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Chapter 1: Meeting

Naruto stretched getting ready for another day of college. Sauntering into the kitchen he made himself some miso ramen and inhaled it. Then he had a quick shower, got into a pair of jeans and an orange T-shirt. His only class today was Business Management. So he was free to do whatever he pleased for the rest of the day. He still had an hour to go, so he sifted through some channels on television. There wasn't anything interesting, except for this one exercise show, which had some really hot women for him to ogle at.

His phone rang, forcing him to tear his eyes away from the eye candy on screen. He answered with a curt 'hello'. Then his eyes widened with surprise. It was an old friend of his mother's. Her name was Tsunade and she sometimes called him to make sure he was ok. She sounded a little desperate.

"Naruto? Listen I need to meet you right away! Are you free anytime today?" she asked.

Naruto shook his head, knowing she couldn't see him. "I have a class in the morning. I'm free after."

"Could you skip it?"

"Um…I'd like to say yes, but I really can't. Iruka sensei will murder me. I haven't been doing to well in that class. Is it really that urgent?" He asked.

"Um…yes…no….meet me for lunch at Ichiraku's. I'll explain everything else there. Please come on time!" Tsunade hung up. Naruto wondered what was going. Tsunade had never sounded this desperate except for the time she needed money to gamble. If this was about her gambling, then he was going to murder her!

Then he went back to the couch and continued to watch the beautiful women, but he wasn't ogling now…his mind was on Tsunade's call. Something told him, that things weren't going to go well. After pondering he stared at his clock and jumped up with a curse. He was late and Iruka would put an axe through him.

Naruto reached Ichiraku's five minutes late. He rushed in and then ducked as Tsunade's arm swung at him. Then he dodged a bit more, he had had a lot of practice. Finally after a few more minutes of trying to maul him she calmed down.

Naruto then grinned and hugged her. "Tsunade baa-chan! Long time no see….were you avoiding me? I missed you…"

She hugged him back and then moved away to look him over. She hadn't seen him in over a year. Tsunade was a social worker and sometimes worked with the Welfare Associations and stuff like that. She traveled a lot too, to places like water country and Wind country, trying to help the children there.

"Oh, Naruto…you've grown so much! I'm glad you could make it. Come sit down, I have someone I want you to meet." Tsunade steered him to a booth. Naruto looked up and saw a dark haired boy almost as tall as him sitting there, glaring at everyone.

Naruto wondered what this was about. He sat down and eyed the boy wondering if he was supposed to say something. He gave a smile and held out his hand. "Hey, I'm Uzumaki Naruto…who are you?"

Sasuke frowned. He wondered who the hell this guy thought he was, talking like that to him. He gave him an Uchiha death glare and didn't reply. Tsunade hastened to gloss over the obvious rudeness.

"This is Uchiha Sasuke…my brother Nawaki's son. Sasuke, this is my godson Naruto." Tsunade smiled…it was obviously a fake one.


Tsunade looked at Sasuke. "What?"

"You forgot to say that I'm adopted." Sasuke said with an impassive face.

Tsunade looked a bit taken aback, but nodded. "Yes, Nawaki adopted him. He's a nice kid actually. He's fifteen and goes to Konoha high."

Naruto frowned a bit. He knew Tsunade was stalling. He looked her in the eye. "So what has this got to do with me Baa-chan?"

Tsunade gulped. "Well, you see…um…Nawaki passed away a week back. He's not married you see, so well, I was wondering…um…if Sasuke could stay with you for a while…"

Naruto stared at her. "You want that punk to stay with me." His voice was completely void of all emotions and then… "How can you think for a moment that he could stay with me?"

Tsunade sighed. "Uh…Sasuke could you please go place our orders… Naruto will have miso pork ramen and you can get yourself whatever you want." The boy just stood up and walked away. Then she turned to Naruto.

"Look Naruto, Sasuke's had a hard life. His older brother killed his parents before killing himself and Sasuke was carted from hospital to half a dozen foster families. They all sent him back and Nawaki was the only one who took him in." Tsunade's eyes teared up. "Please Naruto…you're a lot like Nawaki…and I miss my brother, the least I could do is see that his son has a good home. You can help the kid."

Naruto glared at her. "Look I know you're all cut up about Nawaki's death, but I'm only nineteen. I can't take care of him, much less become his guardian! What makes you so sure I can help him? Why can't you take care of him?"

Tsunade wiped her tears and looked at Naruto a pleading expression in them. "Look I would love to, but we don't get along too well and I've just gotten a job with a university in water country…they want me to travel to a lot of different places in a lot of other countries. It would disrupt Sasuke's schooling. Please Naruto…do this as a favor to me ok?"

Naruto sighed. "Look baa-chan…I cant be his legal guardian right? I'm too young. And well I don't think we'd get along either…"

Tsunade shook her head. "You can become his legal guardian until he reaches the age of eighteen. Konoha's law states that anyone above the age of eighteen can adopt as long as they have the finances. And we both know that you do have a lot of money…don't argue…I used to be one of your trustees. You just have to make sure; he eats, sleeps, does homework and gets some attention. And in three years he'll be gone."

"Three years is a long time! I have to study too. What about pocket money and all…Tsunade I don't know a thing about caring for kids!" Naruto protested. He liked his life the way it was. He didn't need someone else…especially someone so much younger messing it up!

Tsunade glared at him. "Look he's got his own trust fund, so you could give him money from that. the Uchiha's were not poor…quite the opposite. Please Naruto, help bring some happiness into his life…he's such a broody, angry person. You can help change that I know you can!"

Naruto looked at the boy, who was waiting at the counter, knowing they were talking about him. Those obsidian eyes had a defiant expression, almost like Sasuke knew Naruto wouldn't want him. But somewhere in there Naruto saw just a tiny bit of hope. He sighed, he really could do without a bratty kid in the house, but then he couldn't say no without feeling guilty either.

"Fine I'll do it. You better hope I won't be dead in three years or something. It'll be your fault." Naruto grumbled.

Tsunade smiled and hugged him. "I knew it. Look here's your ramen." Then she looked at Sasuke who had sat down with some onigiri. "Sasuke, you'll be staying with Naruto from now on. He's going to be your guardian. I'm sure you guys will get along very well."

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