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Chapter 15:

Four Years Later:

"Hn, I'll take that one." He nodded to the saleswoman. The watch was really beautiful, he was sure that it would do. As the gift was wrapped up, he turned around and looked through a selection of jewellery. Choosing another gift, he pointed it out to another saleswoman and indicated that he'd like it packed.

Walking over to the cash counter, he paid and then moved towards the cloakroom. Collecting his coat and his luggage, he hailed a cab. "Kusagakure Airport please." He sighed and looked at the scenery outside the window. After a while he checked his itinerary again and checked to make sure he hadn't missed his plane.

After depositing his entire luggage at the check in, he shouldered his laptop bag and found a spot to sit down at. Pulling out a Moleskine note pad, he quickly penned down the start of a poem running through his head. Then he thought about his family. He hadn't seen them in ages. He wondered if they'd like everything he'd gotten them.

He chewed on his pen until his plane was called. The ride home was uneventful, unless you counted the kid kicking his seat, which had basically booted him out of his writer's block...literally. He'd watched a movie and tried to sleep off most of the journey so he'd be a bit fresher when he got home. The poem had come out really nice too.

Konohagakure airport was bedecked in Christmas decorations. Soft strains of 'Itsuka no Merry Christmas' by B'z played in the background. He smiled a little glad that he didn't have to go through the immigration line, which looked huge. He headed out and saw a shock of white hair. Smiling, he quickened his pace.


Kakashi smiled and grabbed him in a hug. "Good thing you're flight was on time...a little later and you might not have been able to land because of fog. So did you have a good time?"

"I had an awesome time! But I was really looking forward to coming home...is Iruka cooking?"

"Yes he is..." Kakashi's face turned a bit sad. "Na, Sasuke...I wish I could have some of Naruto's food though..."

Sasuke sighed and looked away. "Yeah..."

"Did you miss him a lot?"

Sasuke nodded. He frowned wanting to change the subject. "Well, I got one of my stories published last week. I have a copy for you to read..."

"I'd love to read that..."

The rest of the ride was spent in a similar way, the two just catching up. They reached Kakashi and Iruka's condo in record time thanks to Kakashi's reckless driving. Some delicious smells floated by as soon as Kakashi unlocked the door, reminding Sasuke of when he used to live with Naruto, with the blond cooking for him every day.

The house was littered with pictures of all four of them from all those times when he was in high school. Sasuke sighed...he wanted Naruto. Home still felt wrong without him in it. He jogged up to the room Kakashi had set aside for him and put his luggage down. He quickly unpacked and pulled out the presents he'd gotten them. For Iruka, he'd gotten a pretty watch and for Kakashi one of those Kusagakure water pipes to smoke for fun. He fingered the little jewellery box he'd gotten and then pocketed it.

"Merry Christmas!" he greeted the other two and quickly deposited the boxes in their hands. Then he walked to the den where a really nice picture of Naruto was... "Merry Christmas..." He placed the jewellery box in front of it. "I wish you were here so I could give it you..."

Kakashi watched him from the doorway looking worried. He glanced at Iruka. "It's been four years Iruka..."

Iruka nodded. "Sasuke-kun will move on if he wants to Kakashi...you can't force him..."

Kakashi frowned. "But Naruto's clearly not coming back..."

Iruka shushed him as Sasuke turned. "Come on, Sasuke...lunch is ready..."

It was almost three in the morning when the three of them finally went up to bed. Sasuke threw himself onto the bed and sighed. He was never able to forget Naruto...he'd tried dating a few others in between and he's always broken up with them right after the first date...if only...

He heard a car and then the slamming of doors. He paid it no mind, returning to his musings, when the doorbell rang. Sasuke got up knowing that it would take the other two sometime to get their clothes on. Grumbling in a low voice about visitors this late at night, he opened the door and found himself looking into achingly familiar blue eyes.


"Sasuke..." Naruto scratched his head. "I didn't think...realise...I mean...why aren't you at Uni?"

"I wanted to spend Christmas with my family..." Sasuke found that his voice had gotten sharp. "I thought you said you weren't coming back..."

Naruto fidgeted, one monster rucksack on the ground beside him. "I changed my mind. Thought I could come see Kakashi and Iruka for a few days..."

