Title: The Hidden Strength of Quiet Waters

Author: Hawkeye/Katy

Fandom: Stargate Atlantis

Rating: FRT

Pairing: Rodney/Carson and Sheppard/Zelenka

Rodney's jaw dropped and he stared at Zelenka's retreating back. Blinking after the Czech scientist, Rodney shook his head and carried on walking down the hall. Heading towards the infirmary, Rodney frowned as he heard the sound of raised voices. He sped up, turning the corner into the infirmary. He frowned as he saw the Marines trying to convince an irate Carson that he shouldn't leave the infirmary.

"Carson?" Rodney frowned.

"I know I was under military guard, but this is ridiculous! They willna even let me go back to my quarters!" Carson fumed.

Rodney watched as the water in the glasses on the desk started to whirl alarmingly, "Carson… calm down…"

Rodney turned to the Marine leader, "If he's with me, can he leave?"

The Marine leader shrugged, "Don't see why not. If anyone gets annoyed, I'll just say you pulled rank on me and threatened to screw over the enviro controls in my room."

Rodney smirked, "You'd be right. Come on, Carson."

The Canadian and the Scot left the infirmary, both staying quiet. Carson walked silently, his head bowed. Rodney struggled, trying to find the words to explain what had gone on in the boardroom. All too soon they reached Carson's quarters. Carson opened his door, pausing in the doorway. He looked up at Rodney, before gesturing to him to come in.

"Supposed to be stayin' with me aren't ye, lad?" Carson said dryly.

Moving into the room, Rodney sighed, "I only said that so you could get out of there. If you don't want me hanging around I can go…"

Carson shook his head, "Nah, I'd welcome the company."

Rodney sat down on Carson's desk chair, still trying to find the words to explain the boardroom debacle. He shot Carson a smile as the doctor placed a cup of coffee by his elbow. Carson took a seat opposite him and looked at him, trying to work out what was going on inside the astrophysicist's head.

"Just spit it out, Rodney. What they said about me in the boardroom canna be worse than anythin' my biological mother threw at me when I was small."

Rodney winced, "They were saying that you're a threat to the security of Atlantis. I told them, and Radek told them, that that was stupid. But…"

Carson looked at him, "But they wouldna listen?"

Rodney shook his head, "I walked out before they could say anything else. Zelenka hung around, but he said they just tried to get him to change my mind," he snorted, "Like that would happen."

Carson smiled, "True."

Rodney glanced up at him, sipping his coffee, "How's your head?"

Carson gave him a rueful glance, "Hurts like a… well… it hurts. I dinna think it's the kinda headache that can be fixed with ibuprofen."

Rodney winced in sympathy, before frowning, "I can't believe they're just willing to believe you're a threat to Atlantis," the Canadian scowled, waving his hands in frustration, his voice getting louder, "I mean, if it was one of the military they'd all be bowing down and worshipping them. But…"

"Rodney, please…" Carson interrupted, one hand against his head, "It's nothing more than I expected anyway. That's why I didna try to see what I could do."

Rodney looked at Carson, stunned, "How can you be so calm? Everyone except me, Radek and those Marines think you're going to pull the city down around our ears!"

Carson frowned. He kept his fingers pressed to his temples. God, his head hurt. Rodney wasn't helping it much, either. He loved the man dearly, but dear lord, he wished he would just shut up! Massaging his temples lightly, Carson tried to ignore both the throbbing in his head and the Rodney in his room. He glanced up, wincing at a particularly loud exclamation from the astrophysicist.

"Rodney…" he murmured, fingers still pressed against his temples.

"Rodney…" he tried again, a bit louder, sighing as the Canadian kept talking.

"Rodney!" Carson snapped finally losing his temper.

"What?" Rodney said, a frown on his face, looking slightly annoyed at being interrupted.

"I am fey! I am not human! I am a freak!" Carson shouted, "Mo Chreach! I am a freak among freaks! It is only normal that they would be scared of me!"

Rodney watched, fear mixed in with something that was definitely not fear, as Carson got angrier and angrier. He let out a startled yelp as his coffee mug was yanked out of his hand by an unseen force and smashed against the far wall, the coffee still hanging in the air, swirling manically. He blinked, resisting the urge to back away as Carson stalked towards him, eyes glowing the same darkened blue he had seen on the East Pier and the balcony. His breath came a little quicker as Carson stopped in front of him, staring up at him with his fey eyes. Carson blinked, his eyes returning to normal.

"Even you're scared of me, Rodney, no matter how hard ye try to hide it," he said sadly, grabbing a new cup and gesturing to the coffee still hanging in mid-air, smirking bitterly as it flowed into the new cup.

Rodney snorted, "Shows how much you know, then."

Carson blinked, turning to face him, "Ye what?"

"I'm not scared of you. The storms, the waves, the whole drowning wraith darts thing… yeah, that was pretty scary… But I'm not scared of you," Rodney said calmly, the corner of his mouth curling up in a crooked smile.

Carson frowned, "But the storms, the waves… that's all part of who I am, Rodney."

