Well... this is the prehistory of my other story, "Hope". I've decided to turn it intoa long story. Learn how the world change and darkness takes it's turn.


The night was dark and stormy. Everything in the mansion was quiet. His feet slowly creeped over the carpet. After all, he didn't want to wake someone. It was dark as well, he could easily fall over a vase or trip over one of the many stairs he just climbed down. They were high so he still had to use both his legs. The railing was out of his reach. He always complained about that but no one could do anything about it. His father would just say:

"Just be patient, son. You won't always be this small, you'll grow. Just be patient."

He would pout and that was it. He had never been good in being patient. He wanted to grow fast, so that he would be astall as his best friend. The other boy was the same age, just two and a half month older, but much taller than him. It was so unfair… Finally he reached the end of the stairs. The last stair cracked, just like always. He instantly stopped and listened. No sound, no one had heard him. He sighed in relief. His father didn't like it when he was up at this late time. Slowly he creeped forward. Even in the darkness he knew the way, after all it was not the first time he walked it. Then he reached his destination and he could feel himself smile. His small hands reached for the handle. Again his attempt failed. Damn. How he hated being so small. He hardly could do anything on his own. But he tried anyway. After all, he could have grown since the last time he had tried, right? No luck this time. He sighed but then remembered. She always let the door open a little bit… just for him. He loved her even more for that. Slowly and very quiet he pushed the door open and peered inside the room. His smile grew. She was there. She was still awake, just like him. His little face lit up with happiness. As fast as his feet could carry him he creeped over to her.

Mioko was sitting in her favourite armchair and was reading a book. Next to her standing on a table was a small lamp spending her light. She sensed the aura of another being in the room. Her face lit up when her glance fell on two eyes that peered over the chair's armrest. The child was blinking at her with his big blue eyes. She smiled, put her book aside and pulled theboy up in her arms to cuddle him. Her quiet voice was nothing like a soft breath on his skin.

"Why is my little boy still up?"

Her son, almost five year old and her whole pride, closed his eyes and relaxed.

"I can't sleep, Mommy."

The young woman sighed. Her son may be unusual clever and smart and sweet… but he also was hard to be tucked into his bed. Just like his father, he hardly needed sleep. Every night he would just stand up after a few hours to search for an activity. He really was restless. Mioko couldn't help but laugh quietly. So much like his father…

"Well… what can we do about it then, mh?"

She started tickling him and he giggled squirming in her arms. His mother stroked his back.

"Seriously, you have to sleep, my baby. It's not good for you to be up at this late time. You need a lot sleep. Otherwise you will get ill."

His big blue eyes stared up at her in their usual pouting way.

"But Mommy! I have already tried to count sheeps and it didn't work! My music doesn't help, either! It never helps!"

Again Mioko had to laugh making her son pout even more.

"I know, my dear. I know."

She quietly started to sing. He sniffed and placed his head on her chest. He loved hearing her heartbeat. It always helped him to relax, to calm down. Slowly, his eyes drifted close. His mother smiled before gently kissing his forehead. As quiet as she could she stood up and made her way through the warm room.

Suddenly she stopped. Her sense had made out another aura. But this one was different, unknown. Slowly she turned, her instincts were turned on alert. The small boy opened his eyes in surprise when he was pressed tighter against the fabric of his mother's dress. Her body started to tremble.

"Who is there!"

He frowned. It confused him that his mother suddenly was so alarmed. His eyes searched the room for someone… yet he found nothing. Afraid he clutched her dress.


She didn't answer. Her eyes were fixed on the other side of the room, on a spot that the light could not reach. Her voice was shaky.

"What do you want?"

First there was silence. But then a dark voice answered.

"Nothing that you cannot give me."

Red eyes broke through the darkness. Mioko froze. No… this could not be… Slowly, ever so slowly, she walked backwards. Her son was now terrified. The red eyes… they frightened him. His mother seemed to be afraid, too. This was not good… danger… A dark figure stepped out of the shadows. He couldn't make out it's face. Again the dark voice spoke.

"No need to be afraid. I just want the child."

Mioko tensed. No… not her little baby… her mother instinct stepped in making her voice strong and clear.

"No! You won't get him! I won't let you!"

The figure didn't seem to be impressed.

"Fine. Then I'll just kill you both."

Mioko's breath caught.

No… no! Not her baby…

Even in the darkness she could make out the forming of dark energy.
No… no… this couldn't happen… she had to find a way to erase the danger… to get out of this situation… she always had told her husband to let it be… they endangered their son! Her baby…

Wind came up. This was it… his attack…


She couldn't let this happen. She wouldn't.

Quickly she turned around, shilding the small body in her arms with her own. Right before the attack hit it's target.

End of prologue

Okay... First I have to tell you... it was not very hard to write the prolouge. I like writing dark and angsty stories. Also I know how this story will turn out. The problem ist just... I don't know where to begin.I find it hard to write the first chap. Maybe everyone should know each other already... or maybe not? How shall they meet? And who shall end up with whom? I don't know... I just don't know...

I really hope that I will find a good start. Otherwise this story will end as a oneshot. That would bevery sad for all my ideas...help

Ähem... sorry for that.I just don't like discontinued stories. I always haveto finish whatI've started. Anyway, thanks for taking your time and please let me know what you think. Shall I continue? Maybe you can help me...

Bye, your Nico