Sasuke nodded and started walking off to his bedroom. Naruto followed him in, manhandling his bag and kicking the door shut behind him. Kakashi and Iruka came in and stopped dead.


"Hey guys..." The blond looked at them a bit sheepishly.

The two elders greeted him like nothing was amiss, even though they had slight looks of wonder at the fact that the blond came back at all. For Sasuke though it was another feeling altogether. He felt relief that Naruto could come back, but when you'd resigned yourself to having small hopes of meeting, (which you anyway told yourself would never materialize) it was kind of hard seeing them come true.

Sasuke turned on his heel and stalked upstairs to his room. Getting back into bed he tried to force himself to sleep. But there was still that small bubble of joy buried under all the anger, frothing happily at the thought that Naruto was back.

Downstairs, Naruto found himself looking at the departing Sasuke, feeling hurt. He knew it was his fault, though at the time he had believed that this was for the best. He smiled and chatted with the other two as he was led up to the guest bedroom. He had glanced at the closed door of what he assumed to be Sasuke's room, before following them into the opposite room.

"We thought you meant it when you said that you weren't coming back..." Iruka shrugged apologetically. "So we really didn't keep a room for you...sorry."

"No, it's ok. I didn't think things would get sorted out this quickly myself." Naruto smiled reassuringly. "So...I'm sorry for turning up this late, but the plane only got in now...I made a spontaneous decision."

"Nah..." Kakashi sighed looking a little relieved. "We're glad you came. We'll talk to you in the morning?"

Naruto nodded and got into bed tossing and turning. He thought back to when he'd left. Sasuke's face full of shock, disappointment and hurt when he gazed at the empty bed at the hospital was all he remembered. Sometimes he wondered why he'd made the decision to go in the first place…

He woke up to white walls and the strong smell of antiseptic. Hospital. Someone was holding his hand. He turned to see Sasuke looking down at him with worried dark eyes. It was the red marks against his pale lover's neck that jolted him back to his senses. "Sasuke…" his voice came out in a croak.

"I'm fine Naruto. How do you feel?" Sasuke squeezed his hand. "You got shot…luckily the bullet only grazed your shoulder…you'll have a scar. You passed out due to blood loss..."

Naruto was silent for a few minutes, as the pictures flashed through his mind. His shoulder was now aching like the devil. He nodded and put a smile on his face. "Yeah, I'll be fine."

Sasuke nodded and then suddenly glared. "If you weren't hurt right now, I would seriously punch the lights out of you. Do you have any idea how stupid you were? If I hadn't come in you'd be dead!"

Naruto looked away. "I just wanted to end it all…so we could come back and live in our house, you could be with your friends and everything would be ok."

Sasuke sighed and bent down to kiss his forehead (after looking around to see if anyone else was there or watching.). "You're an idiot. I value you much more than the life I had with my friends ok?"

Naruto nodded. "But he's finally gone…no more hiding or running away right?" He stopped and motioned for some water. After a few sips, he turned to Sasuke and smiled. "You are happy now aren't you?"

Sasuke frowned. "That he's gone? Yes. That the witness protection is over? Yes. But I could do without you being in hospital for it, ok?"

Naruto nodded, he was feeling a little sleepy. Sasuke suddenly leaned over him and gently covered him up. "Sleep now. I'll be right here…" But he wasn't.

When Naruto woke up, he woke up to a grave faced Asuma. The cop informed him that he'd sent Sasuke out to get something to eat. "Actually, I did it so I could talk to you about something important. I need you to listen to me carefully. I don't think you should be leaving witness protection…"

Naruto sat up hurriedly…or tried to and failed miserably. "Why?" the word tore itself out of his mouth.

"Seems Orochimaru contacted one of his followers, before he came to see you…now that word's out about his death…" Asuma sighed. "Look, Naruto…Sasuke's graduating this year. He'll probably find a good university and leave Konoha. I'm almost one hundred percent sure that Orochimaru's gang doesn't know about Sasuke. From the information I have, we can assume that they only know about you. So if you stay in witness protection, we can protect everyone else pretty easily."

