When Kailani reached the temple, she heard Omi talking to the rest of the group.

"This must be the work of Chase Young." He said.

"Who's that?" Kailani asked walking into the room.

"He is the most powerful evil we will ever have to face. Even more so than Wuya." Omi answered solemnly.

"Well, what did he do?" Kailani asked.

"We believe Chase Young is opening a portal that can unleash an army of horrible creatures using the Golden Tiger Claws. I'm not sure how he got them out of the center of the earth, but I'm guessing Jack used one of his robots to get it for him." The group looked at Kailani.

"Whaat?" She said innocently.

"Anyway, we believe this portal is to be opened at precisely midnight tonight." Omi said.

"I'm not so sure if bringing along a friend of Jack's is the best idea. No offence." Clay brought up.

Kailani looked confused.

"In other words, it might be too risky to bring you this time." Kimiko said.

"Oh come on. Just let me watch! I promised Kimmi I'd be there for her." Kailani pleaded.

"Welll…I suppose, as long as she doesn't get in the way." Omi said.

"You'll need to guard our Shen Gong Wu. Jack 'l definitely be there." Clay told her.

Kailani nodded dutifully. She and the Apprentices passed the time by training extra hard to be ready for Chase Young.

"Now remember, the battle is not won by the strong, but by the witty. Or something like that." Master Fung said as his last words of advise.

The group climbed on Dojo and made a beeline for the beach. Sure enough, upon climbing reaching there goal, Chase Young stood atop a cliff and waited for Jack to bring him the Golden Tiger Claws.

"Stay down. Chase Young is most dangerous." Omi whispered.

Kailani's eyes widened. "Look! There's Jack with the Shen Gong Wu!" She said.

"Quiet!" Omi shouted.

Chase Looked over as the group ducked behind a rock.

"Oh no! Where'd he go?" Omi asked when he saw that Chase had disappeared.

The rest of the group sat wide-eyed in fear.

"Uh Omi? Turn around." Raimundo told him.

Omi turned slowly to see Chase standing behind them, with Jack and Wuya close by.

"Well look what we've got here. Do I see a new member?" Chase said sweetly.

He placed his hand under Kailani's chin. She pulled up her foot and gave him a hard gut shot. He stumbled back a couple inches. He stood up and brushed himself off.

"That's Kailani." Jack told him.

"Feisty." Chase replied.

Jack fidgeted a bit.

"You cannot defeat us." Omi said bravely. "We have spent all night training."

"Well, we'll see." Chase whispered.

Moments later, all four Apprentices (and Kailani) sat tied to a tree while Chase slipped on the Golden Tiger Claws. Raimundo twisted around desperately until he was able to pull a pocket knife out of his…pocket.

"Golden Tiger Claws." Chase hissed.

He scratched in front of him. The portal tore open. Chase's evil eyes glimmered.

"Did I do good?" Jack asked, full of hope.

"You've done very well Jack. But there is one last thing I need you to do." Chase said, patting him on the back.

He pulled him up by his collar and shoved him ahead.

"I need a sacrifice to activate this particular portal." He said.

"Uh, you'll bring me back…right?" Jack whimpered.

"Sure." Chase mumbled.

Raimundo sliced open the ropes. Kailani stood up and saw Chase cross his fingers. Jack was a step away from the portal.

"No." Kailani said under her breath.

All they could do was stand and watch. Accept Kailani. She ran toward Jack and froze a step behind him.

"No Jack! Don't!" She yelled.

He turned around and saw her.

"Why not?" He asked impatiently.

"Because…because." She stuttered.

Jack lost interest and began to turn back, when Kailani grabbed his arm.

"Because." Kailani pulled him close to her and kissed him.

He opened his eyes wide at first, then closed them tight and pulled her closer. They stood and kissed as everyone's jaws dropped to the ground. Then the fun started. Chase pulled Jack away from Kailani and threw him toward the portal. Raimundo stepped folward and used his wind to pull him back, just in time.

"Why did you do that!" Omi asked, confused.

"Just watch." Raimundo grinned.

Kailani held an electric guitar. Chase made a dive for Jack again. Kailani shredded a few chords and to most everyone's surprise, Chase was caught in a cloud of blue smoke. It swirled around Kailani's feet. Her hair flew about her as she began to play. Her eyes flashed blue and a bright light engulfed her. She hit one particularly loud note and sent Chase flying into the portal. Kailani dropped the guitar. The portal turned into a sort of vacuum that began to suck in everything. The Apprentices hid behind a tree with Wuya. Jack pulled Kailani to the ground and protected her with his over-coat. The portal finally closed. The Apprentices stepped out and began cheering. Kailani opened her eyes and saw Jack. He leaned down and kissed her again. The skies lightened and everything was good.

"You have not yet seen evil." A voice whispered in Kailani's ear.

Her eyes flicked open.

Wait for the sequel.