Title: Precettore
Author: dwilivia
Category: High School Musical
Rating: T (for now)
Pairing(s): Gabriella/Ryan
Summary: He was the blonde boy known as Sharpay Evans' devoted step-brother who followed her around far too much and starred right alongside with her in every single school play since they were in kindergarten. He wasn't as stupid as they thought he was, and his jealousy for one person brought out the manipulative side in him that Sharpay had always said was lost on him and had been granted to her instead. But, he supposed as he sat back and reflected, he had to be really stupid to land a tutor in Chemistry, who, he found out later, was none other than the genius Gabriella Montez, girlfriend to the one and only Troy Bolton. According to schedule, they would spend a long, two hour period every day after school for the next four weeks in a secluded study area. Him, and Gabriella Montez, all alone for two hours every, single day. He had an idea. One so big and devious that even Sharpay would've been proud. And just like that, he was looking smarter already.

As far back as he could remember, Ryan Evans had only ever hated three people in his entire lifetime. The first was Sharpay, his step-sister, because she was capable of making him feel lower than dirt on many occasions, and the second was Troy Bolton, the only boy Sharpay had ever loved and always compared him to. In her eyes, Troy stood for everything good, perfect, and wonderful, and he hated being compared to the school's golden boy whom he was sure he could never measure up to. And despite however hard he tried, even with his dashing good looks and impeccable dress sense, he would never be Troy Bolton. And that was why he was third on his hate list.

Troy Bolton was a familiar face to all, and with a friendly persona, he was a hard person to dislike immensely. He had few real enemies, and save for those dribbling on the court that weren't on his team, everyone at East High loved Troy Bolton. He was all they ever talked about.

Of course, it was only natural that they all knew when Troy Bolton had signed up to audition for the school play yet again. He'd written down his name right next to Gabriella Montez's, his girlfriend, and a couple of guys had gathered at the sign up sheet right after he left and wondered if signing up for the play would make them cool too, just like Troy Bolton.

'Course, Ryan himself had signed up too. Sharpay had initially asked Troy if he'd wanted to star with her and it had upset him beyond anything. It had been like this since the beginning of the new school term, after the effects of the previous play had worn off and long faded away. Just because Troy Bolton had outright gone against the laws of the school's social heirachy and proved that he could be a Theater-Boy just as much as a Playmaker on court, Sharpay had adored him even more. She barely spared Ryan a glance yesterday since the very second they'd stepped into school, because Troy always seemed to be within sight. In steps Troy Bolton, and out steps Ryan Evans. It was a bitter thought.

He wasn't stupid, not by any account. And even though he did admit that he had failed Chemistry twice that year as well as Calculus, it didn't make him any less lacking in brain cells than other people, say Gabriella Montez, school genius and vice president of the Science Club.

Honestly. She had already been going out with Troy Bolton for the past half a year, and she was still smitten with him. Just because he said sweet things that made her want to cry and kiss him at the same time, and usually it drove her to both such extremes in the hallways or in after school. Things like how they'd be just like kindergarten was, small, forgetful, and carefree. Well, fuck kindergarten.


He'd heard Sharpay scream his name in that overly distressed and hurried way she did when she was in a situation where she didn't know what to do. Those moments came by rare, since Sharpay prided herself on being a perfectionist, making sure she knew everything and anything that could or would help her face any difficulty she would encounter.


He'd got up from his bed where he'd been laying down, thinking and reflecting for the past half hour, and made his way to her room right next to his. He was greeted by varying shades of pink and white and lavender, and Sharpay stood in front of her full length mirror and had a fur coat draped over her thin shoulders, and underneath, Ryan could see she'd worn a white shirt that was so transparent he didn't need to guess what colour bra she had on for that day.

"There you are." She noted as she glanced at him through her mirror. She bent down and picked up a green and pink shirt that was striped across. It was sleeveless and had a deep V-neck, and Sharpay held it against her chest and looked at herself as she moved to view herself from angle to angle. "Is this shirt too loud for me?"

Ryan shrugged.

