Hello everyone! Well this is my first DNAngel yaoi type fic so please review and Tell me what you think!

Title- Hoi Ni Ochittamo which is japanese for "just fell in love"

Rated- T cause I'm not good a rating T.T

Warning- There will be shounin-ai or yaoi or whatever you want to call it so if you don't like dont read!

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The sun was sinking over the horizon. A light breeze drifted through Satoshi Hiwatari's blue hair. He sat back into the swing and let his head fall back onto the cold rusted chains as he swung back and forth. Krad had been even more persistent than usual. He closed his eyes. Thinking about just the other night gave him a headache.


"Nooo!" The pain searing through Satoshi was unimaginable. He screamed as the sound of tearing flesh was masked by the sound of hundreds of feathers surrounding him. "Don't let it be any harder than it has to be Master Satoshi." Krad's smooth, cold voice rang in his ears but he could hardly hear them. Satoshi closed his eyes. He couldn't fight back anymore the pain was too great, he fell into darkness. Into a world where he felt and knew nothing butpain

End Flashback

Pulling himself up, Satoshi walked back into the large, mansion he called hom. Inside the emptiness seemed almost eerie as a clock somewhere far off ticked away. The railing of the stairs was cool to the touch as the young chief commander ascended up them. His father rarely stayed home anymore and if he was home then he really wouldn't notice for they never talked anyway. Not that he minded, because usually when he and his father did chat it wan't the most pleasant of conversations.

Satoshi pushed the door to his room open and plopped down onto his bed, wincing from the bruises on his back. He relaxed his throbbing head against a pillow when he heard his cell phone ring.


"Commander Hiwitari, we got another warning letter from Dark. He'll be stealing the Yuumei Wings Pendent at 9:00pm at the Sunnen Art Museum."

Satoshi glanced at the clock. It was 8:04 already."

"What the hell took you so long to call me!"

"Well considring you injuries from last time we thought you might want to rest and sit this one out."

"I'm fine. I'll be there in 15min. Start double checking the security systems."

"Yes sir."

He hung up.

"Damn that Saehara, I'll never get anything done now."

He pulled his sneakers on and rushed out to door. He called a car around, climbed in, and told the driver to step on it. On the way there, Satoshi couldn't help but notice the strange feeling coming up his back and through his very heart. Something was going to happen tonight, something big, he thought. Deep down, inside a dark cavern of Satoshi's mind sat Krad, smirking broadly among himself. For he, also, felt something big would happen that night.