Two Hearts – One Love

Chapter 13

(Cloud POV)

I withdrew from our embrace as I felt two small arms wrapping around my waist. Looking down at brown tuft I figured it was Denzel.

"Hey let me hug too!" he exclaimed raising his head to look at us. "Were you two kissing?" he inquired and raised an eyebrow. "Ew."

I had enjoyed the taste of her lips, her soft lips. I guess that comes from applying those lip balm all the time. She tasted sweet.

(Cloud POV End)

"There's nothing bad about kissing." explained Tifa and flicked his forehead.

"Bah!" grunted the younger and crossed his arms in front of his chest. "I'll go eat, just go on doing your dirty stuff." he spouted and headed for the kitchen. Tifa stiffeled a giggle. "Oh isn't he cute. So innocent." she beamed at him.

"Yes." replied Cloud a little shakily. After all, it was a new experience to him too. He couldn't remember his first kiss. 'Or did I ever kiss Aeris?'

(Tifa POV)

I took his hand. It was cold. Are you nervous, Cloud?

I pulled him into the living room. "Come on, let's sit down a little. We shouldn't sit around like that." I smiled at him and thudded onto the couch. Cloud stood to my right. He wouldn't move. I fetched the pillow to my left and slapped him. "Hey you! It's you I told to sit down."

Crossing his arms in front of his chest he gave me a cheeky look. I never knew you would look that way. I stiffeled a giggle again and raised an eyebrow at him. "What are you up to?" I laughed. But he, he stood there, somewhat stern, but charming.

He came closer and his arms wrapped around my body and heaved me up. "Cloud." I said shakily. How I longed for this.

He carried me up the stairs to my room apparently. "Cloud, aren't I too heavy for you?" I frowned a little. I was sure I'm not that light. Just look at me.

"You aren't." he replied softly and smiled down at me again.

(Tifa POV End)


(Cloud POV)

I placed her down onto the bed gently and stroked her hair before I sat down besides her. Stroking her hair gently I placed a kiss onto her forehead, onto her nose and finally onto her soft lips. She closed her eyes.

Shifting above her I placed each of my hands besides her head to support my weight. This was it, the moment. The very moment were I had her lying beneath me. She could not run away and I was all there, there for her, and I had all the time on earth to look at her beautiful face.

Her hand reached up to my cheek. With the back of her hand she caressed it and then her hand slid down my chest. I felt a chill running down my spine but I kept calm, pretending that I was not boiling inside.

"Quit seducing me." I smirked at her. She would only smirk back at me and bit her lower lip. Before I had any chance to kiss her again, she had shifted out of under me and sat on the bed.

"This is going a little too fast, now isn't it?" she asked me, her back turned to me.

"If you say so." I retorted knowing that I would always respect any of her decisions. I had not thought as far as she did already. Though she was right. "Let's not hurry."

(Cloud POV End)


(Tifa POV)

I felt my heart still pounding hard in my chest. My hands shook. It's the moment I always wanted to be in, yet I was afraid. Something caused me to be afraid. We should not rush anything. After all, it was a long and painful path to the point where we are now.

"I am happy that you are here with me now." I turned around and smiled at him, forcing back the tears that were about to form in the corners of my eyes as I thought of the pain I had endured.

Yes indeed, I was happy, happy to have the man I wanted at my side. But still, I was afraid he might be taken away from me again. I wanted him by my side, forever. Nothing should ever break us apart. That's what I always thought and still do. Yet there was an incident that broke us apart, even if just for short. Though the fact he founded back to me proved that his feelings are honest.

I crawled up to him and pressed my forehead against his chest, listening to his heart beat. Listening to our hearts beating in one rhythm. The rhythm of love - our rhythm.

"Can you hear it?"

"Hear what?" he asked me curiously.

"The beat of our hearts. Ever beat is another part of a second spent with you. Another part of a second of our love." A small giggle escaped my lips. Two hearts – one Love. That's how it is supposed to be.

"Yes I can hear it." he pressed me closer to his body and released me a minute after only to listen to my heart beat. I lay flat on my back as his head shifted onto my stomach and up a little further to my chest. He rested his head there, his spikes tickling my face a little.

It was then when he told me again what I couldn't stop hearing for the rest of my lfe. "I love you."

I ran my hand through his spikes to his neck where I rested my hand. Twirling one of his spikes between my fingers a little I replied. "Yes, I love you too. And I wont ever stop."

(Tifa POV End)

"Yo man, Cloud, where the hell are you?" a deep voice yelled. "Marlene wanted home already."

Just as Cloud was about to stand up and tell barret to quit yelling, this certain man was already standing in the doorframe.

"Geez, you've kids here." he tilted his head at them and flicked his tongue.

"We were not about to do anything." retorted Cloud sternly and sat up from the positon he was it, facing the tall man.

"What a cute scene to see you two in." he laughed at them. "And I began to think already that you two were just to stupid to hook up!"

Bursting out in bellowing laughter he held his stomach while laughing. "Well then, I'll ocupy the kids in the meantime. But hey, stay quiet." he winked at Tifa and after a short wave with his hand he vanished.

"Idiot." grunted Tifa.

Cloud's head spun around. "I never heard you calling anyone of our gang an Idiot."

"Just because you never got to hear it doesn't mean I don't call them idiots at times." she smirked at him and sat up.

"Bad girl."

"Says the man that slices people. Yeah, sure." she cuffed him.

"That's called defense, my dear."

"Hah, my dear?" the woman gibed. "I should call you Darling then." Tifa retorted cockily.

"I would not mind." he whispered leaning closer to nuzzle her neck. "My Darling."


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