Sharpay frowned and tossed it on the bed. She let the fur coat slip from her shoulders and ripple into a heap on the floor and placed her hands on her hips and raised an eyebrow at her step-brother, not bothering that her outfit was way too revealing. "I have nothing to wear, Ryan." She whinned as she crossed her arms over her mid-section and kicked a couple of shirts that obstructed her way. "Vivien took all my beautiful tops to Paris last week." Viven was Sharpay's mom. Ryan didn't really mind her much, but she just wasn't his mom.

He gave her an indifferent look and bent down to pick up her favourite Versace shirt that was light yellow and puffed out cutely at the sleeves. Spying her pale brownish grey skirt from the corner of the room, he walked over to get it and held the two together against himself. "What about this?"

She scoffed, indignant. "I wore that four weeks, a day, and three hours ago. I can't wear it again!" It was one thing to note, Sharpay Evans never repeated her outfits.

Ryan shrugged again. "So? Just pull on some cargos with it. God knows you never wear them, even though they're gorgeous."

She slumped her shoulders down and went back on to whining. "Cargos make my legs look fat. That's why I don't wear them."

"Oh shut up, Sharpay, and wear those pants." He meandered around the clothes on the floor to her closet and dug around for said apparel. "There, they're in perfect condition."

He held them out to her and she took them reluctantly. "Alright, turn around."

They always did this together. Sharpay would sometimes have a wardrobe problem and Ryan would be right over to solve it, then she'd ask him to turn around and then she'd change right there. She was pretty claustraphobic, which was why she never changed in their tiny bathroom and sometimes left the door open when she took a bath. With the shower curtains drawn, of course.

It'd been their thing since their younger days. Sharpay had been obesessed with clothes and Ryan had been obesessed with reading Vivien's fashion magazines that always lay strewn on the floor. They'd quickly learnt how the two went well together, and Ryan's sharp dress sense combined with Sharpay's insupressable urge to buy anything and everything that she could possibly fit into had done them well, even won them best dressed couple in one of their junior high years. Never mind that they weren't really a couple- Ryan scrunched up his nose in disgust at the very notion, but they hung around each other so much, people tended to forget they were silblings. Well, step-siblings.

Ryan's father had married her mother when the two were barely walking. Vivien was a young, knocked up spitfire who'd enthralled James, Ryan's dad, with her gorgeous brown eyes and endless legs. They'd met at a bar where Vivien was waiting tables, then only half pregnant, while James was drinking to forget his wife's most recent (and unfortunate) death.

Somehow she'd ended up getting a ride from James. She'd found him wildly sexy, though he'd been nearly eight years older than her at twenty eight.

So they kept dating. And when James asked her to marry him, she couldn't refuse. By then, Sharpay had been born and Ryan was waddling around trying to walk, and Vivien adored them both, especially Ryan with his boyish good looks, lavishing them with so much attention that it seemed difficult to believe that she wasn't Ryan's real mother.

And she wasn't. Which was why Ryan had always felt a certain inner detachment from her.

He heard a zip done up just then.

"You done?" He asked, to which she said, "Yeah. Turn around."

He did. And-

She was right. Those cargos really ought to go. Sharpay didn't necessarily look fat in it- there was hardly anything she ever looked fat in, anyway- but they just looked a little... old fashioned.

Ryan paused while he thought about it. "You know Shar... you could be the start of something new here." He reached down and fingered the wrinkled material of her faded light orange cargos. "They'd look beautiful with this." He held up a striped white and orange sleeveless shirt and her favourite pair of white, plastic hoop earrings.

She shrieked. "Oh my god, yeah!"

He gave her a pat on the back and slunk off to his room, burying himself into his blankets of the unmade bed.

In the warmth of bedsheets, the idea of school sounded far and distant as he drifted further away into sleep.

Sharpay had made him wake up half an hour later, and he had very nearly died when he saw the time. 8.19am. Just enough time to eat, pull on some decent clothes and look through a couple of revision guidelines before his Chemistry test later on.

"Shar-" He called out as he pulled on a new cashmere sweater he'd bought just last week. "How much are you able to tell me about Hydrocarbons so I don't forget them the minute I start to write down the answers on my Chemistry quiz?"

"Not much." Came her answer.

