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Chapter 1: Meeting of the Minds
Desmond stared at the large Casper High School building with narrowed eyes. Adjusting the strap of his backpack, he took in a deep breath. He looked to his left at his partners, "Ready?"

(Ichijyo's full name is Ichijyo Desmond Amakusa Akuma. I'll call him Desmond to avoid confusion with Ichigo)

The boy with the orange hair nodded while the raven haired girl looked at the surrounding area apprehensively.

"The trace of supernatural energy is very high here," Rukia mentioned.

"No kidding," Ichigo agreed, "The atmosphere is really thick here."

Desmond nodded. Smart Brain's main HQ had sent orders to create an elite Superhero team and had given Desmond the names of the candidates. Desmond looked them over in earnest interest as he looked over their profiles. That was why Leo, Takada and Tazuka had been sent here to America with Desmond; to observe their targets in their natural environments. The operatives, Leo, Takada, Tazuka and Desmond, were allowed to seek help from others like the Spirit Detectives and the Shinigami of the Soul Society. Currently, Desmond was with two of the latter; Ichigo Kurosaki and Rukia Kuchiki. Desmond was dressed in his black school uniform while Ichigo and Rukia wore their grey uniforms

"Remember to keep your stories straight," Desmond reminded, "We all transferred here from Japan. Our names are Desmond Amakusa, Rukia Kuchiki and Ichigo Kurosaki."

Ruki continued, "We took part in an exchange program that will last for a month. Currently, we are living with one of your relatives."

Ichigo finished, "We've all known each other since we were kids and are best friends…"

"Very good," Desmond nodded.

"Amakusa-san," Rukia stated, "The only reason I'm going along with this is because, with the recent and multiple appearance of ghosts here, there is a possibility that one may descend into a Hollow."

"I understand," Desmond nodded, "That was why I asked you and Kurosaki-kun along."

Ichigo shrugged, "Whatever. Anything to get away from my insane dad."

"I understand the feeling of having an insane relative," Desmond replied. It was true though for Desmond that he had to live with several insane relatives back when he was younger, his sister being one of them. He tolerated them, but his patience did have its limits.

"By the way, why didn't you ask Ishida to come along?" Ichigo asked.

"Me and the Quincy have a…very complicated relationship."

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" Rukia asked, "Let's go."

The trio entered through the front doors, starting their mission.

"The first thing to do is to get our class schedules," Desmond pointed out, "It would be efficient if we all took the same classes as the target."

"Couldn't we just call him by his name?" Ichigo asked, "I mean, we do know who it is." Rukia nodded in agreement.

"Still, we can't alert him. With his…condition…he possesses the ability to sense spirits, Shinigami included. So we should be on our guard."

"Why should we be scared?" Ichigo snorted, "No one's gonna see me as a Shinigami."

"I doubt that Ichigo," Rukia spoke up, "Because of the existence of the Ghost Portal here, plus the appearance of ghosts, a lot of people have been exposed to a lot of supernatural and paranormal energy."


"They can all see ghosts, Shinigami included," Desmond and Rukia answered.

The trio then saw that a blonde with a crew cut was beating up a smaller form with messy black hair. The fight was one sided as the child didn't seem to giving much of a fight.

Ichigo had seen and heard enough to tell if someone was getting bullied and stepped in…quite literally. He punched Dash in the face

"You know where I come from that is how we deal with guys like you." Ichigo told the teen in the Letterman jacket whom was busy rubbing his cheek.

"Sticking up for losers like Fenton must mean you're one yourself." The child in the letterman told him rubbing the back of his head furiously before walking away.

"Thanks but that normal for me." Said the kid as he got up and tidied himself up, "By the way, I'm-"

"Danny!" a girl dressed in black and purple Goth clothes called the boy. Ichigo, Desmond, and Rukia's eyes widened. "Come on! You'll be late!"

"Kay Sam!" Danny shouted back and turned to the trio, "Well, gotta run." And Danny did.

