Epilogue - October 3, 2015

The gentle breeze whistles through the tree branches, rustling the leaves and whips through the blonde hair of a person walking through the graveyard.

She remembers the way, as she travels down this path at least once a week, despite the work load that she has pilled on herself everyday. She carries a small bouquet of orange tiger lilies in her arms and a small picture frame in her hand.

She moves closer and closer to the tombstone, memories flashing through her mind every two seconds. Memories of a time long gone. A simpler time. A time when Lilly was alive.

She sits down on her legs, right up near the tombstone and runs her fingers over the lettering on the tombstone, spelling out Lilly's name. "Hey Lilly."

Veronica tries to smile, but quickly makes it disappear when she realizes that if Lilly was watching her, she probably could see through the fakeness of it. "Wow, Lilly. It's your anniversary today, although you probably don't really celebrate it. Twelve years, twelve years you have been gone and yet, it still feels like it was yesterday."

Veronica sobs silently, letting her tears fall gently down her face. "I miss you Lilly."

"I miss you too, Veronica." Veronica looks up and sees Lilly standing beside her.

She smiles at her best friend. "I was wondering when I would be seeing you again. Haven't seen you in awhile."

"Yea, I know. You haven't really needed my help that much lately, even with the fashion advice. You seem really happy right now Veronica.

"I am. But I still miss my best friend."

"I know. But seriously, who wouldn't miss me, right? I was awesome!" Lilly smiled looking down at the tiger lilies that Veronica had brought.

"That you were Lilly."

"Veronica? Can you tell me about everyone? I watch them but I don't really know what's going on with everyone."

"Who do you want me to start with."

"How about this Wallace guy you always talk about. I don't know him really and he seems to be one of your best friends."

"He is, but he could never replace you." Veronica breathed in and smiled. "Wallace is the basketball couch at Neptune High and his wife Jackie works at the women's shelter that specializes with unwed mothers. Wish I had that when I was a teen."

"Wallace and Jackie just had another boy, Samuel Terrence Fennel. He looks just like Wallace, but then again, so does his first Caleb Mitchell. Wallace loves his boys, including his adopted son Matt, Jackie's little boy. I envy them, they are so in love."

"You are too. I can see."

"You were always very observant when it came to relationships weren't you? It was all boys and pissing off your mother when you were alive, wasn't it?

"Naturally!" Lilly laughed lightly and then turned back to Veronica. "How's Duncan?"

"I think better. If you looked at Meg and Duncan now, you wouldn't believe that they ever had marriage problems. I guess little Blake helped a lot."

"Blake? I thought her name was Lindsay?"

"Lindsay Blake Kane. She informed us that she thought the name Lindsay was too girly and that Blake suited her better. I actually think that was what Meg wanted to call her, but Duncan wanted a Lindsay. Looks like Meg won."

Lilly laughed again. "Donut never won against me, and it looks like he still doesn't win. How's Kane Software doing?"

"Duncan's made it twice as big as Jake did. He keeps trying to get Meg to be a stay at home mother, but she won't hear it. Blake is four now and started school, and I can't see Meg doing anything other then what she is doing now. She loves being a kindergarten teacher."

"It suits her. She must love it. What about Dick and his brother, Beaver right?"

"Cassidy. You are lucky he isn't here and can't see or hear you cause he hates when he is called Beaver."

"He used to have the biggest crush on you!"

"He did not!"

"Did too!"

"Well now Cassidy is married to my friend Mac. They have the cutest kids, Ryan Bradley and Roxanne Lauren. Ryan is so protective of his little sister, and won't let anyone hold Roxanne when he is around, except Mac, not even Cassidy! Roxanne has the bluest eyes and really cute brunette curls. A perfect combination of both of her parents."

"Cute! I'm going to have to see her soon."

"Dick and Gia Goodman, you know, Woody Goldman's daughter, divorced a couple of years ago. I never really saw Dick as a husband or father, but he is a really good one. Lacey is so adorable, although we don't see her that often. Dick moved to Los Angeles last year and has his own club and loves it."

"Seems more Dick than a marriage and kid." Lilly smirked at Veronica and said, "looks like all that is left is you."

"No." Veronica thought for a moment and then replied, "what about Weevil! You wouldn't believe what Weevil is up to now."

"Social worker, married with five children Paige, Felix, Wesley, Emily and Megan. Right?"


"I watch him from time to time. Even talk to him sometimes, although I think he tells himself that he can't hear me. I miss him Veronica."

"I know."

"You know what will cheer me up? If you tell me about your family."

"What do you need to know about my family? I thought you watch me and know what's going on with my family."

