Chapter I: The meeting

The alarm clock was shrilling loud. He groaned and turned around once again. He had never been a morning person and this day was no exception. So he closed his brown eyes again. So he closed his brown eyes again and slowly drifted back to sleep.



With a loud crash the teenager landed on the ground. The sheets tangled around his body. He groaned but managed to look up at the loud laughter.

"Rock! That's not funny!"

His older brother continued laughing about the whole mess at his feet and finally crossed his arms.

"Well well, little brother. I wouldn't have to do this if you just would stand up on your own. Now come on. Breakfast is ready. Mom's waiting for us."

With that 17 year-old Rock Hikari turned around and left the room of the 16 year old. Netto sighed but stood up anyway. Still half asleep he grabbed his clothes and began to change. With a loud yawn he gave his warm bed one last longing glance before he followed his brother.

In the kitchen he sat down at the table and choked his breakfast down. Eating was his favorite hobby, right after sleeping of course. Rock, who sat right opposite of him, could just stare. The eating manners of his younger brother still amazed him.

"You know… it's much easier if you just chew the food."

Netto simply ignored him. His mother shook her head.

"Rock is right, dear. The way you're eating is not good for you. Eat slower."

Netto glared but obeyed. There was no way he could deny his mother. She could be very stubborn…

Haruka smiled and sat down next to Rock.

"Now tell me… what are my two boys gonna do today? Are you planning to meet your friends?"

Rock's green eyes went from Netto's now more forced eating manners to the smiling woman.

"No. We'll go later to meet dad at SciLab's. He wants to show us his new invention."

Netto nodded and mumbled with his mouth full of food:

"He said it has to do with virtual reality. Isn't that cool?"

Haruka and Rock looked at each other. While the dark-haired teenager shook his head his mother sighed.

"What have I done wrong with this boy? He really has no manners…"

Netto grinned and continued chewing.


Soft tones were ringing through the air. His fingers danced over the keys of his piano. He had no netes- he didn't need them. He just played what his heart told him to. Although his concentration was completely focused on his instrument he still could make out the soft knock at his doorand the quiet steps that were slowly approaching him. He smiled at the familiar presence but continued playing. The other one sat down next to him listening to his music… just like usual. He waited for him to finish his play. Finally the last accord rang out and silence filled the room which was broken when one of the two spoke up:

"You become better and better each day. You're very good."

The other one smiled but still kept starring down.

"Thanks. But you didn't come to pay me a compliment now, right?"

His neighbour chuckled before turning serious again.

"I'm afraid you're right. It's time for the appointment. We have to go."

He sighed.

"Yes, I know. God… I hate this…"

The other one smiled symphatically.

"I know. But…"

"… it's part of the job. I know."

He sighed.

"It can't be changed. Let's go."


"Come on, Rock! Hurry! Dad's waiting for us!"

With that Netto dashed forward and disappeared in the crowd. Rock sighed. Sometimes his brother's hyperactivity annoyed him behind reality. He was more the calmer type. Slowly he made his way through the building, greeting friendly the employes on his way. Soon he reached the offices where he finally caught up with Netto who was already reaching for the door-handle.


The 16 year old startled but turned to throw the other one a questioning glance. Rock sighed.

"It is unpolite to walk into a room without knocking."

Netto growled at the scolding yet obeyed and knocked. But instead of waiting he immediately stormed in. Rock sighed.

"Oh brother…"

He followed the younger boy anyway.

"Hey dad. I know we are early but you know Netto…"

He hesitated. Their father was not alone, he had visitors. Sitting in front of the desk was a dual-haired boy with azure blue eyes. Another teenager was leaning against the wall behind him. His silvery hair fell past his shoulder while his violet eyes were fixed on the two intruders. Somehow his glance made Rock shiver slightly. His father smiled.

"No need to worry, Rock."

He turned towards the teen sitting in the chair.

"I'm sorry for the disturbance. These are my sons, Rock and Netto."

The professor laughed.

"I completely forgot that they wanted to visit me today."

The boy nodded.

"It's alright, Mr. Hikari. We have discussed the details anyway."

He stood up.

"We'll go then. I'd like to hear your decision soon. Goodbye."

Yuuichiro Hikari smiled and took the younger one's hand to shake it.

"Of course. It was nice to meet you. Goodbye."

The blue eyed boy nodded, then turned around to give the other stranger a wink then went to the door and left the room. The silver haired teen threw one last glance at Rock before following him.

Rock frowned. Well… that had been akward… Netto's chocolate brown eyes were glued t the door.

"Who was that, dad?"

The scientist was already back at his desk to dig through his papers and documents.

"… where is it…"



The father looked up just to be greeted with an annoyed glance of Netto. He laughed.

"Sorry, son. I'm quiet busy right now. That was IPC's vice president, Enzan Ijuuin, and…"


Netto gasped.

"But… but… he's hardly older than me! How can he be a vice president!"

"I know he's very young. His father is the owner of the company. Guess that helped with the decision. Also I heard rumors that he is very intelligent and finished school right after a few years to help his father with the company."

Rock frowned.

"And the other one?"

His father turned around to rummage through his desk again.

"I don't know his name. He came with Enzan but didn't say a word. Could be his brother or something…"

Slowly Rock nodded. The two had similarities for sure… He shook his head and placed his hand on the shoulder of his younger brother.

"So dad… you wanted to show us something, right?"

The scientist nodded without turning.

"Sure sure. You'll be amazed…"


"Are you alright?"

"Hugh? Of course. Why do you ask?"

"You kinda zoomed out for a moment. That's not like you. What are you thinking about?"

"… nothing. Nothing at all."

"… really. It's not important. I'm just exhausted. It was a long day after all."
"Yeah… at least that was the last appointment for today. We can relax from now on. Let's just take a walk in the park."

"Alright. If that is what you want to do…"

"That would be nice. The park is always beautiful in the summer. You can relax there. I just hope that everything turns out the way it should…"
"Yeah. Me too…"

End of chap. I

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