"Wasn't that…?" Ichigo began to ask.

"The target?" Desmond narrowed his eyes. "Yes…"

"I sensed something from him…felt almost ghost-like," Rukia added.

"No kidding, Danny Phantom is half ghost and half human; one of the two halfas in existence. The boy we just encountered was his human alter ego: Danny Fenton."

Ichigo looked at Danny's retreating form and just walked with his group again with his head held low. He recently had Rukia come back with Renji, Matsumoto, Ikkaku, Hitsuguya, and Ayasegawa. It was shocking to say the least when she hauled Ichigo out of class to go and fight a Hollow to get his confidence back.

Soon afterward they met up with Desmond and well in a nutshell here in this town, the spirit pressure was unusually strong. In Karakura they only had a few 'blips' but here it was foggy. Ichigo was not back one hundred percent from his fight with those two Arrancar Hollows. He wasn't the same kind of guy who would go into a fight with full strength but now with the Vizards wanting him to join it was very hard to see the path that he once walked on.

"I do hope you realize that we will also be working with a Vizard as well," Desmond told them. Ichigo was shocked upon learning this. Desmond then continued, "He's not with the other Vizards, thankfully. He's with The Order…"

"Who is it?' Rukia asked. Desmond took out a photograph and passed it to the female Shinigami. It was a picture of a 15 year old boy with short pink hair and sea blue eyes.

"His name is Ryunosuke Kazama. However, he prefers to be called Ryan," Desmond said. "He was once a rogue spirit that got possessed by a Hollow and was trained by the Vizards to wield the powers of the Shinigami before he went on to control the powers of a Hollow. Quite impressive."

"You've seen him in action?" Rukia asked, intrigued that there was a Vizard in the vicinity. Desmond took out another picture. It was that of a muscular male figure dressed in black body armor with a flaming skull emblem within a circle on his chest. 4 chains extended from the symbol and went around his shoulders and hips to attach themselves just behind his back. His Hollow mask was black and faceless with red markings and horns just above where the eyes should be. He was holding a Zanpakuto.

"That is what he looks like in action. I witnessed him dispatch twenty Hollows with one blow." Rukia squinted her eyes as she stared at the picture closely,

"The mask looks different. Not like any normal Hollow mask."

"He had learnt how to manipulate the appearance of his mask after he became an apprentice of one of the legendary Kamen Riders, Takeshi Hongo, also known as Kamen Rider #1, the first to ever use the name Kamen Rider and beginning a legacy of similar heroes that came soon after." Desmond turned to Ichigo, "You seem silent, Kurosaki-kun."

"Do we have to work with a Vizard?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, we do. It was requested by The Order that we do. Fortunately, Phantom and Ryan have worked together. However, even though Ryan knows Danny's secret, the same cannot be said about Danny as he is still clueless about Ryan's secret identity," Desmond answered. "By the way, Ryan calls himself Kamen Rider Oni."

Ichigo nodded. He still wasn't comfortable with the Vizards. Ironically, Ichigo was one himself, sort of. Desmond understood Ichigo's pain of being a hybrid and decided not to push the Shinigami into trusting Ryan. Ichigo would learn to trust him on his own. The trio arrived in front of the administrations office and took out their letters before entering.

Danny, Sam and Tucker walked into class and sat down. Danny then winced as he felt an eraser hit him behind the head. He turned and Dash was whistling nonchalantly. Danny was half tempted to use his ghost powers but was interrupted in his thoughts by Mr. Lancer.

"Class, we have some new students who have transferred here to the class," the teacher turned his attention to the door, "You three may come in." Ichigo, Desmond and Rukia entered and several students began mumbling. Dash glared at Ichigo and the Shinigami glared back. Dash caught the glare and gulped. Desmond smiled. Ichigo sure could be scarier than a Hollow.