"I want you to tell me. I love listening to you."

"Was the opposite when you were alive."

"Well I guess the afterlife changed me."

"Okay. Logan and I were married a few months after our second child Derek Keith was born on August 22, 2011. Kenzie being the first of course."

"What is he like?"

"Logan. He is nothing like me, at all. I guess it was payback for Kenzie being a carbon copy of me. He is a little trouble maker and everything. Him and Blake get into so much trouble that they had to separate them at school."

"Sounds a bit like Duncan and Logan when they were younger."

"That's exactly what it is. It's a bit scary sometimes how much those two remind me of Logan and Duncan."

Lilly laughed as Veronica continued. "Then there is my baby girls. Leah Rochelle and Alexa Lillian born on October 17, 2013. Now those two remind me of you and me growing up. They have identical blue eyes and blonde hair and they are so adorable. They will be turning two later this month."

"They sound so cute. Glad that there will be a second generation of the fab four."

"Well they could never compare to the original. We are a fab six now though. Wallace and Jackie, Duncan and Meg and Logan and me."

"Speaking of you and Logan, how are you anyways? You still the lovesick girl I remember you to be not that long ago?"

"Would you expect anything different? Logan is still an actor although he doesn't really do any movies right now. He is on a television show that is shot right here in Neptune, so he usually has the little girls with him. He spoils them so much. He is writing a novel right now. Almost a biography. Talking about how his girlfriend was killed and the love story between him and his girlfriend's best friend."

"Wow. I'm going to be famous."

"You already were!"

"Now how about you?"

"Me? I stay at home with the kids right now, but probably only until the twins are in school. I still do the random case here and there and I want to open my own private investigating office. Seems appropriate."

"Yea. You are a sneak!"

"I wish you were here, Lilly, with me. I rather that I could share these moments with you, instead of telling you. I wish you were alive."

"I do too. I miss you more then words can say. But you have people who love you there, and you have a guardian angel up here watching over you. Well two."


"Little Lilly's your guardian angel too of course. Ever since you found out who her murderer is and let her soul rest in peace. You did that for both of us."

"Glad to help."

"Don't forget me Veronica Mars!"

"Never." There was a rustle from behind her and Veronica turned to see Logan walk up behind her, her twin girls on each of his hips, one in pink and the other in yellow, followed by a little boy and a young girl.

"Hey Veronica."

"Hey yourself." Logan lets the twins down and they immediately go to sit beside their mother, both cuddling into her sitting on the ground. "Hey babies."

"'ommy, 'hy 'ou 'ad?"

Veronica pulls her daughter Alexa up onto her lap and pulls her close to her. "Mommy misses her friend Lilly, Alexa. That's who you are named for, Alexa Lillian Echolls."

"Wha 'appened?"

"Lilly went to heaven many years ago, before you were born. But she watches over us every single day. She knows how much Mommy loves her three girls and little boy."

"'ommy 'iss 'Illy?" asks Leah sweetly, laying her head down on her mother's lap and yawning widely.


The family of six stood there, looking down at the grave of a long departed soul as the twin girls fell asleep in their mother's arms. Finally Logan reaches down and picks up Alexa, pulling her close to his body before picking up the other one and handing her to Veronica when she stands up.

"Out like a light. They really can sleep anywhere."

"I told you. I've found them both sleeping together in the toy box with all the toys all over the floor. It took me a long time to find them."

Logan laughed before placing a light kiss on her lips. "I love you, Ronnie."

Veronica laughed too, quietly, hopping not to wake the twins as Logan and Veronica walked back toward their vehicle (yellow, of course), Kenzie and Derek following close behind. "I hate it when you call me that."

Logan placed a twin in each of the car seats and made sure Kenzie had Derek buckled in before turning to Veronica again. "I know you do, but I still love you."

"I love you too," replied Veronica and kisses him before he drove away and back to their house in Neptune.

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Veronica and Logan - Married February 14, 2011 - Kenzie Lynne Mars (March 3, 2006), Derek Keith (August 22, 2011), Leah Rochelle and Alexa Lillian (October 17, 2013)
Wallace and Jackie - Matthew Ryan Cook (2004), Caleb Mitchell (2013) , Samuel Terrence (2015)
Duncan and Meg - Lillian "Lilly" Grace (2005, deceased), Lindsay Blake (2011)
Mac and Cassidy - Ryan Bradley (2012), Roxanne "Roxy" Lauren (2015)
Weevil - Paige, Felix, Wesley, Emily, Megan
Trina - Jarred Aaron (2008)
Dick and Gia - Lacey Marie (2009)

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