The Story so far…

"I was losing my love, my fiancé to that ugly little alien. I knew I HAD to do something at once.

As Nushka muttered a string of words, the wall in front of her opened, leading into a tiny room. In the centre of the room, a small golden thing glowed as it hovered a few inches off a raised platform.

"The heart of that earthling's beloved," she sneered. "The longer they take to find it, the smaller it shrinks until finally, it will DISAPPEAR. And he will be in my control. That little earthling will be killed by her own beloved, if not, she'll kill herself, and finally, Kish will love ME!" She laughed an evil laugh that seemed to reverberate around the empty room.

"I know that you don't love me. It's him you love isn't it?" Kish said, pointing his finger at Ryou, who was lying motionless on the floor. "I-I love Masaya. Not him," Ichigo stuttered as she blushed 10 000 shades of crimson. Kish smirked, "You might not be aware of it now kitten, but you DO love him. I know Nushka well enough. She might seem harmless but she knows more than anyone thinks. And she knows that deep in your heart, he is the only one that you truly love."

"…if you do not get his heart back, his soul will be lost FOREVER!"

"Oooh, what does this button do? Na No Da,"

"Don't touch that! That button is the self-destruct. Touch that and we will be blown to pieces!"

"Where IS your planet exactly, Kish?" asked Ichigo.


"I defeat you, Nushka. Just you wait." Ichigo retorted as she pointed a finger at Nushka. Don't worry, Ryou. I will save you,' Ichigo said in her heart.

"Well then, let the battle begin," Nushka replied as she held out her weapon and pointed it at Ichigo.

The Battle Begins…