"Class, these three are students that have transferred here from their respective schools in Japan." Rukia waved pleasantly, smiling brightly. Ichigo grunted and crossed his arms. Desmond gave off a charming smile that sent Paulina swooning. Desmond, Ichigo and Rukia sat down on empty seats that were conveniently placed near Danny and his friends.

Danny turned to whisper to Ichigo, "Thanks for the help with Dash." Ichigo smiled slightly,

"No problems, kid. I've always hated bullies."

Danny asked, "Say do you and your friends want to hang out during lunch?"

Ichigo was about to answer when Lancer yelled, "Mr. Fenton! Mr. Kurosaki! Pay attention!" They did and returned to their lesson.

Desmond was writing down notes when he noticed a crumpled up ball of paper hit him on the shoulder. He bent down and picked it off from the floor. He un-crumpled it and read it before turning to look at Paulina who winked at him. He placed the paper into his shirt pocket.


Rukia looked at her textbook quizzically and scratched her head. She understood nearly nothing as her studies of human literature was second to none as her only references were merely manga and magazines. Sam looked at her and said, "Pretty confusing, huh?"

"My understanding of American literature is quite limited," Rukia replied.

"Don't worry. I can help you with that much." Sam replied with a small smirk.

Seeing that he was next to a guy and his friends were getting lucky with having some new friends, Tucker was about to open his mouth when Desmond glared at Tucker with a look saying 'Don't push it.'

It was soon lunch time and the kids were all gathered around the table as they were eating…who am I kidding…Sam and Rukia were eating while the others were trying to look at their food as edible. Rukia didn't give the food a second thought as she ate as Ichigo was looking with a wry look as he tried to look at his 'Ultra Recyclo-Vegetarian' meal.

"Come on Kurosaki-Kun eat up this stuff." Rukia told him as she took another bite of the 'turfwich' that gotten her a strange look from Ichigo who was about ready to skip his lunch. Desmond didn't give a look as he focused on the meal being another piece of food for him.

The next focus was on Danny who was mechanically eating his homemade lunch, which composed of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a juice box on the side. Tucker, on the other hand, stuffed himself with a cold pizza. They truly knew that the school was not a good place to eat meat at.

"So what kind of friends do you guys have back where you come from?" Danny asked their new friends as he took another bite.

"A hot headed kid, a mad scientist, a fortune teller, a big guy with muscles, a very weird silent studious guy, and a bubbly cheerleader type of person." Desmond told them as he tried to swallow his food down.

"That's all?" Danny asked with a cocked eyebrow

"Pretty much." Desmond told the Hybrid.

"Hi there Danny!" A pink haired kid with a Punisher t-shirt came in with a lunch box filled with ham sandwiches. Ichigo fought an urge to shout or just shun the new comer who he knew to be a Vizard but fought it down to a mere glare. He really didn't like the Vizards. It just didn't sit too well that some one would have a Hollow within them. It was just plain insane to think about it. If Desmond's info was wrong and he turned out to be a spy he would personally take the job of disposing him.

"Oh, Ichigo, Rukia, and Desmond this is Ryan." Danny stood up and introduced the newcomer.

"Yes…Indeed it is a great honor to meet you Ryan." Rukia piped up quite surprised after eating her sandwich that brought Ichigo's stomach back into focus as he still didn't have the heart to eat.

"The pleasure is all mine," Ryan said as he like a gentlemen kissed her hand. Ichigo glared at Ryan hatefully and Desmond was kind of taken aback by the sheer amounts of energy he was putting off.

Ok, don't go after Rukia on Ichigo's watch, Desmond told himself as he went to take another bite.

Danny saw the reaction on Ichigo's face clearly and decided before he lost a friend he would change the subject. "So does anybody know of that new Literature teacher that was supposed to teach us?"

"He's supposed to be a specialist in novels…please let it be Stephen King." Sam said trying to hope that whoever their new Lit teacher was he/she would be cool.

