-blonde-haired woman with huge breasts. Panther possessed great physical strength, and wasn't afraid to show it off! Part of it covered her right eye, but it only made look more seductive and mysterious. Over her left eye she has a blue star tattoo over her other eye.

Anyway, we now join Otaru and the Marionettes on a picnic in one of Terra II's most beautiful parks, intending to relax after defeating a strong enemy from a rival nation. The nation was known as Garland, and was lead by a ruthless, cold dictator called Faust the 9th. He was trying to wage war on the world, and had a trio of deadly dolls that also had Maiden Circuits. Otaru was sitting cross-legged on the blanket, eating one of Cherry's most delicious delicacies. Cherry was sitting close by, knowing for sure that Otaru was enjoying what she had slaved so hard over last night. The very hungry Lime was being fed the occasional bite of food by Otaru. Bloodberry was occupied with eating her own club sandwich, which she had prepared herself the night before. They had brought along a radio, which was tuned to a station playing loud heavy metal music, Bloodberry's irritating choice in music. Otaru did his best to ignore the loud music as he focused on Cherry's yummy dish. Lime was also doing her best to filter out Bloodberry's obnoxious music, focusing her attention on the 'weird feeling' she always got when she was in very close proximity to Otaru.

Otaru was just about to speak up and tell Bloodberry that her music was too loud, when suddenly the music was interrupted by the deejay's voice. 'We interrupt your regularly scheduled music for this breaking news bulletin!'

Otaru's face darted towards the radio, "Hey, turn it up!"

Bloodberry increased the volume on the radio as the deejay continued to speak. "Scientists have recently reported a big storm of pure plasmic heading directly for our planet of Terra II. All residents of Terra II are advised to seek shelter, due to the unpredictable nature of this mysterious form of matter."

Bloodberry scoffed as she switched off the radio, "A plasmic storm?"

Otaru, Lime, and Cherry looked up at the sky, upon noticing that it seemed to grow dark all of a sudden. Pitch-dark cumulonimbus clouds blanketed a sky that was sunny and blue just a few minutes ago. A strange cloud of blue sparkling was gradually increasing in intensity up above them. The storms around the planet were different the regular storms. They were called Plasma storms, and on account huge bolts of pure plasmic energy rained down besides water. Thus, it was extremely dangerous to be out during one. Their surroundings had grown eerily dark due to the sun being completely blotted out, so they did not noticing the rustling in the bushes...

"WAAAAAHH! Otaru-sama! I'm scared! WAAAAAAHH!" Lime glomped onto the sweaty Otaru, starting to cry her eyes out. Cherry did the same, whimpering, but also smiling a little on the inside. In her head, she was speculating on the possibility of her and Otaru feeling that their lives were in great danger, and that they would make sweet love during their last minutes on the face of the planet. Bloodberry also glomped Otaru, even tighter than the other two Marionettes were, not afraid to express her feelings towards her master.

"Come on! We've got to get out of here!" shouted Otaru, standing up quickly and knocking the three Marionettes off of his body. Cherry tried to gather up the picnic items and blanket, but Otaru grabbed her wrist. "There's no time for that! Forget about the picnic! Let's go!"

But before they had a chance to run off, three top-heavy figures appeared from out of nowhere. Otaru and the Marionettes turned around, recognizing who they were at first glance.

Their names were Tiger, Lynx, and Panther. They too had personalities and human emotions, but were evil because of Faust. Tiger was in love with her master, but Faust merely considered them tools of war and thus treated them like dirt. However, despite that, the Saber Dolls were loyal and true to their master.

Until now. Recently, the Saber Dolls were now feeling something towards Otaru. At first, their mission was to assassinate him and steal his friend's Maiden Circuits. But, it would seem that he had unknowingly awaken something that made them hesitant to kill him.

"OTARU MAMIYA, WE WILL DEFEAT YOU!" Tiger exclaimed before her, Lynx, and Panther leapt into the air to do battle. (1)


In another world –

In the heavy forest area sat the Konoha Village, a village of ninjas one of the five most powerful in the country. In a rundown apartment building, a young man laid on his bed reading over a scroll. Naruto had found an old summoning scroll in the garbage dump where he was looking over the trash for anything that he could use as the adults in the village wouldn't sell him stuff. He couldn't believe his luck when he found it. With this he would be able to pass the exam tomorrow.

He began doing the summoning not realizing that the reason why it was thrown away in the first place was because it was a defected. It does do everything a summoning does, expect for one thing. It doesn't summon anything, but that's not going stop Naruto from trying.


Back in the other world –

Lime toss her crush over he shoulders away from the battle zone, as she join Cherry and Bloodberry who stood by to hold the dolls off. However, fate soon intervened again. When the Saber Dolls landed together in front of the Marionettes at the same time, a huge bolt of plasma energy struck down full force!

The Saber Dolls and Marionettes screamed in pain as the emerald energy coursed through their bodies, causing their internal circuits to go completely nuts! But, it did much more then that! The energy from both the plasma storm, and the one in Naruto's world, caused for a small rift to form!

The fabric of time and space was ripped open, and the Dolls were soon sucked into a medium-sized swirling vortex! As they were being carried away to another world/universe, their memories were erased. Also, any safety precautions that were installed by the scientists at Gartland were destroyed and deleted, the same went with the Marionettes.

When the bolt of plasma dissipated, Otaru saw that all of them were gone. Also, the rift closed up as soon as the Gartland and Japoness Marionettes were all in the vortex.

"Where did they go?" Otaru wondered as he stared in the space they had once stood.


In Naruto's world –

Naruto was putting everything he had into this summoning when a large green plasma bolt from out of nowhere struck down coming from a rift that had opened up in his apartment. The backlash of energy threw the young ninja across the room making him blackout.

When Naruto opened his eyes, and saw that he was still alive. He was wondering on what happened, when he saw the most unusually sight. He saw four, busty, beautiful women lying on the ground before him there were also two other women one dress funny and the other look like around his age. There were dressed in strange uniforms, of military design he has seen in books of army units of the countries. The other three are dress in the style of clothes that he's familiar with around here, but the combinations they have wasn't something he had ever saw before.

The young ninja slowly approached them, and checked them out. He felt for a pulse, and felt a slight movement. He knew they were alive. Despite them being strangers, Naruto wasn't going to throw them out of his home. He lifted them up one at a time, him being small and five of the ladies being taller, and he carried them over to the old coach in his living room to make them comfortable as his room is too small for all six of them.

"I wonder who they are?" he asked himself.

When he brought the last one, the blonde one with the blue star tattoo over her left eye, towards safety, he started to study them. From what he observed, it was obvious that they were not one of the locals. The young man, however, frequently stole glances at their chest area. And who could blame him?

'Wow! These ladies here are simply too beautiful! They also have breasts that put any of the women around here racks to shame!' he thought as he stares at the four women with the F cup sizes breast. The younger one with purple hair was drape over the woman with the yellow bandana on her head.

As he continued to look out for them, he saw the fingers of the yellow bandana wearing woman twitching slightly…


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Author's Notes

1 – Inspired by the story 'Yugi meets the Saber Dolls! By: DJ Rodriguez.