Naruto's eyes narrowed. "Well can't you use this 'source' of information to root this gang out? I thought it would end with Orochimaru's death….what good are you people if you can't even let me lead a safe life without having to hide…I refuse. I handled it this time and I can handle it again…"

Asuma's mouth tightened. "This time you put yourself and your lover in danger…" when Naruto's eyes widened in surprise, Asuma nodded angrily. "You thought I didn't know? I did and I only turned a blind eye to it because I don't have any solid evidence. But I'm warning you now, Naruto…if you won't let me protect you, I have no qualms about putting you behind bars for having sexual relations with a minor who was under your protection. At least I can protect you better if you're in jail…so your choice…jail or witness protection?"

Naruto felt sick. He looked at Asuma pleadingly. "I'm not a paedophile…I love him…please…don't make me do this…"

Asuma shook his head. "Look just because you got lucky this time…actually I wouldn't say lucky since you're in here and your lover almost got strangled… it doesn't mean it's going to happen that way again. You blatantly put my men in danger and assaulted an officer, to mete out your own sense of what was right…I'm sorry but this time I want to do my job. I have to protect you all and Sasuke will have it better without you compromising his safety. This is only until we round up the gang…just a year or two…"

Naruto hung his head. He thought hard for a while, but couldn't find a way to refute Asuma's words…Sasuke…he bit his lip. "Fine. Witness protection then. But…I don't want to let Sasuke, Kakashi or Iruka know…just tell them I left…tell them I'm not coming back…don't give them any reasons…" A clean cut…that way Sasuke will move on and forget…he can hate me…hurt clawed at him.

The next two days he spent at the hospital went by like a flash. He spent every minute with Sasuke, thirstily memorizing the boy's face, touch and voice, like traveller stuck at the only puddle in a desert.

In the middle of the night before he got discharged, Asuma moved him to another ward when Sasuke had been ushered out due to visiting hours. He could easily see into his old ward out of the window. Some of the cops helped him dye his hair and gave him the rest of his disguise. So he could easily watch Sasuke's reaction to the empty ward and Asuma's short explanation that Naruto had decided to leave and was not coming back. Asuma had insisted on filling in Kakashi on the true details…so only the two adults really knew why Naruto had left. Then he'd been quickly ushered out of there, eyes brimming with tears and a voice in his head telling him he'd made a very stupid decision.

Naruto rolled over and hugged his pillow. It hadn't taken just an year or two…it had taken three years to round up the gang and another year to convince Naruto that maybe he should make an appearance to his family, now that things were cleared up. He'd thought Sasuke would have gone off to Uni and moved on completely. He'd thought that Sasuke would have broken ties with Iruka and Kakashi…well he'd been wrong. But in all honesty, deep within, Naruto knew he'd really been hoping that he'd be wrong. Well I got my wish didn't I?

He finally fell asleep only to wake up by eight in the morning. Damn…four hours of sleep wasn't nearly enough after that bloody long trip, but he couldn't get back to sleep no matter how hard he tried. He headed downstairs.

Iruka was sitting at the kitchen counter on a bar stool, his hands wrapped around a mug full of warm coffee, while Kakashi was breaking eggs into a bowl. As soon as he saw Naruto the silver haired man smiled and thrust the bowl out. "Here, make us a few of your amazing French omelettes…"

Naruto shook his head as he took the bowl. "I just got back and already you want me slaving away at the stove…so fill me in on all that's been going on…"

Iruka smiled. "Nothing really…I'm still teaching at the university and Kakashi…well he's lazing around here or running his farm all day. You know that Sasuke has one last semester to finish college, he chose to study Publishing and all the biggest companies want him. He was also considering moving back to Konoha…"

Naruto scratched his head. "Ano…well…I'm back for good…" that was the only way he could think of putting it…though he had no idea how it would be taken.

By the time the couple could react a deep voice sounded across the room. "What?"

Sasuke stood there in a rumpled t-shirt and boxer shorts. Naruto couldn't help his eyes roaming appreciatively over his once-lover's form. Sasuke noticed and glared the usual Uchiha glare. "You're back for good? Wait a minute…I thought you said you weren't coming back for good…so how long does this 'good' last? Another four years? Eight? How long do you mean by good, Naruto? How long before you decide that you can just up and go with no explanations to anyone?"