He shrugged to himself. "Well, could you try, at least?"

She poured herself a glass of juice and rattled on. Oxygen, double bond. Alkane, saturated hydrocarbon, covalent single bonds. Alkene, unsaturated, covalent double bonds. Ethene, propene and butene: first three homologues. Unbranched hydrocarbons. Got it.

He stepped into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of toast that sprang out from the toaster just in time for him to catch it. He bit into it, just as Sharpay turned and gave a loud scream.

"You're eating my special diet bread." She glared, before walking the two feet distance between them and snatching the toast out of his hand. She waved it in front of his face. "It contains four different types of nuts, all of which promote health and happiness, plus it has green tea powder added and no sugar. It's mine. I need it to survive."

He gave her a pointed look. "It's just bread."

She rolled her eyes and turned from him to sit down at the table. "God Ryan, sometimes you're just so stupid. It's not just bread." She held it out and inspected it. "It's diet bread."

He wasn't sure if there was actually such a thing as diet bread. But he knew better than to question Sharpay so early in the morning. So he shrugged.

He had better things to do anyway. Like thinking about Hydrocarbons before his test.

Ryan drove one his father's cars to school that morning. Sharpay had declined a ride, saying that Whitney Banks was giving her a ride along with the girls. He tried not to take offense, though it was pretty hard. Ever since the last school play, Sharpay had acted a lot nicer to people, him included, which was nice for a change, but it was at the expense of the close relationship they'd harboured since they were kids. Sharpay now had more friends and now that her social circle was widened, she spent less and less time with him. Often, he was seen alone by himself, save for the one or two drama club kids during lunch.

He reversed his car out of the garage and set off for school. It was a ten minute drive from where he stayed and he was a little bit early (they were required at school at 9.30), so he didn't have to rush. He planned to stop by Dunkin Donuts for a little while, because he'd fallen in love with two things there- their honey caramel doughnuts and of course, the cute cashire at the counter.

He'd discovered both while Sharpay was out with a couple of her friends, and he had been wandering around the neighbourhood for a long while before entering the shop on whim. He'd ask the cute waitress, Jeanie, to bring him whatever she liked. And so, he was delighted to find out, that a plate with a honey caramel doughnut and a dark chocolate one and a coffee, decaf, was laid in front of him. And when he picked up the honey caramel doughnut to bite into it, he'd noticed she had left her phone number on a slip of paper underneath it.

He didn't call her, but he did take the number, out of sheer politeness or what, he wasn't sure. But she was really pretty and it had been a long time since he'd last gone out with any girl that wasn't Sharpay Evans.

A traffic light turned red at an intersection. Ryan stared at the light, then at the roads around him. It was like a ghost town. Nobody was on the roads today.

Except, he squinted his eyes against the blazing sunlight, for the tiny figure crossing the road right across the street. He'd known then it was Gabriella Montez.

He honked at her to get her attention, and she'd turned sharply before recognising him and waving. He waved back just as the light turned green and drove right up beside her.

"Hey Ryan." She said, smiling at him. She clutched her books that were too thick and heavy for a girl like her to carry. He patted the passenger's seat right next to him and looked at her. "Want a ride?"

"Really?" She sounded a little surprised. "Where's, ah, Sharpay?"

"She's with Whitney Banks." He answered, and then added suddenly. "Have you eaten?"

She shook her head.

"Well, it's your lucky day. Get in." He said.

She looked a little skeptical. "Well..."

"I promise I won't tell Troy I gave you a ride." He gave her a secretive smile. "After all, he might get just a tad bit jealous."

She giggled as she walked around and opened the door to slide in. "Alright then. Since you promised not to tell."

A/N: I have no idea what I am doing. Came to me during one of my classes. A little OOC. Some parts made up because the movie provides absolutely no insight to Sharpay and Ryan's life. Some stories depict them as twins, but I prefer them as step-siblings. It's way more fun that way. And no matter what anyone else says, Ryan is hot. Way hotter than Troy, even.

If anyone asks about the whole chemistry shit thing, don't blame me. I saw what Gabriella was writing on the board and thought HYDROCARBONS! YAY ORGANIC CHEMISTRY SHIT!

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