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The teachers have been spending every waking moment, for the past two weeks, trying to figure out a way to get around the fact that none of their spells would affect the demon what-so-ever. Meanwhile the former spirit detectives have spent all their time in finding away to attack the demons while still keeping their presence a secret. Both groups were coming up with nothing and were beginning to get desperate.

"Ok, it looks like we're going to end up showing ourselves to everyone, so we might as well plan this all out now so we don't get caught off guard when this attack happens," Harry said to everyone.

"Ok, but what should we do, Harry, Ginny and I don't have the same powers as the rest of you," Hermione stated to Harry.

"You two learned to form a shield, right?" Harry asked them, and they nodded to confirm that they had, "Ok, since we know the teachers are going to be out there trying to protect the school you two are in charge of gathering them up and shielding them from everything that happens, while the rest of us are fighting off the demons," he finished saying.

"I say that we should plan out the area that we are to be at or around when the attack takes place. I think that none of us should be inside the castle since the teachers are likely to lock it up as soon as there is any sign of an attack in an attempt to protect all of the students for as long as possible," Neville said to them all, "Also, I think that all of us should have one of these," he said as he passed out a flask of some sort of blue liquid, "It's a healing potion that I've made with some of my plants. One drink will heal your injuries that you will most likely receive during battle," he finished.

If it were during class or if anyone else was around them, then they would have fled the area in fear that the potion was explosive or poison. However since they all knew that what Neville did during potions class was all an act they accepted the potion with no argument.

"I don't know how you can pretend that you are so horrible in potions when you are just as good as you are bad in herbology. One would think the two go hand and hand," Draco said.

"Well in a way they do, but since potions is an exact science if I do something out of order or mix it the wrong way it's easy to mess up, and at times fun as well," Neville said.

"Only you would think that messing up a potion could be fun," Seamus said laughing.

"Anyways, I'll be back in a few minutes. I'm going to put up the seals that will alert us if the demons attack," Draco said.

"Ok, but make sure you don't get caught by anywhere here or by the Koenma," Blaise said.

"Don't worry, I won't use that much power, it should show as a small bleep on his radar but not enough to get caught by him," Draco said and then left in a dash of demonic speed.


"What are we going to do Albus, we've been researching this for what seems like forever and we have yet to find a way to even block their powers," Minerva said in a slight panic.

"You are over reacting Minerva. I am sure that we will find something eventually," Albus answered her.

"Albus, I must agree with Minerva on this one. Even the Dark Lord is afraid of the demons that are in his service, and he won't use any spells on them, since all they do is make them mad," Severus said.

"It doesn't matter if we can or can't do anything, we must try. The students are in far too much danger here or at home, their best chance to live is if we can get rid of the demons here and now," Albus said to them.

"What of Potter? He knows that he is the one that must kill the Dark Lord. How is he going to be able to even get near him if the demons are in the way, and kill him first?" Severus asked not worried about Harry but instead worrying about his freedom from the mark.

"You can't be serious! There's no way we can let Mr. Potter out into the battle when it happens, it would be sending the boy to his death. You can't send him out during the battle Albus!" Minerva yelled at them both.

"Now Minerva, Severus has informed us about the attack but we have no idea when it will happen. There is no choice, Tom must be killed and Harry is the only person alive that can. Now that will be all for now. I suggest that we keep searching to find ways to destroy the demons," Albus said dismissing them both.


"Koenma sir! Look at this," George yelled pointing at the screen.

Koenma looked at the screen and his jaw dropped and his pacifier nearly fell out. On the screen was a map of the human world. On the map it showed all the demons that used their powers, over the years Koenma had had it modified to track spirit energy as well. While the blip on the radar was faint it was indeed still there, Hiei's energy signature was there faintly and it was fading fast and it made it so that it was impossible to track him with how little energy he had used.

"I-I can't believe it, Hiei made an appearance no matter how small. Maybe there is still hope for the human world," Koenma said as he watched the faint blip fade to nothing.


"Tomorrow is the day that we cripple the human forces. We shall attack Hogwarts and take out some of the strongest witches and wizards that are alive!" The demon leader yelled and the other demons cheered. They had been getting impatient waiting for the impending attack.


Draco re-entered the Room of Requirement and saw that everyone was taking our their pent up anxiety playing exploding snap, and the cards were even worse than usual and started exploding when the next person went to lay a card down.

"I'm back, no one saw me luckily," he said as he leaned against one of the walls.

"Well there's nothing else we can do now, so we might as well go to bed now," Ginny said.

"Yeah, I agree. Harry if you find out anything about the demons attacking through your connection with Voldy, let us know ASAP," Blaise said.

