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Yah're rich, going tah the best boarding school in the country and have a lot of good friends…so what can go wrong? Forh one, mah boyfriend just dumped meh tah have a secret affair with mah arch rival. Two, mah best friend denies the obvious attraction between her the school player. Three, my new friend is plahing cat and mouse with the school's Aussie and tah make matters worse there's somekinda of chemistry between meh and my rivals new boyfriend…could things get any worse? Of course thay can…and will. (Romy, Jonda, X-ietro, Amarto, Jubilay and others)

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OoOoOoOo Rebellious Hearts OoOoOoOo

OoOoOoOo Chapter 1 OoOoOoOo

/You're keeping in step

In the line

Got your chin held high and you feel just fine

Cause you do

What you're told

But inside your heart it is black and it's hollow and it's cold/

She moved her head to the beat of the song; her lips slowly mumbled the words of the song while she let it take her to another place. A less shitty place then where she was now…school.

A brand new start to another year in hell.

'Ah can't believe that asshole…It's the beginning of the school year and he planed tah do this now. Why the hell couldn't he have done this during the summer…why the hell does it have to be her…she's gonna pay…ah don't know how or when…but she will and that's a promise…'

She stopped singing along with the music and closed her eyes. It really hurt that he left her…it hurt her more that he had left her for that stupid bitch that always got what she wanted…but she wouldn't cry. They weren't worth it…

OoOoOoOo Flashback OoOoOoOo

"Hey Scott," Anna Marie Darkholme greeted and got on her tiptoes to give her boyfriend a peck on the lips.

Scott moved away before her gentle lips could make contact with his. "Hey…listen…we need to talk."

Anna looked at him oddly; she could feel something was wrong. "What? Did someone die or is sumeone hurt? What is it?" she asked.

Scott looked at her and closed his eyes, "Anna…you know you're great…and I loved out time together but…"

Anna's eyes widened, "WHAT? Scott are yah trying to break up with meh?"

Scott sighed, "Look you know we haven't been happy for a long time…I just think we'd be happier if you know we went our seper…"


Scott rubbed his cheek since it was burning and looked a bit red. "What they heck did you do that for?" he yelled.

"Don't act fucken innocent with meh…do yah think ah'm stupid or sumething? Ah know why yahr doing this…it's forh her isn't it?" Anna yelled and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he answered and tried pulling away.

"Don't lie to meh" she snorted at him.

Scott got his hands and put them on hers and forced them off him, "Look I know this is messed up but I'm sorry…it's over." He then let her go and walked away.

Anna watched him go and her eyes narrowed.

OoOoOoOo End Flashback OoOoOoOo

She closed her eyes tighter grabbed the pillow on her bed and screamed into it not noticing the soft feet approaching up the stairs. She finally noticed though when the volume on the Stereo went down and she heard the song being sung by a feminine voice.

"Just how deep do you believe? Will you bite the hand that feeds? Will you chew until it bleeds? Can you get up off your knees? Are you brave enough to see? Do you want to change it?"

Anna Marie Darkholme opened her eyes and looked at the intruder of her thoughts. The younger girl in front of her danced like crazy around the bed she was lying on while almost shouting the words to the song. Anna stared at her expressionless until the song ended and the girl propped onto the bed.


"Hey," Anna answered and looked at her carefully. "Nice hair…did your dad kill you?"

Laura Lex Howlett smirked, "Obviously not if I'm here," she answered as she twirled her finger through her hair. Her usual brown hair was now a midnight blue all over except three inches at the bottom which were a dark black color.

"He bitched about how disappointed he was and blah blah blah but he'll get over…eventually. So how was your summer?"

"Don't ask," Anna mumbled and buried her face in the pillow.

"Wow, you missed me that much? I feel so honored," Lexa stated and wiped away a fake tear. After not getting any response she looked at Anna's hair. Her white streaks were hardly visible as she kept her head in the pillow.

"Can you breathe down there?" she asked and after not getting any response she grabbed some of Anna's reddish brown hair and pulled it up.

"OW! That hurts yah know."

"Just making sure you're alive," Lex answered and let go. "What happened?"

Anna sighed and turned herself around to face the ceiling, "Scott dumped me…"


Anna turned to Lex waiting to see a shocked expression on her face but instead found that she hadn't reacted at all.

"Is that all?" she finally asked. After seeing her friends annoyed look Lex sighed, "Ya I know it was a bitchy thing to say…but I never thought he deserved you anyway. So why did it happen?"

