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"No way! You're coming here?" Kimiko stood near a tree and talked on her phone.

Omi ran up to her. He knelt down and gasped for breath.

"Kimiko, I hardly think this is the time to use that phone cell!" he shouted.

"Cell phone!" Raimundo yelled over his shoulder as he fought off a Jack-bot.

"Sorry Omi!" Kimiko said guiltily, "It's just, my cousin is visiting from Tokyo and she'll be here tonight!"

"Oh that is wonderful news Kimiko! But we are in the middle of something." Omi said as the two turned around.

"Yea, glad you didn't forget about me." Jack said in a smart tone as he emerged from the shadows.

"Now get ready for an old fashioned butt whooping!" he laughed as he pulled out the Tangle Web Comb.

Moments later, he sat tangled up with the comb that had strung him to the tree.
Omi stood underneath him,

"Ha ha. Maybe next time, we will get the chance at the whooping!" he taunted.

Clay tipped his hat and laughed with Raimundo while they made their way toward Dojo.

"Yea? Well, next time…I'll…I'll-" Wuya cut him off.

"Oh save it Jackie, we'll get them next time." She sighed as she drifted past.

Jack stuck his tongue out at her, but was cut loose from the tree and landed on his face with a thud. The sun began to set as Dojo slipped through the sky.

"Hurry Dojo! I want to try to make it home before my cousin gets there!" Kimiko said excitedly.

Jack sat up and rubbed his head.

"Come on Jack. You've humiliated yourself enough. Let's go home." Wuya said.

"Well, maybe if someone wasn't so ghostlike, I could get some real help around here." Jack mumbled angrily.

Just then, his eyes widened and he froze in place. He stuck his arm out to stop Wuya.

"What!" Wuya said, annoyed.

"Shen Gong Wu!" Jack said pointing to the ground.

Sure enough, right in front of them lay a golden medallion with intricate patterns in the center.

"Well don't just stand there! Grab it grab it! That's the Magnifying Medallion!" Wuya said as she began hyperventilating.

Jack reached down to grab it, but when he pulled his hand up, someone else had the other end!

"Ugh, let go!" Said the person.

"Whoa! Who are you?" Jack shouted.

"Ha. I'll tell you if you win the showdown!" The person laughed.

"Right. I'll play along." Jack said.

"I challenge you to a Xiaolin Showdown!" The person yelled.

"Yea, yea. I accept. Now choose your game." Jack answered.

"Try and catch me before I reach that cave." They said, gesturing toward the nearby cave. "I wager my Shroud of Shadows for your…"

"Mantis Flip coin." Jack finished.

"Xiaolin Showdown!" The two opponents yelled.

The landscape began to change. The trees grew three times their size and extremely thick. The rough terrain became jagged and blanketed in shadows. The whole scene was elevated over thirty feet in the air. Jack stood at the beginning of the road and the stranger stood a few yards away. The medallion floated up in the air and disappeared.

"Gong Yi Tanpai!" They shouted to begin.

"Shroud of Shadows!" The stranger yelled, and disappeared.

"Mantis Flip Coin!" Jack shouted, as he flipped the coin in the air.

Jack ran quickly down the path and watched, as a few tree braches would bend here and there. He jumped up on a branch and continued the chase in the trees. They were about 5 yards from the cave, but Jack was gaining on her. Then he stopped. The branches stopped moving. He jumped to the ground and walked for a while. In the forest, he saw something move. The person shot from under a jagged rock to behind a tree. Jack smiled mischievously and jumped into a nearby tree. The person looked around frantically, but saw no sign of Jack. They turned around and ran right into Jack.

"Boo." He said, and tapped them on the shoulder.

The landscape returned to normal and the Shen Gong Wu appeared in Jack's hands.

"So, who are you?" Jack said kneeling down.

The person flipped their hair out of their face. It was a girl! Her hair was blond with blue tips. She had Copper eyes and eyeliner that formed half circles at the tip of both eyes. She wore a black, spaghetti strapped, belly shirt. On one arm was a green mesh sleeve. On the opposite hand, she had a black biker's glove that stretched up to about an inch under her elbow. She had tawny cargo pants with three pockets on each side, stretching down her legs. On her feet were regular black sneakers.

"I'm Kailani Toho." She said, giggling.

"You're hot." Jack said in a daze.

Kailani stood up quickly and backed away from him. Wuya covered her face with a ghostly hand.

"Wait," She said, pulling her hand down.

"TOHO!" Jack and Wuya said in unison.

"As in Kimiko Toho?" Jack asked.

"Yea! You know my cousin!" Kailani said excitedly.