"You know I will," he said as he pulled out the Marauders Map and mumbled the password to it and studied it for a moment, "Ok, Draco and Blaise the path to the Slytherin Dorms are clear, and we need to be careful there are a lot of teachers higher in the castle," Harry said as they all set off. After five painstaking minuets they all make it to the common room without getting caught and they all go to their respective dorms to sleep.


The next morning passed like any other that is until about the middle of lunch went they heard a blast of some sort hit the castle and shook it fiercely. The students started yelling and running in a panic so much that no one saw the group of former spirit detectives sneak out of the great hall with cloaks in their hands.

"SLIENCE!!!" Dumbledore shouted above everyone else and when they had all quieted down, he continued in his normal voice, "Now you will all return to your dormitories as quickly as possible and don't leave them for anything," he finished saying and all the students left as quickly as they could. The teachers went outside the castle and locked and warded the entrance to the castle as well as casting a spell so that the students in the castle couldn't see through the windows.

Meanwhile they spirit detectives were already in different positions all over the grounds where the seals have alerted them to, and were just waiting for them to make an appearance out of the forest. They saw the teachers move on to the grounds and Ginny and Hermione were ready to jump in front and form a shield when it was time. Suddenly fifty or so demons marched out of the forest sending blasts of energy towards the teachers. There were so many blasts that the teachers couldn't dodge them and the shields that they had set up a hundred yards in front of them failed as soon as the blasts hit them. Ginny and Hermione rushed up to the group of teachers and projected their energies to form a shield around the teachers. The teachers looked at the two in shock as their hoods flew back and revealed that it was Hermione and Ginny that had formed a shield that protected them.

"I thought we sealed the castle doors so that no one could come out," Professor McGonagall said in wonder looking at the two Gryffindors in wonder when she realized, "Wait how can you two form a shield to block the demons?" she asked in wonder.

"You did seal the doors, and it should hold; we left the castle during the chaos right after the energy blast hit the castle, since we knew that you would seal the castle and that we know that magic has almost no effect on them, only spirit and demon energy can harm them. This shield that Ginny and I are projecting is made of spirit energy, and the others should be around here somewhere," Hermione finished explaining as the grounds started to ice over.

"This is as far as they can come," Blaise said coming out of his hiding spot.

"You got that right! You ain't going to go anywhere near the castle," Seamus said flying down from the roof of the castle as another figure jumped off the roof.

"Will you two shut up and fight," Draco said as he drew his sword and started running towards the demons.

"What the?!?! Two Slytherin's and three Gryffindors working together unbelievable!!" Professor Snape yelled in wonderment and Hermione started laughing, "and what pray tell is so funny Miss Granger?!" he yelled.

"Three Gryffindors, try the two of us, the entire seventh year Gryffindor boys, Draco, and Blaise are the people that are going to save your lives and the castle and all you people are talking about is that it is incredible that we're working together," Hermione said while trying to contain her laughing.

"All of the seventh year boys!" Albus said surprised and the teachers all but jumped when they heard two people start talking behind them.

"Yup, here we are just trying to live a normal life…" Harry started as he walked out of his hiding spot, next to the doors and Neville on the opposite side of the doors.

"Not that you ever had a live," Neville interrupted.

"Yeah, yeah, and they just had to ruin it," Harry finished.

"Harry what the bloody heck are those!" Ginny yelled, pointing at something green came slowly walking out of the forest.

"I can't believe they brought those. They're called cultured humans," Harry said.

"They are stripped of their free will at birth and are grown to be the perfect low level slave," Neville finished and jumped off the stairs and took out his rose whip and began to attack the other demons that were advancing and the cultured humans.

"Umm…where are Ron and Dean? And why aren't you fighting?" Ginny asked.

"Oh, that's easy, they're at the base of the forest taking out what they can before they get here. As to why I'm currently not fighting is the fact that I'm supposed to stay back and make sure that you two are fine and that the demons don't get close…well that and the fact that Koenma will find us almost instantly the minute I begin to use my powers because of how unique it is" Harry said with a slight laugh.

The battle went on for the next few minutes when the demons started making their way up closer to the school where Blaise had iced the ground, and just kept coming. Harry stepped forwards and smirked, "looks like it's finally my turn," he said as he brought his fist to his side and shouted, "SHOTGUN!" and brought it forwards and released a bunch of spirit bullets at the demons and vaporized them instantly. The demons was the attack and realized who was behind the attack and retreated.

"Yusuke Urimeshi, it's been a long time," a voice said in the middle of the field.

"I thought I told you to stop doing that Koenma, it's going to give me a heart attack one of these days," Harry said.

"Well, I wouldn't have had to do it if all of you hadn't disappeared off the map twenty-five years ago!" Koenma yelled as the others came to where he was, "and you eight just go and follow him," he yelled as they joined him.


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