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Chapter 1: In the garden

Loveless was the word that was etched across every available space. Arranged and re-arranged the word had possibly 1000 different meanings even more incomprehensible than the last.

A shinigami was trapped into the word, bound ,and wrapped around it. Strangling the life or death if the less became less and left the word love. Love was a killer and curse, sweet but bitterly lethal, a kiss from an asp. There was no way to escape the vines the entangled his arms his hands, his head. Today was the day that would change.

"Ryuk camera's" Light muttered as he came in through the door, barely audible as he dropped his nap sack on the bed; where he was located and hidden under. An apple rolled from the sack, the carvings of rearranged "loveless" on the bottom of the bed reflected in the red sheen. He picked it up gingerly looking at his reflection.

I'm getting fainter everyday, I have to do it now!'

"Light" said Ryuk "we have to go out"

"Not now" he hissed back with flawless ventriloquism

"Please, just this once….I need an apple"

"But I just gave you one, and you know how dangerous it is these days."

"but I really NEEEEEEEED one"

"Fine." He got up and picked his jacket "MOM" he called down the stairs "I FORGOT SOMETHING AT SCHOOL I'M GOING OUT!"

"OKAY" she called back.

Light went down the stairs and swung out the door. He headed toward the park, a mist was building up, one with a mind to blot and blink out the rest of the air so visibility was a thing of the past. Ryuk followed. He was nervous.

what if he doesn't accept it? what will happen to me……………

They walked through the town heading towards the park. "Hurry up Ryuk" light called behind him his back turned, "we'll miss the vender if we don't walk faster." But Ryuk couldn't move any faster, he was frozen to his very core. And then they entered the park….

Trees swayed around them, not a soul in sight , as the wind whistled blowing papers and candy wrappers. "well I hope your happy Ryuk" Light spluttered out again when they got to the vending corner. "The Apple vender went home a long time ago, and you made me walk about in this mess for nothing!"

"amusing" Ryuk mumbled


"nothing, it just dawns on me sometimes how entertaining you humans really are."

"well next time keep your comedy enlightenments some where inside or during sunny weather, what a stupid prank!"

"there are apples over there" Ryuk whispered pointing at a black tree crouched

over the grass, that Light had never noticed before.

"That thing actually produces fruit?"

"yes those apples are usually right in season about now."

"well I'll believe it when I see it, that tree looks like it was a florists Frankenstein."

"check for your self."

Light walked over to the tree. It got even smaller as he walked closer but it's presence became even more ominous and foreboding. And it did have apples. A lot of apples, the deepest red Light had ever seen. So red they were almost black, and didn't show up very well in the half light.

"Well there you go….just what you were looking for.." he said again a bit un nerved. Ryuk glided toward the tree his luminous eyes seemly even bigger than normal. He took an apple from the tree and examined it.

"flawed." he threw it over his shoulder

"Ouch, watch where you through those things." light exclaimed as Ryuk continued to throw a cascade of "flawed" apples at him and ground while his back was turned, still searching for more.

"picky, picky, come one we don't have all night, I need get home." he said after about 10 minutes. But then Ryuk was still, he turned around holding a large jewel like apple in his hands.

"Sorry about bringing you out here, why don't you have an apple to make up for it?" he extended his clawed apple filled hand to Light.

"A prime pick if I do say so my self."

"Wow Ryuk, thanks I didn't know you could be so….so…thoughtful…." light frowned.

Oh no what if he figured it out!

"Hey I'm going to end up watching you die one way or another." Ryuk found himself saying "So it's the least I can do."

"Thanks" said light again sarcastically "what a great friend!" He bit into the apple. Ryuk watched with bated breath, Light eating the apple seemed to fill the whole world.

"Ryuk what's the matter? You look like you've seen a ghost." He took another bite. More than half the apple was gone. "Aren't you going to have one?" Light voiced again "I mean it is the whole reason we came out here in the first place."

"Good idea." Ryuk answered. He had almost forgotten. He too picked a perfect apple similar to the one Light was eating and hastened to eat it, timing the bites so that he matched Light's. Light fortunately wasn't paying attention, because normally he would have noticed, but was looking over his shoulder.

"Ryuk" he mouth more quietly as he chewed, "I think we're being followed, there's man over there behind that building that wasn't there before when we first came."

"mmmmmm" said Ryuk swallowing the last bite as Light did. "yeah I think we should go common….we….er…don't want to get into any trouble."

"your normally not so jumpy, what's gotten into you Ryu-" but Ryuk pulled Light away down the street covering Light's mouth. When they had gotten safely into an alley-way, and Ryuk had removed his hand Light nearly exploded.


"yes yes I think I might be." murmured Ryuk as he looked up at the moon.


"please be quiet just now, it'll be less painful for you if you have your mouth closed."

"WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT! wait a second…..have you been eating the dish detergent again?"

"No, I'm just getting my "just desserts", that was my last apple. I'm sick of healthy food, and dish detergent." Ryuk smiled a wry smile, one that light didn't like at all.

"B-but I though you liked apples?"

"Oh just biding my time, until I could sink my teeth into a more favorable position." Ryuk smiled that horrible smile again, and float a couple of steps away anchoring himself on the ground. "Light do you have the time?"

"It's 7:00" he replied starting to back away. But it was too late. He watched in horror as Ryuk's eyes began to change. Their luminous yellow was fading to dusky gold, then green, then a dark emerald, then finally a sky blue. Smaller and rounder with thick lashes, all the while his skin was becoming lighter, his body more angular and straight, his hair from iron like spikes to soft cowlicks.

Light was starring at a identical twin of himself, well almost anyway. He certainly didn't have black hair or wear such tacky clothing, but it was still picturesquely frightening.

"Look down at your hands Light." said the new Light.

Light looked down. His hands were black and jagged claws. He screamed and the world went black as the pupils of mirror image light standing in front of him.