The Trouble With Never
By -OthStarlet- aka Katie

Story: Veronica Mars
Pairings: Just have to read and see
Rating: T
Warnings: This contains some bad language.
Summery: Veronica Mars future Fan Fiction. Five years after Veronica Mars mysteriously left Neptune to never return, she is called back home to confront her past and solve a murder.
Disclaimer: I do NOT own Veronica Mars, that pleasure remains Rob Thomas', or any of the characters you recognize, but the rest are mine. I don't really own the plot either, it is based on FallOutGirl13's story "What The Future Holds" though I changed it a bit.
Spoilers: Season 1, some of Season 2 and FallOutGirl13's story "What The Future Holds"
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Authors Note: Veronica was never raped and the bus crash never happened. Season 1 happened, but during their senior year. Lilly was in the same year as she was kept back a year and started school with Duncan. Any thing you need to know to fill in the story will be told in flashbacks that are indicated and in italics. Veronica's thoughts are in italics and are bold. Any questions, just ask.
Title Information: The title of the story is a song by Tim McGraw. Lyrics can be found here:

Chapter 1 - Do You Still Believe In Fairy Tales?

Do you still believe in fairy tales? I don't, at least not anymore. I had always dreamed of having a white knight riding in on a silver horse, sweeping me off my two feet and taking me to our castle far, far away. Reality check. Life isn't that simple.

Today our world is filled with many things that take away the innocence that we keep safe while we are quite young. Death, murder, betrayal, separation, just to name a few. No wonder this fairy tale life I always dreamed about is gone. Life today is too chaotic.

Well, life wasn't as chaotic when I was younger, living in Neptune. In Neptune, you could get your fairy tale. Except, the knight would probably be driving some Escalade or Bentley instead of a horse, and the castle would more likely be a mansion on the ocean. But it was still a fairy tale. My fairy tale ending.

I could always see me there, living my life until I was old and wrinkly. Okay maybe not, that is too scary. But I could see myself married, having children and living there in Neptune. I saw it with two of my boyfriends. Two boyfriends I thought I would always be with. But that blew up in my face now didn't it.

I guess growing up, we almost lived in an alternate universe where everything was perfect, at least to the haves. I did too, growing up at least. But it was shattered when my boyfriend of the time Duncan Kane broke up with me and my best friend, his sister, Lilly was murdered.

Dad was kicked out of office for blaming Lilly's father Jake Kane, the man that made everyone in Neptune rich with his Kane software, for the murder. I lost all my friends and respect, and started to help dad with his private eye office, where I discovered my "calling."

"Veronica?" The brunette walks up toward Veronica's desk and stops right in front watching Veronica stare into space with a glazed look. The brunette smiles, "Earth to Mars, come in Mars!"

Veronica is awakened from her daze and glances up at the brunette, her assistant Michelle, standing in front of her desk holding a case folder. "Yea, Houston, I'm here. What do you need?"

Michelle laughs lightly to herself, referring to the ironic situation of their last names, Houston and Mars. Michelle quickly hands Veronica the folder in her hand. "Here Veronica, you need to sign these forms."

"Alright." Veronica quickly reads them over, signs the bottom and hands the folder back to Michelle before picking up her bag. "I got to go soon. Do you mind locking up tonight?"

"That won't be a problem, boss." Michelle turns on her heel back to the front desk.

Veronica yells back, "Don't call me boss!" As Michelle spins and waves bye to Veronica, Veronica sneaks out the back door and heads toward the subway.

Good old Brooklyn, New York. It might not be the upper-west side, but it is home, sweet, home, somewhere I can hang my hat. The beautiful smell of hot dogs sold by street venders, many violence and gangs, and plus an added bonus of lots of business for a small private eye investigation.

Just smell that city smell. That city smell isn't something that you get in most other cities, you have to come to Brooklyn to smell it. It's priceless. I wouldn't want to be anywhere else in the world. Well, okay a lie. Maybe I rather be somewhere else.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Veronica Mars walked toward her closet, grabbing some clothes and heading back to the bed where she placed them in her brown suitcase. Veronica was so engrossed in packing her bag that she didn't hear her father enter her bedroom. "Veronica, why do you have to go? Stay here, and I can take care of you."

Veronica looked up and stared at her father. "Maybe I don't want you to take care of me dad. I need to do this on my own."

Keith sighed at his daughter. "It was bad enough when you were going to Stanford, but now you are moving to New York."

"Dad, you know I want to stay here but I can't stay here, I can't stay in California. I have to leave, I have no choice."

"But do you have to go across the country?"

Veronica sighs and looks at her father sternly, cursing that he could do this to her, make her feel guilty about doing something she had to do. "If that's what it takes."

"Maybe you should just talk to them, please Veronica."

Veronica spun around, completely forgetting her packing and faced him. "I've made up my mind dad. I'm sorry, but I'm leaving."

"There is no way I can change your mind?"

"No, I'm sorry dad."

"Alright." Keith turns to leave the room but quickly turns back to his daughter. "Just a minute, I want to grab my bags."

Veronica's mouth dropped and she stared at her father. "What?"

Keith smiled at his only daughter and shrugged both his shoulders quickly. "I'm coming with. For now at least."


"I can't change your mind and you can't change mine. I'm coming." He turned from the room, heading toward his own and he missed his daughter's tears form in her eyes.
-end flashback-
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"For now" became a year and still he didn't seem to want to leave until I literally had to drag him out kicking and screaming. But I think he is happy about that now. When he arrived home, he became engaged, married and I gained a stepmother, and two stepbrothers. I was always an only child. That changed quickly.

Don't get me wrong. I love my new family. Wallace and I were great friends when we were seniors at Neptune High as his office aid came in handy with cases. And even in college and now, we talk almost every other day, just to talk. It just seemed weird that I was now going to share my dad with someone else. But if I have to, I'm glad it was Alicia that was finally able to tame him.

Veronica reaches a large apartment building, her apartment building, the setting sun giving it a nice orange glow. She holds onto the taser in her pocket, watching the shadows for any sudden movements. You can never be too careful. She unlocks the front door and takes the stairs two at a time, finally reaching her two-bedroom apartment.

Veronica smiles to herself at all the clutter on the floor. Welcome, Veronica Mars, to home sweet home, mess and all. Veronica walked down the little hallway toward the bathroom and bedrooms when she is stopped by a little voice and a blonde little girl steps out from the shadows.


Did I mention I have a daughter?

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