Wicked Little Pieces

Piece 01: Two to Tango

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Naruto.

Author's Note:

Little one-shots and drabbles that shouldn't be posted separately, and therefore are shoved here. Basically just pieces of SasuSaku love inspired by daily life, like this one—tango lessons from a friend in the gym when we were supposed to be playing basketball.

Enjoy, and remember that comments are always appreciated!

Couples in the streets.

The beat, a thrumming rhythm that she can feel between her thighs. The music, like a siren's song, weaves around their bodies and pushes them to move with it. The lights, dimming overhead, just enough for her to see the shadows of the man she was hugged so close to...

One hand is around her shoulders and the other is gripping her hip, covered by tight red silk, moving just slightly so that she leans closer in a stubborn attempt to ease into him.

He gives a guttural groan of pleasure, just barely audible, as she brings her body closer to him, hips gyrating just enough to hint at erotic pleasure and still seem innocent. He closes his dark eyes briefly to gather his composure, but when he opens them again she can see just a flash of scarlet Sharingan.

He twirls her out and pulls her back as the music requires, spinning her just a hint harder than necessary to bring her mere millimeters from his chest. He hears her breathing hitch and smirks wickedly.

She gulps but retaliates anyway. In the next four beats he dips her, and when he brings her up again, she pulls herself so their lips are a hairs-width apart.

Without a thought he viciously catches them with his, tongue slipping out to roughly caress her full lower lip, pressing himself upon her hard enough to bruise. Fingers tangle in fine, rose-colored hair and bottle-green eyes unconsciously close. Unspeakably gentle, her slender arms snake around him in an embrace.

The music was forgotten as their kiss deepens, but Sakura now knew why Sasuke had asked her to dance in the first place:

Even an Uchiha Avenger understood that it took two to tango.