Just then Danny, Desmond, Ichigo, and Rukia sensed a ghost then it jumped few dozen more. A crash occurred as a ghost in overalls fell into (fortunately into Ichigo's plate) as it staggered. "Beware for I am the Box Ghost!" The ghost declared as Danny slapped his forehead.

"Why does God hate me?" Danny asked to the ceiling as a wall was destroyed as mantis-like beings with masks upon their faces and holes in their chests started attacking the students.

"GHOSTS!" one student screamed. Dash screamed like a little girl and hid under a table.

"That guy pretty much doesn't like any of us." Ichigo muttered as he pushed back and ran with the others as they went off to somewhere safe to change.

"Beware." Box Ghost said as he flew off and away.

Danny followed suit as well, as he went to the men's bathroom to change. "GOING GHOST!" Danny yelled out his battle cry to change from average Danny Fenton to Danny Phantom. White rings swept over his body, one up and one down, to complete the transformation. Black hair turned white, blue eyes turned green, and a white and red t-shirt with jeans turned into a black and white jumpsuit with a DP logo on his chest. He turned intangible and flew out.

Ryan hid himself well in one of the empty classrooms as purple and black flames enveloped his body. The flames dispersed and the pink haired punk rocker/goth was now Kamen Rider Oni.
Ichigo and Rukia reached the janitor closet where they were almost ready to change completely when Desmond stopped them before they could change.

"I think you guys might be going a little underdressed than you might think. I might suggest while you have your bodies inhabited by the soul candies that you might be more in use of masks." Desmond said holding out two simple black masks.

"Thanks, I knew we forgot something when I left the safe house." Ichigo told him with a smirk but turned quizzical.

"Wait a minute. Why two?"

"Oh you didn't know? Rukia recently got her Shinigami powers back." Desmond told Ichigo as Ichigo scowled. Once again something came underneath his nose as he didn't get his information on.

"Ok we've wasted enough time talking lets get out there do our jobs." Rukia told them as she stood there in her Shinigami uniform.

"PYON!" Rukia's body exclaimed as it jumped on Ichigo's back.

"Stop playing around Ichigo and get changed." Rukia told him as she put on her mask. "Get off!" Ichigo said as he took out a medallion that had a skull emblazoned on it as he touched it to his body and he jumped out of his own body. He got into one of his pockets and pulled out a small pill before popping it into his own body.

"Kon, no funny business with my body while I'm out disposing Hollows," said Ichigo to the mod soul now inhabiting his body. Kon saluted.

Danny and Oni were not having any fun as the fight was not in their favor and they were getting beaten back, badly. Whoever gained control of these things, they had a lot of Hollows to call upon. Danny was thrown to the ground by a slap from one with wings and he was thrown into a trench of his own making.

"Owwww! Geeze what are these things?" Danny asked someone as he picked himself up again.

"They're called Hollows, Danny and boy I need a break." Oni told him as he stood with his back against Danny's. Oni shot out an ecto-flame but a Hollow dodged it. He called forth his Zanpakuto and was ready to dispose of these Hollows.

"Fools! You really expect to stop us?" One Holow mocked which, was a snakelike creature with wings and arms.

Then a voice rang out: "GETSUGA TENSHO!"(Moonfang Striking the Sky)

"What the..." A Hollow was started to ask as he was soon vaporized by the attack that left a huge gorge in the ground.

"Funny, I thought we could join the party?" Ichigo stated holding on to a large sword that was as large as he was with no hand guard…essentially it was more like a huge knife. Rukia stood next to him brandishing her much smaller katana-like Zanpakuto.

"More runts to play with?" one Hollow jeered.

"Oni, what are those guys?" Danny asked his friend.

"They're Shinigami, people who are specialists against Hollows and this guy with the larger sword is one of the most powerful Shinigami." Oni told Danny as he found his second wind and started cutting into the Hollows.

