A Perfect Crystal Rose.

He gave her once a perfect crystal rose; it glistened like the rainbow and trembled softly at her touch. He didn't say anything after his present, didn't try to excuse it as something that reminded him of her; Zagato just smiled when she had whispered her 'thank you', keeping in secret how much it pained her to receive something so pure and perfect when she was forever tainted with wishes and personal hopes.

He locked her once in a perfect crystal rose; the crystal and water around here shimmered and trembled like stars, and she never once tried to break free of it, even if she knew that she would've been able to do it. Instead she begged for him to let her go, letting her tears speak of the love she wasn't allowed to feel. Zagato remained silent at her cries, but he gently wiped her tears away, a mute 'me too'.

Her heart broke once as if it was a perfect crystal rose just once; that was all it was needed for everything to end. There was no more light, nothing shimmered or glistened and rainbows had ended. She tried to hear for anything Zagato might have left unsaid just for her but, for the first time, there was only silence.

That was when her sanity broke, too.

(-few know the true value of a single, perfect rose.-)