Naruto flipped the omelette expertly and concentrated on plating for a bit. Then he gathered his thoughts and looked at Sasuke square in the eye. "Well, I don't have any more reasons to run…so I guess I mean good…as in as long as I'm alive, I'll call this home, kind of good."

Sasuke glared at him for a bit before walking up and swiping the plate with the omelette on it. He might be furious with the chef, but who was he to give up a perfectly good omelette? He took a bite and almost moaned at its perfection, oblivious to the other three's flabbergasted stares. "So? What were your reasons?"

With the two beautiful dark eyes pinned him to the spot, Naruto had no option but to tell the truth. So he began from Asuma's visit all the way down to what happened the night before, while making more omelettes since Kakashi kept prodding him with a finger when he forgot about the food.

Sasuke scraped up the bits on his plate with his fork and turned the glare on the elders. "You knew?"

Iruka sighed. "Yes we did. Kakashi just thought it might be easier for you to move on, if you had some reason to hate Naruto. We didn't know if he was ever coming back and it didn't seem fair to tell you and make you hope…"

The plate hit the counter quite hard, but didn't shatter. Sasuke seemed to be snarling a little. "But I hoped anyway…I hoped, I wondered and I agonised over why he would do that! If I had known, I'm guessing it would have been the same maybe without the pain of being dumped for no fault of mine…I don't believe this…" he whirled around and ran up the stairs. He came down again with pants on and was out of the door soon after, slamming it behind him.

They had been tiptoeing around each other for days now. He had spent all his time either in his room or outside, partying. So Sasuke hadn't seen Naruto or Kakashi for our whole week. Iruka had brought him a few meals but he preferred to stay in his room. It annoyed him that Naruto hadn't yet made an attempt to come and see him. Sasuke frowned and decided that he'd had enough.

He pulled on a tight black wife beater and pulled on his leather jacket. Deciding that blue jeans would do just fine, he gave himself a once over in his mirror. He added just a touch of eye-liner and grumbled at the fact that it was always he, who had to make the first move. Peeking into Naruto's room he took in the blond's attire. Naruto was wearing a red silk shirt and tight black jeans; he looked like he'd just gotten back from Kiba's party. Sasuke smiled after which his face took on a look of utter determination.

He barged into the room and caught the blond by his arm. Naruto started and then spluttered as he was unceremoniously dragged out of his room. He was already in Sasuke's…well Kakashi's car to be precise, before he managed to say something… "Sasuke?"

"What dobe?" Sasuke's voice seemed to warn the blond to proceed cautiously.

"What's going on?"

Sasuke grit his teeth. "I've had enough of this bullshit. For today we are going to pretend that you never went anywhere these last four years. We are going to have a good time. Understand?"

Naruto looked a little flabbergasted. "Why? I thought you didn't…"

"I don't need you to think…just do as I say…" He glanced at his blond and took in the peeved look beginning to form on his face. "Please?"

Naruto nodded and looked out the window for a few minutes. Then his hand slid onto Sasuke's thigh. The brunette swore as he swerved a little. "Dobe?"

Naruto grinned. "Well, if I didn't go anywhere, then this is probably what I would do with you looking so hot…"

Sasuke snorted and shoved his hand away. "Shut up and let me drive, dobe…we're almost there…I don't want any accidents before we get there…"

"Where is there?" but question was deemed redundant, when Sasuke drew up to the hangar. Naruto blinked, it was where they taken the plane for their first date. Sasuke turned the ignition off and got out. He paused to look at Naruto and raised an eyebrow. "You coming?"

Naruto got out and followed him into the hangar. Sasuke took the keys to a micro-light and this time, Sasuke flew the plane. The blond frowned. "Sasuke…"

"What? I have a licensed teacher with me…and I have a learner's permit. Don't worry I will not crash this thing…" seeing more questions looming on the older man's face, Sasuke sighed. "What happened to pretending you never left? Anyway, I just took proper classes last year so I wouldn't forget…"

Naruto sighed, frustrated. He didn't say anything for the remainder of the journey. They landed on the same table like hill they'd been to four years ago. This time though, Naruto spotted what seemed like a medium sized wooden cottage off to one side.

