No Escaping Fate

Okay so I was in a totally angst ridden mood when I started to write this. It is AU from both the manga and the anime in that I have contorted facts here, there, and yonder whenever I felt like it so that the story line would work. For the most part though it goes more with the anime than the manga. (I saw the anime before I read the manga and it just stuck in my head that way, go figure.)

If you are going to try and read this story then you need to at least bear with me until the end of the prologue before you decide it is crap, because I just ramble a lot to set the stage in the prologue. I promises that it will be worth it… I hope anyway.

I don't own Gravitation, if I did then it would have been much darker. I also do not own any of the songs that will appear throughout the story.

Warnings for language, yaoi (duh), and various other crap.


-First person POV-

"Bad Luck, who are they?"

That is the wonderful thing about America, nobody knows who the hell I am or rather who I was. Six years, plastic surgery, and a lot of English lessons later… I don't even remember who the hell Shuichi Shindou is.

Fuck it all. I really don't want to go back to Japan. I worked really hard to leave it all behind.

Things didn't change much after Yuki got back from New York. He still couldn't see past the memories. Everything I did reminded him of the way he was before it happened. The fact that I managed to overcome my own rape so well didn't really help either.

Oh well, it doesn't matter anymore. I left Japan when everything started going to shit. I told Hiro and Suguru to go to hell when they started to complain that my music was getting too dark for our fans. When Seguchi-sama, God of NG studios, said something to me about it I knew it was over. I told him to take our platinum selling record and shove it up his ass.

Then I just left. It didn't matter anymore. I didn't say goodbye to anyone, not my family, not Yuki, not anyone. I just packed some of my shit, got on a flight, and never looked back.

I didn't know what to do at first. I headed for the US because it was really the only other place I knew anything about. I mean everyone always said that America was the land of opportunities; well they were about a hundred years out of date with that saying.

Getting my start in the US was like pulling teeth from an angry tiger, because everybody else came to America to try and make as well. But they weren't me. Even I had forgotten how hard I worked when I wanted something. Things with Bad Luck had started to come too easy and when I came back down to crunch time I had to bust my ass to make a name for myself.

What hurt the most was that, while I could still write lyrics with the best of them, my voice was just not the sound that American audiences were looking for. So I worked on my writing. It was ironic really, a writer is both was made my carrier and screwed up my life in Japan, and what did I become?

Fuck it all. I really don't want to go back to Japan. I'm getting off topic.

So, I managed to write and arrange a few songs well enough to sell them and slowly started to make a name for myself. LA was a strange place, they either loved you or hated you and I am just lucky to be the lovable type.

It was a couple of years into my carrier as a writer that somebody heard me singing one of my songs. They were some bigwig someone or another and they liked my voice. So it was that I started taking voice lesions. It was a lot of work to kill my accent, but after a year with a voice trainer breathing down my neck 24/7 I managed.

It was also during this time that I got the surgical makeover. I don't know what all I had done, so don't ask, all I know is the goal was to give me a more western look. America liked western singers, that is all there was too it. It was weird looking in the mirror and seeing someone who looked so different, but at the same time I hated Shuichi Shindou with a passion.

Fuck it all. I really don't want to go back to Japan.

He was a weak crybaby who didn't know how to stand up for himself. I like to blame it on Sakuma when I can, but I honestly know better. I was a foolish kid trying to play a grown up game without knowing all the rules.

So what now? Now I am part of a band again. We are pretty good, nowhere near as good as Bad Luck was, but that is just my personal opinion. I never cared much for western rock, at least not like my beloved j-pop. Still the band was selling records like no tomorrow and now the studio has sent us on a world tour. We have been to Europe, South America, Australia, China, and now we are headed to the one place I swore I would never go back to.

Fuck it all. I really don't want to go back to Japan. Not that I have a choice. So now Seven Sins will be playing in Tokyo in just two days. Neo Zolton (Don't ask me, I didn't pick it, I don't like it. They said it sounded flashy and American.) is going back to a city in which he died.

Because I died in Tokyo, or rather I killed myself. I killed Shuichi and left him to rot in Tokyo.

Fuck it all. I really don't want to go back to Japan.


If you don't like the name, get over it. I picked it for just exactly that Shu stated. It sounds flashy and American. It also means New Life which I thought was appropriate.