"Well, if they're with us we could use their help." Danny remarked as he took to the air as he fired off a wide spread of plasma blasts towards the hollows. Oni flew at the Hollows and began slicing off heads.

"RETREAT! Let's report back to the Master!" The Hollow who seemed to be the leader of them yelled as they open a portal back to the dimension they originate from. Soon after the battle the group of them set themselves down and had a small meeting of new people.

"So who are you guys and why are you guys wearing masks?" Danny asked them.

"Unfortunately we are not so blessed as to have your change of hair style and eyes Phantom and we don't have as well the luxury of having a mask like your friend here," Rukia told them politely. Ichigo sneered, looking directly at Oni.

"What's your problem?" Danny asked the tall red haired kid.

"Your friend here has something inside…" Ichigo started to say as he was soon stopped by Rukia's hand as he took a look at her that he knew it would not be wise to say anything more. "Listen, I'm going to leave you now but I would rather not think of any dark thoughts." Rukia and Ichigo took off to find Pyon and Kon leaving the duo of Danny and Oni to sort everything out.

Desmond was waiting in the shadows with both Kon and Pyon when Rukia and Ichigo showed up. The soul candies came out of their bodies before they entered them. Desmond glared.

"What was that about Ichigo?" Desmond demanded from his subordinate.

"They asked a question and I was being honest about it." Ichigo glared back.

"Well then you have to write the report and we have to meet his parents tomorrow." Desmond told them as he walked off.

Ichigo and Rukia were staying at Smart Brain's Safe house in the woods outside of Amity Park. It was a house built into a hill not so simple one at that considering it was one of Smart Brain's. Ichigo and Rukia were in their respected rooms, thankfully, separated from each other for once as they started working on their homework. It was the assignment given by Lancer in which it was agreed upon by the two to be one of the most tyrannical people they ever met. Paulina was a slut. There was little to compare between that and Orihime who was practically wearing her heart on her sleeve. She was a total air head compared to Orihime which pretty much said a lot since Orihime was second in the class. Dash…was, god, being some kind of wise guy and labeled as a 'Flash Thompson' clone. He was everything that a Hollow should have been and then some. He was a scum bag that obviously had empty room between his ears…He was no Chad…he was a Flash Thompson.

Kwan, they had observed was the closest they could get to Chad without getting off topic with their comparison. He was a strong guy but that was where it ended…He should be with Danny's group.

Without a doubt, Valerie was the one they should look out for…She was the Ishida of the group alright, but she lacked his Quincy powers and the coolness he had. She was hot headed against the Ghosts especially Danny from what they've observed. Apparently Danny was tracking a ghost but ended up getting her father fired. She somehow came across some ghost hunting tech and started a one woman war against Danny.

Sam Manson, if they could compared her to anyone else they knew, they would have to probably say it was thankfully Rukia or Tatsuki. She was the earth that held Danny to ground, to let him see what was going on, even if he didn't want to. Sam was a true friend and Ichigo and Rukia were just happy to meet someone who could fit in to there little circle of friends.

Tucker Foley, if anyone truly fit Keigo role that would be him. He was a complete idiot around girls and thankfully he was no where near Orihime or Matsumoto which may start a problem. He was bad as Keigo but thankfully he was a tech man and was a good friend to Danny. Ichigo would just love to have Tucker as a Foreign Exchange Student any time.

Danny, according to Ichigo, was similar to Peter Parker in almost every way. He got the short end of the stick but didn't really have a reason like Peter but he was more stubborn to not give up in a fight. Danny could use much better lines but that was beside the point. They were more alike than anybody that they had ever met.

As they finished their reports for their assessment of Danny's friends/acquaintances, Ichigo collected the papers and headed for Desmond's room to submit their reports. Tomorrow it was planned that they would talk to Danny's Parents.

One problem though…Desmond wasn't in……..

A figure in the night leaped from building to building in a fast and furious action. He was a true shadow that quickly darted from building to building in a fast pace that was not humanly possible.