Sasuke landed expertly. Then he got out and motioned towards the cottage. A few cars were parked outside and now Naruto realised that there seemed to be music blaring from the inside. He followed Sasuke to the door. The young raven turned to him with smile. "Welcome to my house…"

Naruto's jaw dropped. "What?"

Sasuke ignored him and went in, dragging the blond along. A loud cheer went up when Naruto entered. There were a lot of people greeting Sasuke, Naruto noticed that so many people looked happy to see the raven there. And Sasuke…unlike before where Sasuke had improved his relations with his little group, he interacted easily and confidently with this crowd of peers.

All the time he was watching Sasuke, Naruto didn't realise a bit group was watching him. Gaara, his siblings, Karin, Suigetsu and Juugo were all looking at him with some surprise and relief. Finally it took Suigetsu thumping Naruto on the back to get his mind of Sasuke. He greeted the old group and felt waves of nostalgia. A little later, Sasuke grabbed his hand. "Let's dance…"

The song G6 had always turned Naruto on like crazy. But dancing so close to Sasuke in this mad crush of moving bodies, was another thing all together. Sasuke was a little taller now and as they ground together, Naruto felt like he was going to spontaneously combust from the lust building up inside him. Sasuke smirked at him and grabbed his ass, bringing their cocks together with a particularly hard grind.

"You know what, Naruto?" Sasuke's deep whisper sent shivers down Naruto's back. Naruto mumbled an incoherent "hm?" Sasuke grinned and squeezed that ass. "I've always wanted to do this with you…show people who this ass belongs to. Unfortunately, keeping that secret made it hard…"

Then Sasuke turned Naruto around and rubbed his dick against his ass. "I also wanted to turn you on like crazy on the dance floor…do you know why?"


"So I can grab your hand and take you to a private room like this…" and Sasuke proceeded to do just that. He led Naruto into a small bedroom and locked the door behind them.

He then shoved Naruto onto the bed. But didn't follow him onto it. He just stood there and looked at the blond. "Naruto…" once he was sure he'd gotten the other's attention, he started. "I want you. But I need to know if we can go back to being a couple…"

Naruto turned away. "Haven't I hurt you enough?"

Sasuke moved forward and grabbed his shirt. "Yes, yes you have! But for once I want you to stop thinking about the past and tell me what we're going to do In the future. I'm no longer you're ward…no one can hold that over you anymore. You hurt me, but you can decide not to, now. Damn it, dobe…I'm sick of always have to make the first move…for once can't you just show me what you feel? I'm sick of being in love with you and having to chase you all the time…damn it…why can't you jus take the fucking initiative to…"


A pair of warm lips cut him off. They kissed like a hurricane, tongues battling, lips sliding and sucking against each other. Naruto slid his tongue against Sasuke's trying to taste more of what he'd dreamed of all these years. How the fuck had he given this up? Somehow kissing to Taio Cruz's Dirty Picture, made the whole thing more erotic.

His hands slid up Sasuke's shirt, feeling the hard six pack and defined muscles. The boy had definitely grown, the muscles that Sasuke had just started working on back then, now rippled and flexed under his touch. Naruto almost came in his pants right then. The younger man growled, his hand tangled in the blond hair, slanting his head more, so his tongue could really plunder that rosy mouth.

Naruto mewled, his hands tightening on Sasuke waist, if Sasuke was an incubus, right now Naruto would have given the man every ounce of energy he had in him. Sasuke's other hand ran up and down his back in random patterns. They were getting familiar with each other all over again, it felt almost a little like they were strangers, but that added to the crackling chemistry between them.

Finally Sasuke pulled away to shrug out of his jacket.

Naruto tugged at his wife beater, pulling it off.

Sasuke ripped the dobe's red silk shirt open, scattering the buttons everywhere.

They came together again, their lips meshing together, their cocks grinding each other through the rough denim jeans. Naruto had forgotten how warm Sasuke could be, he pressed himself against the younger man, wanting to merge with that lovely warm heat emanating from that pale pale skin.

