Hoi Ni ochittamo

Chapter 9

Last Time…

"Daisuke…" She struggled to say. "Ru…Run." After she had said this a white mist fell over her eyes.

"What's wrong?" Daisuke walked toward her but she grabbed his shoulder, digging her nails into his skin.

"Owww!" He yelled and jumped back, holding his shoulder. The Second Hand of Time smirked, and began to run towards him…

Daisuke fell to the floor and clenched his eyes shut preparing for a fierce attack that never came. He opened his eyes slowing and looked up. There Dark stood, holding a glowing feather in front of him. The second hand of time was lying motionless on the floor. Dark quickly turned around and knelt next to Daisuke.

"Are you okay?" He asked looking at the wound on his former tamers shoulder.

"I'm fine Dark." Daisuke looked up at the amethyst eyes. "Thank you."

Dark smiled and Daisuke yelled.

"Dark behind you!!" Dark spun around and standing there was the second hand of time running straight towards them.

"It's not really my style to hit a lady but you're really pushing it." Dark said and jump towards her and grabbed both her wrists. He nearly let go for a moment because of the intense magical energy radiating from her.

"What is this…it feels so dark and evil"

The second hand of time smirked and lifted Dark up while he was still holding on to her wrists and threw him across the room. Then she turned slowly were Daisuke was and lying. Just before she could touch him Dark came up from the side and punched her right in the face throwing her away from Daisuke.

"Listen lady you better not lay a finger on my Daisuke again or I swear I'll kick your ass." Dark blinked twice and he realized what he just said.

"Great…Why can't I keep my big mouth shut?"

Daisuke stood up and looked unbelieving at Dark.

"Did he just say…?"

But there was no more times for thoughts because the second hand of time was getting up again.

Satoshi's House

"Where are you going Satoshi?" It was vary early in the morning and the sun hadn't even risen yet.

"I'm wasting too much time here. I've got try and help Daisuke anyway I can." Satoshi grabbed his jacket and was heading for the door. "There may be a chance...but only if I hurry…but with that painting gone I'm not sure… " He mumbled to himself as he went out the door when Krad grabbed his shoulder.

"Please, let me fly you wherever you want to go. You're still hurt after all." It still caught Satoshi off guard to hear the sincerity in Krad's voice.

"No really I'm fine. You should just stay here; this won't take long." He hurried out the door and started off with Krad looking after him. Like he would ever let Satoshi go off on his own in his condition. Krad stretched out his wings and began to fly high over Satoshi, keeping an eye on him, while thinking to himself.

Never had Krad thought that something from this earth could make him feel like he had a reason to live. What would happen if he caught Dark, and killed him? What would be his purpose any longer, or would he also die. Krad looked down at the young Hikari walking below him and memories flooded his mind; Memories of dark times, blood, tears, and his first tamer, Katsumi Hikari. Krad shook his head at those memories but couldn't stop the feeling of sadness that they brought up, and for some reason he hoped that the past wouldn't repeat itself.

"This is pointless…something is controlling her." Dark said

"Wha…What are you talking about?" The second hand of time smirked.

"He is correct; the second hand of time is no longer here." The light airy voice of the Second Hand of Time was gone, and replaced by a low, smooth voice of a man. The person smirked. "I am the Mirror of Echo's." The imposter bowed deeply. "It's a pleasure to make your acutance." Dark looked shocked. "Did you say…Echo?"

"Ah so you have heard of me? No surprise, seeing has how you're the famous Phantom Thief, Dark!"

Satoshi climbed the last few steps of the tower and stepped inside. There in front of him, was the wedge of time, a golden sword, chained to the ground. He didn't know why but the aura around the wedge of time seemed different, like the very essence of darkness. It seriously unnerved him, but he reached forward anyway to unchain it. Before he could touch it a hand from no where grabbed Satoshi's wrist, stopping him.

"What the…" He looked up and saw Krad standing beside him, staring intently at the sword.

"Don't…touch it. Something is very wrong here." Krad continued to stare at the wedge of time. "I haven't felt an aura like this since…."

"What did you do with the second and of time and Freedert?!" Daisuke asked.

"I just gave them what they wanted…freedom. In return, I have taken control of this place. The only thing holding the second hand of time together now is darkness..." Daisuke looked outside through the window to see that the snow had turned pitch black.

"…and when I leave, this whole world will fall to pieces, with you along with it."

"Why you…" Dark began to run towards him but Echo was to fast and was quickly out of the way and behind Daisuke in an instant. He rapped his arms around Dai's shoulders, holding him into place.

"You certainly are a beautiful boy…" The voice of the second hand of time was back but Echo was still in control. He traced a finger along Daisuke's chin up to his ear where he whispered in the man's voice, "You would be even more beautiful tainted with darkness."

"What are you talking about? This could be the only way to save Daisuke!" Satoshi reached forward again, to grab the handle.

"No!" Krad grabbed the sword before Satoshi had a chance and instantly felt something pulse through him.

"Not…again." He struggled to say and fell to his knees, still holding tightly to the sword.

"Krad! Krad what's wrong!" Satoshi tried to reach for him but Krad yelled.

"Don't come near me!"

Echo smirked broadly and the dark mist began to fade from what looked like the second hand of time's eyes.

"Sorry to leave so suddenly but it seems something has just come up. We'll meet again soon Phantom Thief…That is if you survive." The voice faded and the second hand of time fell to the floor, letting go of Daisuke as it did. The whole castle began to shake and the world outside the window looked almost as if it were melting.

"Dai, come on we got to get out of here!" He tugged on Daisuke's sleeve but he wouldn't move.

"What about her?" Dai went over to the Second Hand of Time to see if she was awake.

"Forget it Daisuke there's nothing we can do now!" With plenty of protest Dark managed to scoop Dai up in his arms while at the same time pulling out a feather that glowed deep purple, and the world around them melted into darkness.


Mr.Hiwatari sat at his desk, holding a mirror in his hands. It was round with a beautiful silver frame and very delicate silver vines weaving along the handle with bright blue jewels incrusted in it, almost resembling very small roses. As he stared into the mirror, his reflection did not stare back, but rather complete blackness, and a strange white mist.

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