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"Take it or leave it, moron."

The anger inside me flared to a raging inferno, and I wanted nothing more than to let loose a string of shuriken onto this mage. I held my Meba at place, though; Tilting my head toward the ground and closing my eyes in frustration. I sighed once and looked up again.

"There is no way in all hell that I'm paying you eight and a half million mesos for a single set of Steelies," I said quite calmly, considering the situation.

"Look, you moron, I'm an accomplished Ice and Lightning Archmage," the magic-weaver said, pounding his staff to the ground twice. "These knives sell for like ten mil in some places, I'm doing you a favour."

I lost it then. "Agh! They sell for Seven Million mesos in town, I'm doing you a favour by even looking into this deal!" I exclaimed angrily, wishing to turn around. "The only reason I'm even considering buying these from you is because I don't feel like going back down to El Nath, nor to Orbis; Because I'm out of stars."

Indeed, it was stupid of me to use up the room in my pack with Scrolls and Potions, and even stupider to keep a spare set of Wolbis 'Just in Case'. The grey set of throwing stars was old and dull, and I might as well have been stabbing the Sentinels with a Coconut Knife...

The Mage returned the set of kunai to his own pack. "I should be selling these for Nine Mil, you homo..."

My eye twitched. "Such insults are immature and show so much stupidity that you just lost any chance of a sale," I hissed. "Have a good day sir."

The idiot jumped down from the platform we were using to safely talk, and I had to stop myself from following him. The annoyed shouts of a female bandit below told me that he must have been picking up the supplies and money that these robotic Sentinels often dropped.

Why we loved killing them, nobody was sure. It was a waste of potions and mana indeed, but the occaisional stars that they dropped could make you rich. Well, that and the kind amounts of Experience they gave.

"I missed my chance at getting those damned kunai... Again," I chastized myself silently, sitting on the safe platform and watching the Sentinels near the platform float around aimlessly. I sighed and waited for my mana to fully return, checking my outfit and inventory.

I had plenty of Mana Potions, over 400. I also had 300 White potions; All of which I had found stored under the Bar in Kerning when I went to get my job advancement to Assassin... There was an archer coming when I was going, so I assumed the hidden pots had belonged to him. Of course, if someone is stupid enough to hoarde their expensive items somewhere public, they should assume that they're to be stolen. I had two sets of Kumbis which I used most often(both empty, the plastic containers useless in my bag), a set of of Mokbis which I used whenever those ran out (also empty), a set of Tobis for powerful enemies (there were a few left but they'd run out soon enough), and of course my full set of useless Wolbis.

I also carried several ores and minerals with me. Though they were heavy, most were quite expensive. Often I would sit in town with a list of my ore and mineral inventory, and I'd make an average of forty thousand mesos per hour.

For some reason I had a very well-made Red Guiltain Mage's Hat that nobody seemed to want... It was useless to me, of course. I don't even know why I don't just sell it to a shop, I could get a good thirty thousand from it...

Of course there was my trusted Meba, the claw that took forever to get the materials to make; And was just as worth it. The bronzes, coppers and steels fit together perfectly, providing a great defense up and down my arm. But I bought it mainly for its weaponry capabilities. Anybody who's not an assassin always wonders why we require these glove-like weapons to throw shuriken; At the same time they wonder how we can fit so many as a thousand projectiles without having to stop and reach into our pack to pull another one. The answer is simple: There's a little slot on claws on the backfist where one can insert the stars they wish to use...

But the beauty of the Meba, that which made it so aerodynamic, was that the little insert slot was instead on the side. Unlike the other claws, there were seperate parts for each finger. Between the index finger and the thumb was the insert slot, and the stars not in use moved back inside the claw, up to the forearm. It was spring released, so instead of having to tighten my entire fist (as I did with my old Garnier and my Bronze Igor), I only have to twitch my index finger, as if pulling the trigger of a crossbow, to release a star. I still have to swing my arm, of course, to create momentum to get the star moving with deadly force.