Sasuke groaned deep and hard…reaching for the button of Naruto's jeans. His yanked the zipper down and shoved his hands into the tight jeans, cupping Naruto's bare bottom and squeezing. Then he shoved the pants down, pulling out a little to let the blond's erection pop out painlessly as the clothing went by. He followed the jeans, only to engulf Naruto's cock with is mouth. He sucked hard at first and then backed off to make eye contact with the blue depths watching him…then he smirked before pressing his lips against the head hard, like a French kiss, his tongue playing with its slit, while his eyes tangled with his lover's.

Naruto gave a strangled cry, as his head popped into Sasuke's mouth and dragged itself against his head. Then Sasuke deep throated him just for a bit, before pulling back and then licking all the way down to his balls before taking both into his mouth and sucking hard. Naruto's hands fisted in his hair, pulling rather hard. Sasuke ignored it, to dip his head even further below and lick at the place just behind his balls.

Naruto felt his brains turning to mush as the blow jobs went on and on. The raven alternated between hard and soft. Finally Sasuke wrapped a hand around the base and started bobbing up and down; exactly the way Naruto liked it. His orgasm built up in him, coiling, tight, about to burst and the heat was…gone.

He stared woozily as Sasuke stripped down to his boxers. Then the raven smiled. "Do you want to see what else has changed, dobe?"

Naruto swallowed and nodded wordlessly. The younger gave a small sexy grin and slipped out of his boxers. Sasuke had…grown. Naruto gulped as he took in the bigger, thick shaft, red with all the blood rushing down there…beads of precum dripped from it. Sasuke's hand came down to caress it and play with it a little…Naruto felt himself drool.

Sasuke tugged at it and stroked it a few times. His voice was deep velvet. "You seem to like what you see dobe…but don't worry, I'll use shove this in you and fill your pert little ass with it…you'd better be as tight as you used to be…"

The command had a profound effect on Naruto. He stuttered before bursting out with "I've been celibate until now! Please…fuck me Sasuke…"

The raven titled his head a little and then came forward to kiss the blond deeply. His hand rummaged around for something in drawer by the bedside and then suddenly Naruto heard a clicking noise. Soon something cool was being working into the skin at his hole. When two fingers slipped in, stretching him, prepping him, he whimpered a little from the burn.

Sasuke sighed. "Damn you're tight…it's like I'm taking your ass virginity again…but this time I'll go harder and much much deeper…"

Naruto shuddered and began to fuck the fingers in him. Sasuke growled and pulled Naruto closer to him, grinding his rock hard cock against the other a little. Then he stopped and lubed himself, placing his head against the whole. Slowly he filled the love of his life.


Naruto let himself adjust to the huge length in him…fuck, Sasuke was right, it was going much deeper. The raven shifted a bit earning a moan from the man under him. "Move…" the strain in Naruto's voice was evident. Sasuke complied, first going slowly and then suddenly changing pace and moving much faster.

The bed began to creak rhythmically and Naruto found the music and voices from outside fade out as the cock in him pounded his prostate. He forgot all about keeping silent and let a scream ricochet off the walls. Sasuke smiled and grunted with the effort. Things began to start blurring for him too, the emotional response to this getting too intense. He grabbed Naruto's cock and began stroking in time to his thrusts.

With a final cry of "Sasuke!" Naruto coated their bodies with white cum…he squeezed down hard on Sasuke before passing out, making the brunette follow him into heaven. Sasuke panted for a while before collapsing on top of his lover.

Lemon end

Sasuke looked at the blond as they drove home. "So no running away again?"

Naruto smiled. "I promise…plus…with you having grown up that well, there's no way I'm going to ever find anyone good enough!" His eyes twinkled mischievously.

Sasuke smirked. "I'm glad you feel that way dobe, though I hope that isn't your only reason for staying…" he parked.

Naruto smiled at him and drew him into a soft kiss. "I love you, teme…" the soft kiss turned into a good lust addled one.

A tapping on their window knocked them out of it. A half naked Kakashi stood there grinning. "Glad to see you boys back together…but do you mind driving out again? I was enjoying my alone time with Iruka…"

Naruto looked at Sasuke in disgust. "Wanna move back into the old house?"


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