Love me, slowly

Author: Katzenaugen

Rating: T

Losing my Memory

Chapter 1

"Cloud, I-"

The warrior dressed in black woke up in pain. His head felt as though someone kept punching him. Moving any of his limps was impossible. These were the last words he could remember before something hit him from behind. Was it a gunshot? Reluctantly he opened his eyes, fearing he might find himself in some weird place, but at the sight of bright white walls and warm lighting touching his skin he knew this could only be one place – the hospital.

(Cloud POV)

I wanted to open my mouth, open it and ask someone what happened, but I couldn't. Neither could I move any of my limbs. It was as though I was immobilized. Maybe my body was too tired to move. Tilting my head to the right as far as possible I saw a woman sitting by my side. Her hair was long and dark, black probably. A few bangs hid her face, hiding her eyes. All I could see was her chin and her lips. Those lips looked soft and reminded me of candy. But who is she? Somehow she seemed familiar, but meeting people every day, it happens you see similarities in people. She did not raise her head yet to look at him. Was she sleeping? Didn't she notice I am awake?

Suddenly as she raised her head a little I saw her eyes, enchanting brown eyes.

"Tifa?" I asked wearily. My head had shifted the other way already gazing out of the window. "Is your name Tifa?" I asked again.

I felt a cold hand touching mine, her hand was trembling. But why? "Yes Cloud, it is me. How are you doing?"

Had she been crying? Did something happen? Did a relative of hers die?

"I am doing ok." I replied briefly. Cloud, yes that's my name.

"That's great to hear." sobbed the woman. "Why are you sobbing?" I asked, turning my head around again to look into her tear stained face.

"I was worrying about you. You have been in a coma for weeks." her sobbing got heavier. Sobbing because of me? Why is she?

"Oh really? Hm." I paused thinking hard what to say now. I could not let Tifa keep crying. Men don't let woman cry right next to them without trying to give comfort, right? I wonder, who told me that.

"Can you rememeber anything that happened before?" she asked me, wiping away some of her tears. I would have done it, but my body felt too weak. Rising my hand was impossible to me. It was weird thinking about it that way. She was sitting right next to me, only a few centimeters away, holding my hand. But for me to move mine, it would have felt like kilometers. My muscles ached.

"Not really. Other than something hitting me. Was it a gunshot?" I asked her, frowning a little.

"Yes, somebody shot at you." Her eyes filled with tears again. Oh Lord, such beautiful eyes should not be stained with tears. Is she really crying because of me?

"The doctors say though, that it might take you a while to regain your full memory. But it will come back, for sure." she smile at him. Girl, this smile looks pathetic with a face stained like that.

(Cloud POV End)

"When can I get home?" asked Cloud. "I do have a home right?"

"Yes you have, and they say they could let you go today already."

"What does this house look like, where I live?" scrutinized Cloud, thinking hard to recall some pictures.

"It's a bar we two work at. You are a delivery boy. And we have some orphans there too, we take care of them." explained Tifa, still smiling at the blonde.

"Sounds interesting."

Tifa's eyes watered again but this time no single tear fell. "I think I remember more now. I remember what it looks like there." Cloud had his eyes closed as he spoke. "It's nice there, right? And we are happy, right?"

"Yes, that we are." Tifa swallowed her tears away, she had cried enough.


"Cloud?" she exclaimed as she entered the room he was resting in. "We can go. Go get dressed, I'll wait for you outside." Smiling at him one last time she left his room again.

Tifa stood outside in the warm summer sun. "Would he remember anything from before? My feelings?" Her eyes watered once again. "Maybe this is the chance I need to take, the chance to make you love me." She knew one thing though, she had to protect him from searching his past, for it being something he would better not reveal. 'You'll be happier starting a new life.' To him though, Tifa was a friend only anymore – or so she assumed.