Rodney raised an eyebrow, "I only found out about that yesterday, Carson. Give me a little time to get used to it."

Carson's eyes widened incredulously, "A Thighearna! For the love of God, Rodney! I'm a freak!"

It was Rodney's turn to frown, "Will you stop saying that? I got called a freak because I had a high IQ…"

Carson took a step forward; eyes darkening, blue, green and white dancing in their depths, "Air m'onair! I think this mebbe a little different, aye? Look at me, Rodney!"

Rodney fidgeted slightly, staring at Carson, his breath quickening, "I… oh… trust me, Carson…" Rodney's eyes widened slightly, his voice squeaking a little, "Believe me… I'm looking…"

Carson blinked, his eyes returning to their normal sea blue, "Rodney?"

Rodney fidgeted some more, blushing furiously, bowing his head, trying not to look at the Scot. Carson blinked again. Was Rodney… blushing? He tilted his head to the side, fighting a blush of his own. He was… Rodney was blushing. Now, why would he…? Oh… Carson's eyes widened. Surely not? Rodney? This time Carson couldn't fight the blush that crept over his face. Gu sealladh saelbh oirnn! That was… oh Lord… Carson took a hesitant step towards Rodney.

"Rodney?" Carson asked quietly.

Rodney kept his head bowed, "So… now you know. I'll leave," Rodney risked a small smile, "Just don't tell the Marines."

Carson grabbed his elbow as Rodney tried to leave, shaking his head, "And if I dinna want ye to leave?"

Rodney blinked, gaping at the Scot, "Eh?" he asked stupidly.

Carson flushed lightly, tilting his head up to look at Rodney, sliding his hand down Rodney's forearm and entwining their fingers. Rodney blinked, looking first at Carson's face, then down at their entwined hands, then back up at Carson's face again. He opened his mouth to speak, realized he had no idea what he wanted to say and closed his mouth again. Carson smiled. Speechless Rodney. It was a good look. Still blushing, Carson tilted his head up and brushed a chaste kiss over the astrophysicist's lips.

"What," Carson said softly, "If I dinna want ye to leave?"

Rodney blinked again, "Oh?" before realization dawned, "Oh!"

Carson grinned, "Aye, lad, oh…"

Rodney shot him a look, "Don't you think you should stop calling me 'lad' now?" before leaning in to kiss Carson thoroughly.

Carson wandered through Atlantis, absently reading a medical journal on his way to Rodney's lab. Without looking up he flicked his fingers at the door, the corners of his mouth curling up in satisfaction as it slid open cheerfully. He closed his journal, tucking it under his arm. God, it felt good to be able to be himself here, to be all of who he was. His brow crinkled slightly, it had taken a lot of getting used to. And there were still people who wouldn't let him treat them, preferring to deal with Doctor Biro or Doctor Kusanagi. Aye, and that hurt. He snickered, but the Atlantis gossip vine had come through. Radek had 'talked' to John (though Carson seriously doubted much talking had gone on) and changed his mind, who had then talked to Teyla and convinced her of Carson's non-threatening nature, who had then talked to Elizabeth and managed to sway Doctor Weir's mind, who had then ordered Sergeant Bates to pull his head outta his behind. Well, Carson amended, not in so many words.

Carson stuck his head into Rodney's lab. There he was. Rodney didn't look up from his computer as he fumbled blindly for his coffee mug. The astrophysicist took a sip, frowned at his screen and put the cup down again, before typing furiously, still scowling. Carson sidled into the room, putting one finger to his lips as Radek caught sight of him. The Czech grinned and nodded, returning to his own work, but still watching the fey and the astrophysicist. As Rodney fumbled for his coffee mug again, Carson flicked his fingers at it. The coffee in the mug stealthily flowed out, hanging in mid-air about 6 inches above the Canadian's desk. Radek fought back a snicker, his face turning red as he tried to contain his laughter. Rodney tried to take a sip from his now-empty cup. He frowned, blinking down at it. He turned, frowning, as Zelenka howled with laughter.

Rodney sighed, catching sight of his coffee hanging in mid-air and his grinning lover. He raised an eyebrow at Carson, placing his mug back down on the desk. Carson grinned at him, a look of concentration flickering across his face. Rodney's coffee swirled manically in the air. Radek applauded, still snorting with laughter. Carson gave a mock-bow, flicking his fingers at the coffee again. The coffee swirled into an almost floral pattern. Rodney frowned, glancing from Radek to Carson and back again.

"Can I have my coffee back now?" he asked dryly.

Carson grinned at him, flicking his fingers again, making the coffee swirl into a rudimentary face and blow Rodney a raspberry. Rodney raised an eyebrow at him, before sighing and turning back to his laptop. Radek snickered helplessly. Carson grinned again, walking over to Rodney and kissing him gently, flicking his fingers at the coffee. The errant coffee flowed back into the mug, which Carson then placed back in front of Rodney. He kissed the Canadian again and grinned.

"Just because you canna do funky tricks…"

The End.