Desmond liked it this way but this was not his mission to not be noticed but to test Danny in how well he could take someone like him.

The best way to do this was to go into his more…roguish alter ego, Red-X. He quickly spotted a jewellery store on fifth and main where he decided to get the attention of Danny.

He quickly used his fist to break open the window. It wasn't usually a good use of the identity but for right now he was to get the attention of Danny Phantom.

The alarm went off and sounded as he made gestures to grab the merchandise. It was to act out the part as a thief, though he did not intend to get arrested.

Danny was in his ghost mode and going out on patrol. Though he had defeated Pariah Dark and considered a hero by most of Amity Park, a small part of the citizens still believed him as a menace, his parents and Valerie being an example. It was ironic that those who hated Danny Phantom, were close to Danny Fenton and vice versa, since Paulina was in love with Danny Phantom and treated Danny Fenton like dirt.

He heard an alarm sound and it was coming from the same jewellery store in which he had faced the ghosts controlled by Freakshow those many months ago. His ghost sense wasn't going off, so it had to be a normal thief. However, as Amity Park's self proclaimed protector, he was going to check it out and flew down to investigate.

He phased through the wall and to his surprise he saw a figure in an all black costume and wearing a black tattered cape leaning against the wall and staring right at him. The figure was male as he could painfully see and wore grey gloves with red X's. The X's were also on his chest and white skull mask. It was as if the thief had been waiting for him.

"Danny Phantom, I presume?" Red-X inquired, "Also known as the infamous Inviso-Bill." He snickered.

Danny hated that label and glared, eyes glowing bright green. He said, "Okay, drop whatever it is you're doing and nobody gets hurt!"

"Hm…choices, choices," Red-X stood up straight, "I think not. And by the way kid," Red-X leapt over the halfa, "The name's Red-X!" he grabbed his bag of loot and took off out of the window.

"Stop!" Danny shouted as he flew after X.

Red-X leapt from rooftop to rooftop as he made his escape. He looked over his shoulder and smiled under his mask. Danny was giving chase and flying quite quickly to get to him.

"Time to take it up a notch!" Red-X announced as he leapt off the last building he landed on and flew straight into the air. Danny was shocked. This guy may not have been a ghost, but he could fly. Danny decided to pick up speed, turning his legs into a ghostly wisp and gave chase, going much faster.

Red-X smiled. Danny was persistent. Perfect. Danny's pursuing skills were excellent. He even followed X by phasing through a building after him, scaring the pants off the occupant.

This game of cat and mouse was over, time for a dog fight.

Red-X suddenly turned and fired a blast of red Xinothium energy at Danny. Danny got hit in the chest and slammed right into a wall in an alley. Pitiful, his reflexes weren't that good. Red-X then flew straight at Danny and aimed a punch at his chest. Danny saw this and immediately went intangible, allowing X to phase through him. Knowing he would crash into the wall, Red-X's body turned into a black silhouette and he melded into the shadows. Danny tried to look for him but to no avail as he floated in the dark alleyway.

Suddenly, a pair of black arms grabbed Danny by the shoulders. "Gotcha kid!" Red-X yelled mockingly as he flew up with Danny in his grasp. Danny swung his head back and slammed the back of his head into X's masked face. The thief let go and rubbed his sore face. "Nicely done," he complimented, "But you have to do better than that."

"Who are you?" Danny demanded, "And why do you have ghost powers when you're not?"

Red-X shook his head, "My dear Phantom," he pointed to his chest, "I told you my name is Red-X…If I wanted you to know who I was, I wouldn't be wearing a mask now, would I? And my powers maybe similar to those of a ghosts, but they're not!" he surprised Danny by producing an X-blade and throwing it at him. Danny dodged but the blade swiped his shoulder. Danny flinched.

"That hurt!" Danny exclaimed.

"You have a way of stating the obvious, kid," Red-X told him, "Xinothium is quite unstable and because of that it can hurt ghosts."

