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"What is this?" Lady asked, handing Dante a piece of jewelry.

He took it and grimaced. "It's got a spell on it to cause a miscarriage. Old-fashioned curse. Must have done it for practice."

"Can you take the spell off?" The bracelet was real gold. She could get something for it.

"Sorry, Lady. I can spot them but I can't do anything about them. I'm not a sorcerer. You'd have to melt it down."

"Okay." She tossed it into the laundry hamper that held the things they were going to have to do something special with. "This?" The next thing she took out of the cabinet was a black mirror.

Dante hissed and wouldn't touch it. "That thing's got a human soul imprisoned in it."

How many people had her father killed? They had barely started sorting through his things and Dante had already taken the wastebasket they filled with the things that needed to be destroyed out to the backyard where they were going to have a bonfire twice.

The heads and other body parts were going to be taken to the morgue so hopefully the families would at least know what had happened.

So many of the victims were girls her age.

"Black mirrors are used for seeing distant things, sometimes as oracles," Dante explained as she tossed the mirror in the wastebasket, wanting it out of her hands.

"How do you know all this?"

"My mother. She made us learn about the stuff we might run into."

Kalina Ann had taught her daughter how to cook and worked out with her. "What's this?"

He whistled. "Amulet of Karense. Keep that, it protects against burning."

She slipped into the pocket he'd made never run out of room.

She'd never thought she'd see her old house again. She'd never thought she'd work with a demon, yet here they were. Someone had to clean up her father's mess: they certainly couldn't leave this stuff here for the new owner to find. She was going to sell everything she could, to finance her career.

The next time the destroy bin got full she called it quits and went over to carry the bin. Dante was there before her. "I'll carry it." He made it look so easy.

She led the way out to the backyard where the wood was stacked. Dante had dumped all the previous loads on the wood. This load joined it. "Should I light her up, Lady?"

She nodded.

He took out a sword and touched it to the pile, which burst into flames. Flames that turned odd colors and made odd sounds as her father's works were burned.

Dante pulled up two chairs and she sat down, watching the fire. Dante sat right next to her. A little too close, but she didn't want to tell him to move away. She didn't want to hurt his feelings.

He was being so helpful, teaching her and giving her things. The part of her that couldn't get over her hatred of demons told her he was only doing it to get in her pants, that she should send him away before he raped her.

She knew that was unfair and it made her feel guilty that she was thinking things like that about him when he had passed up a job (when her father had destroyed his home and he desperately needed the money), to come and help her clean out her old house.

"I brought marshmallows," he offered.

"Eat something cooked on that?" She stared at him as he shook the bag at her, smiling.

"Why not? It won't hurt you. Come on, Lady. Live a little."

Marshmallows were so childish. But he had found long sticks and he roasted one for her. It was good, she thought as she licked her fingers. "Are you going to make s'mores?"

"I don't like graham crackers," he told her. "If you want, I could pick some up next time I go to the grocery store."

He'd been the one to go and buy all the wood and food. She wasn't going to eat anything from that house. "No, that's okay."

He seemed a little disappointed. But he cheered up as she ate one of the next batch of marshmallows.

They'd had cookouts in the backyard, before.

She reached over and took one of the sticks from Dante. He grinned. "That's better, Lady."

"Why do you care about things like this?" When there were demons out there.

He shrugged. "If you're miserable, then they've won. You don't want to lose, do you Lady?"

Demons fed on pain, "You're right." She gripped the stick tighter.

Dante ate three marshmallows to each one of hers. "What?" he asked when he caught her looking at him.

"Is there… some reason why you're eating so much?" Men ate more, but…

"Yeah, my metabolism's crazy." He swallowed another marshmallow. "'S why I drink tomato juice instead of water, when I can."

"Oh." There was silence for a while, bar the flames and Dante eating.

It was strange. He seemed so human. He was kind, unselfish even, giving her blue orbs that he needed as well. But there were so many things about him, little things, that reminded her he was not human.

No, that was unfair, he was half human. He'd had a mother once.

Her eyes kept glancing at him.

Part of that was her hormones.

It was probably yet another demon thing. There were succubi and things that fed on lust, right? It wasn't deliberate, he wasn't trying to control her. He wouldn't do something like that.

But even though he had the face of an angel she shouldn't be this attracted to him. It had to be some power.

The thing was, when she hated him she could ignore it, let it fuel her hate even. Now that he was right here next to her, and he was so kind after she'd broken his heart, it was very hard not to reach out.

Under that grin there was some sadness in his eyes, there because of her. He didn't think he had a chance, and being around her made him suffer, but he was still helping her.

She hadn't thought it was possible for a demon to be that unselfish. She hadn't thought it was possible for a demon to love.

He'd fallen in love with her because she was brave and strong. He respected her. It certainly wasn't for her looks: with her mismatched eyes and scar she was no prize. But she was beautiful in his eyes.

But she had a mission, to eliminate every last demon, and she couldn't let anything stop her, not even love. But then, he wouldn't try to stop her fighting, would he? He'd laughed as they fought side-by-side. She thought he found her most beautiful then.

She'd never even had a real boyfriend, and now… it was probably just crushes. They'd been in the wrong place (no one should have been there) at the same time and it had been a very long and dark night. They'd both lost someone.

She wanted him to hold her and comfort her as much as she wanted him to kiss her. She wanted to comfort him.

He seemed like a child now, watching his marshmallows, and she smiled at him. "Dante."

"Yeah, Lady?"

What should she say now? She wanted to tell him to go away, because even though things would be hard without him here it was hard with him here. She'd thought her heart had died with her mother. Now it was beating again and she didn't know what to do.

"Dante, um… How long are you going to stick around?"

"As long as you need me, Lady." He said it nonchalantly. "Why? You can't be tired of me so soon. I haven't even teased you!"

"No, I'm not tired of you. I was thinking, there's a lot I don't know. I probably would have sold that bracelet to a pawn shop and some woman would have bought it and never had children. Do you want to… Instead of me starting up my own shop, do you want to work together?"

"You mean it?"

"Yes." She looked at her stick.

"Thanks, Lady. It would have taken me a long time to save up again."

"Well, my father owes it to you. It's his money." Was his money. It still didn't feel real that he was dead, not completely. Her mother finally avenged.

"It's yours, Lady."

She shrugged. "We could work together."


"You don't like the idea?"

"No, it's just been a while since I had a partner." His eyes were shadowed for a second. "Sure, Lady. Thanks."

"Thank you, Dante." And maybe, maybe when she was around him every day she'd be able to… either she'd get over this crush or she'd work up her courage to apologize for turning away from that kiss.

She regretted it so much. Had that been her only chance?


"Dante, do you want one of my marshmallows?" She took the top one off the stick and held it out to him.

"Sure." He took it, and their fingers stuck together for an instant.