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Seeley tossed and turned in his sleep. It was 1:30 in the morning. He hugged his pillow and thoughts of Temperance entered his head. He embarrassed himself. He was a grown man having sexual fantasies of his friend. What exactly was his relationship to her? He questioned himself. How the hell was he to look at her in the face the very next day? She was his friend. He reminded himself, again and again. That was the extent of their relationship. Nothing more. They had been a lot closer to each other these last couple of months, working days and well into the nights on their investigations. It bothered him that she probably thought of him as just a friend, a good friend, just one of the guys.

His mind wandered off. He smelled her perfume as she pressed herself against him. It had been a nightly ritual for the past week. Different dreams, different scenarios, but always the same girl. Seeley felt being alone with her would definitely not be safe anymore, in her office, in his SUV, in her house and especially on her desk where he'd literally throw everything off and onto the floor, computer and all as he slammed her against the desk. His list goes on. God! Those thoughts in his head had nearly given him headaches.

The FBI agent pictured themselves as they held hands. He gently kissed her. She doesn't object as his hands would roam her bare skin lightly under her blouse. Seeley couldn't help it. He had no control of his fantasies. It freely flowed around in his head. They rocked the night away as they tightly held on to one another.

Temperance grabbed her alarm clock. 1:30 in the morning. How could she possibly have a good night's sleep when Seeley was such a distraction to her. He'd been doing that for the last couple of weeks and she had no control of him. No matter how hard she tried, all she saw was his face in front of her. She hugged her pillow and wished it was him she held on to.

She felt her face reddened. She was a professional woman, not some teenager, yet she was indeed having wet dreams of him. Those recurring fantasies of "her FBI agent", as Angela would have said, kept her from having any form of a restful night. This has got to stop. She told herself repeatedly. Yet, the rapid movements of their hips joined together made her fully conscious. Yet, it had been just a dream.

TBC - Chapter 2