In the celebration, they didn't notice as I teleported to a nearby tree.

"I love you Ryou!"

"I love you too, my baka strawberry."

"You see, she's forgotten all about you, thanks to that boy," I whispered into the ear of the person who had been hiding behind the tree, watching the whole scene.

"Ok, I believe you now, how do I get her back?" the boy asked, determination shining in his eyes.

I smiled, "I have a plan,"

RomanceAddiction: gasps Who was that boy? What is Nushka's plan? What will happen to Ryou and Ichigo's relationship? Find out in the last installment of Ryou's Heart- Ryou's Heart 3: Aoyama's Revenge

And btw, there are trees on Kish's homeplanet now because the aliens have already sprinkled Mew Aqua all over Mercury so its not as bad anymore. See you in the next story nyaa :3