Wicked Little Pieces

Piece 19: Stuck

Disclaimer: I do not own any part of Naruto.

Author's Note:

Inspired by music: 'Stuck' by Stacie Orrico, which, incidently, is stuck in my head. Yes, terrible pun.


I feel like such a fool!

It was like a scene out of a movie, out of a girl movie that only Ino would watch with her. A movie when there were two people, two lost, stupid people who would somehow overcome all adversary and just... love.

Her eyes bore into his.

He looked dispassionately down into hers.

Three years, and he was still exactly the same. No, there were changes. He was taller, his chest and shoulders wider, but that cold perfection of his sculpted face... That was still the same.

She could feel Naruto's quivering body next to hers, tense and trying to comprehend the situation as smoothly as possible, knowing, understanding, that whatever he was going through was probably ten times worse in her. They had been best friends, but he had been her...

She had thought, had naturally assumed, that she hated him for abandoning Konoha. No, that wasn't true. He had also been her friend. Nothing more, perhaps, but friends, at the very least, she thought fiercely to herself. Friends deserved second chances, no matter how stupid they were in their life choices.

And... He had called her by name. And that mere mention, that mere fucking mention, and she was Haruno Sakura, the twelve year old girl unconscious on a stone bench.

Her fingers clenched into a fist, the nails biting uncomfortably into soft flesh. Through everything, she still missed him, still wanted him back. And there was no way she could fake her emotions anymore.

I'm still stuck on you.