Along with the Meba, I wear a Black Guise, a Silver Black Stealer, Dark Silver Stealer Pants and my signature pair of Pink Whitebottom shoes. The shoes clash horribly with my Black-and-Silver clothing and my light-but-not-pale complexion, but I don't mind terribly. They were free, given to me by a rich man dressed in rags who was pretending to be a beggar. I had offered the man two million mesos and he was so suprised he told me of his little plan to cure boredom (dress up like a poor man and sit around begging while you let your accumulated wounds heal) and sent me off with a special pair of shoes. They were light yet thick, and made it very easy for me to jump around or move about.

I checked my Personal ID Card, a digital 4"x 6" touch-screen database of information. It usually stayed in my pocket, but I took it out to check any changes fairly often. Apparantly someone had lowered my Fame, which was no more than a number that the population decided.

Every day every person with an Experience Level of more than Fifteen was given a new Fame to use as they wished. You could raise or lower anyone's fame with it, and they could do the same to you. Me, I prefered offering it to people who cared about it, or at least careed enough to give me fiver-thousand meso per Fame. Personally, I didn't care what my own was at, though it somehow managed to raise itself by at least 20 over the years... Kind people noticing my Charitable attitude who had nothing else to give.

The ID Card had a digital photo of my face as well as my Calculated Statistics. Those were numbers nobody really understood, which measured Strength and Intelligence as well as Dexterity and even Luck. They weren't terrbily accurately named, of course, for though my Luck was over 90, I had not yet found a person who could tell me where to find a set of Ilbis. That and besides Dexterity (at 68) everything else was under 20. I had 14 Strength and yet I could throw stars for hours; Upon that my Intelligence was merely 5.

Insulting as it was, when I discovered only Mages had Intelligence levels of over 100 (the smart as well as the idiot ones) I've begun to believe that the people in charge are either fools themselves or the system has a large... Quite large... Malfunction.

Come now. With only five Intelligence points and a vocabulary like mine you'd be aggravated by the whole deal as well.

According to the ID Card my Level was at 33, with 66 percent done. After a few training sessions, it would become 34 and then I'd have a chance to change my Abilities.

You see, every traveller with a job has special abilities unique to their jobs: When I was a mere Rogue I used up most of my points with two skills called Nimble Body and Lucky Seven. Every level up, you got 3 points to use, and you sent in those points with your ID card. It sent back a note of information and using that information you were able to do new things.

The skill called Dark Sight allowed me to see any natural shadows, and with my supple body I can slip into those shadows and use them as folds of invisibility. Even if I'm in the middle of fighting a smart enemy, if I use Dark Sight I become completely transparent. It uses a good amount of mana, though, so I don't use it terribly often.

Lucky Seven, though, only used fifteen mana points... It allowed me to speed my body and throw two stars at once. I have to swing my arm incredibly fast, though, so though it weakens my mana each star does more damage to an enemy than it would normally.

Nimble Body was completely different from the rest, which seemed to either slow down time permanently or speed my metabolism... It became easier with every point to sidestep any enemy and throw stars at their backs. Even the Zombie Mushrooms, who never stood still for a second, could never find a way to dodge my shuriken.

Ever since I upgraded myself to an Assassin, though, new skills have become available. One was Critical Throw, which sent a large block of text on certain enemies' weak spots. For example, if one aims under the cap of any mushroom it does far more damage that the main part of the cap or on the body.

Another new skill was Javelin Mastery. Along with information on the advanced mechanics of throwing stars (after reading them and applying it, i flet I could throw so much better), the people in charge sent new containers for each of my stars. It's more space-efficient, so it seems every time I give an Ability Point to Javelin Mastery, I could hold 10 more stars per container.

Presently, I was intrigued by an ability called Haste which allowed me to move faster and jump higher, by showing the essentials of aerodynamics. I follow the directions, finely tuning my mind and meditating if i ever need to drastically boost my metabolism.

...At any rate, my Health points had almost reached their maximum of 1173, and my Mana points were nearly half-full at 317. I stood and took out my Halfmoon Zamadar (a gift from an old Chief Bandit friend) and put away my now-useless Meba, cutting my way through the floating spherical robots on my way back up to Orbis.