Danny shot out a green ecto-blast but Red-X dodged it by flying out of the way.

"You need a lot of target practice, kid," Red-X taunted, pointing to the red X on his chest, "X marks the spot." Danny, getting angry, powered up a large ecto-blast and threw it at X. X merely remained where he floated before he produced a black shadow shield. He then redirected the force of the blast back at Danny. Danny's eyes widened as he got caught by the blast and was sent crashing onto the top of a building. He soon fell unconscious and reverted back to human form. Red-X landed next to him and sighed.

"How you survived this long is beyond me," Desmond took off his mask and placed his hand on Danny's chest, healing all of the halfa's injuries. He then put his mask back on and flew away. Danny would soon wake up and bear a grudge against Red-X.

The next day, since the school was closed for repairs, Desmond, Ichigo, and Rukia went to meet up with Danny at his house to hang out with him and his friends. The trio stood in front of the large "Fenton Works" building.

Desmond was wearing a black turtle neck and black trench coat with matching pants. Ichigo was wearing a pair of jeans with a t-shirt with a 'Ghostbusters' logo emblazoned on it. Rukia was wearing a black shirt and black jeans (she was suggested to wear this to fit in better with Sam)

"And I thought my Dad was insane." Ichigo muttered as he shook his head. (To ZK: His dad is pretty sane just puts up a large act to make it seem like he was just insane. He's actually a Captain Level Shinigami who's good friends with 'Hat n' Clogs')

"Why do you say that Ichigo?" Rukia asked him.

"My dad acts overemotional. These guys make him look 'Sane'. My dad never went and put something like that." Ichigo said pointing to the saucer like device on top of the building.

"You mean that's…" Rukia started to say as a mass of orange came bursting through the door and cried out, "GHOSTS!" with metal gloves on him.

Rukia hid behind Ichigo as the mass flew out like a bat out of Hell. Ichigo saw her give out small 'eek' but unlike the insensitive facade he put on he let her stay behind him as he smirked a little feeling a little more comfortable.

"I'm so sorry about Jack." A woman dressed in a turquoise jumpsuit said as she welcomed the trio. "He's been acting up more than usual these days since that attack of Hollows came."

"Hollows?" Desmond asked truly curious about how people who mainly dealt with ghosts could find out about Hollows. The attacks were only recent. Then again, news travelled fast and these two were Amity Park's local ghost hunters, so they must've done some research. Where they got the research material was a mystery itself.

"Ghosts around here never get to that stage because of the fact that they all go back to the Ghost Zone while if you leave a ghost outside for too long they become a Hollow faster than normal." She told them very calmly.

Rukia suppressed to the best of her ability to bow before the woman before her who just explained everything that she was ever taught in about a few seconds time. It took her almost a little over a quarter of a century to get that through her mind.

Ichigo was blown off his feet at the facts that should have been present to why the ghosts here that have been 'haunting' (for lack of a better word) have not been turning into Hollows.

"Oh by the way my name is Maddie Fenton." She introduced herself.




The Three introduced themselves as they were let in.

"Ah Danny told me about you. Are you here to meet him?" She asked as she went inside the kitchen.

"Uh yes…" Desmond told her totally shaken that Danny's mother was actually calm in comparison to Jack who they missed on the way.

"He's over at the park with his friends." Maddie told them. "Oh, anybody for some juice?"

"No thank you Mrs. Fenton, we have to get to the park." Ichigo said to her.

"It was nice to finally meet you," Desmond bowed his head.

"I think I would like some juice," Rukia spoke up until she caught the glare of her male comrades, "But we need to be going now."

The trio then bowed and left the house, saying bye before they did. Maddie smiled.

"It's nice that Danny has more friends now."

"But there's something off about them," Jack said suspiciously.

"Jack, not everyone Danny knows is a ghost."

"THAT'S what they want you to think!"

Jazz had heard everything and shook her head, groaning.