There was a loud buzzing sound in her ears. Temperance mumbled to herself, then realized the annoying sound was her alarm clock. She slapped the button down, and wearily dragged herself out of bed. She had barely slept. Caffeine would definitely awaken her. Having turned on her coffee maker, she headed into the bathroom for her morning shower. She stood under the warm sprays and relived the night. It was just supposedly to have dinner with him, her partner-in-crime.

Angela came into her mind. Sexual tension, the artist had always said. Temperance felt it all through dinner and especially when she had suggested to him to sit next to her to read a piece of her new chapter. Yet, she very well knew that there was hardly any room for him in her chair. The closeness of his face next to hers had made her heart melt. If she hadn't jumped right up, she didn't know what would have happened. What she wanted to happen would had been much more than just dinner.

Booth's body was twisted between the bed sheets. He untangled himself, stretched, then rolled out of bed and dropped onto the floor. After that second serving of pasta and several hours of vigorous workout, he was exhausted. A couple of minutes later, he crawled his way into the bathroom. Slowly, he stood up and stared at himself into the mirror. He closely inspected what looked like redness on his neck and down his chest. His briefs fell to the floor. He opened the shower door and stepped in.

Temperance screamed. "You startled me! Haven't you ever watched "Psycho?"

Booth pinned her against the cold tile. He leaned against her nude wet body and nuzzled her ears. "I told you no marks." He pointed to the redness.

With her finger, she touched his neck then trailed down to his chest. "You weren't complaining last night." She licked his lips.

He pulled away. "At least I know where to hide your marks." He gently kneaded her breast.

She moaned loudly. "I'm glad you decided to come back last night."

He pulled her against him as she wrapped one leg around his waist. "How about know...last night, that thing you did..."

Temperance immediately knelt down. "Yea, that," Booth yelled.

After several minutes, they changed positions. "Now it's my turn and I'll do you one better." He kissed her. Temperance smiled at him. She knew it would lead to something more. They french kissed. "Did you like that? How about this?" She moaned. "Want to try this?" She nodded.

He held her tightly and she ran her fingertips on him. Booth felt the softness of her skin underneath his hands as he explored her body freely. He smiled. She laughed. "Ummmmmmm," then yelled out. "Encore!"

She closed her eyes and grabbed his hard muscles of his trigger arm. And then she screamed. He followed her screams a second later.

They found themselves back into bed. Everything was perfect. Temperance was there by his side. That was all that mattered to him and by the way she clung on to Booth, that was all that mattered to her, as he snuggled her closely into his arms.

The End