Anna's eyes narrowed, "Her…" she snapped.

Lexa's eyes widened a bit too, "He actually confessed?"

"No, but yah know ah'm not stupid."

Lexa nodded and got up off the bed and smirked. "Well I got some juicy gossip for you."

Anna perked an eyebrow, "Yah've been here 5 minutes and yah already have gossip?"

"There's like a bunch of girls in the hallway and I just happened to have great hearing as I passed them. Anyway...funny you should say that Scott dumped you for Jean when I just heard that…"


"Well that Ms. Jean Grey is dating the football's MVP."

"Scott joined the football team?" Anna asked puzzle.

"No you dolt, that one guy who's really popular…what's his name," Lexa closed her eyes and though for a while, "It's…Remy Lebeau he's know as the footballs MVP."

"Remy Lawho?" Lexa rolled her eyes at Rogue. "Anyway…how can she be dating him if ah'm sure that Scott left meh forh her?"

"You sure?"

"110 percent."

Laura Lex sat back down at the edge of the bed with a thoughtful gaze. "Honestly I can only think of one explanation…she's playing them both…the only think I don't know how to explain is…how is she going to play Scott when her relationship with the MVP is public news and it's already spread like wild fire even though it's the first day back…:

Anna looked around pondering the same thing and then it hit her, "He knows…"


"Scott knows she's with the other guy…ah mean…one of them's got tah know…and Scott is low enough to do sometang liahke this…he likes her enough to share her…" she answered bitterly.

"See aren't you happy you guys are over now?" Lexa asked happily. Anna glared at her. "Ok Ok stop looking at me like that. I'll stop being happy for you…so what are you planning to do?"

"What do yah mean?" Anna asked innocently.

Lexa rolled her eyes. "I know you bitch…and that's because I think the same way you do and right now I think you wanna do something vengeful."

"Meh!" Anna yelled out as if she was in shock, "Nevah…" she finished with a smirk. "Actually Ah don't know what ah'm gonna do yet…but this new information definitely will lead meh in the right direction," she stated. "Mahbe ah should meet Jean's new guy…" she mumbled to herself.

Lexa smirked, "What if I told you that I know where he's at…right now?"

Anna looked up at the younger girl, "What?"

Lexa kept smirking but walked down the stairs of their dormitory.

Their dormitory was huge, at the bottom there were four beds with their own drawers and mirrors. Then there were stairs that led to another bed, kind of like a private room, which Anna seemed to have claimed since all her bags where on the bed.

"Hello? Ah asked ya a question," Anna yelled and looked over the rail of the balcony as Lex stopped in front of a mirror.

"Nothing, I just said that I know where Jeans boyfriends' at and I think we should go see him…" she answered as she looked in the mirror. After straighten out her dark blue tube top she pulled her black short shorts down at bit. Anna stared at her thinking about it and walked down towards her a couple minutes later.

"How do yah where he's at?" she finally asked as she watched the younger girl fix her hair.

"I heard some girls talking about it outside…" Lexa answered as she brought her hair from the center of her head back and held it with a clip while the rest caressed her shoulder nicely.

Anna watched her carefully and perked an eyebrow, "Are yah into this guy?"

"What?" Lexa asked with shock and turned to look at her.

"Are yah into this guy?" she asked again.

Lexa looked at her like she was crazy, "What makes you think that?"

"Well yah're fixing yahreslf up so…ya…"

Lexa rolled her eyes, "It's not a crime to want to look good," she answered and went back to the mirror. "Anyway…I wouldn't got after anything that's belonged to that slut…and I've never actually met this guy…I've heard things about him though and seen him around."

"What do yah know about him?"

"He's a senior…the footballs MVP…pretty cute…known to be a ladies man...and that's all I know." Rogue nodded and looked at the floor wondering if she should go, before she could make up her mind though she felt a hand grab her wrist and heard an enthusiastic "LETS GO!" and was dragged out of the room.

OoOoOoOo Elsewhere OoOoOoOo

The pen tapped on the long table. His eyes scanned the students passing by, none of them even looking their way. He rolled his eyes and suddenly his head fell down to the table with a long 'BAM'.

Remy Lebeau looked to the side and rolled his eyes, "Mon ami…I kno ya bored but tat's only gonna mess up yo head…"

"Don't you mean mess it up more than it already is?"

Remy smirked while Pietro Maximoff laughed. John Allerdyce glared at them both before flipping off Pietro who was sitting next to him. Pietro glared at John and they both started bickering. Remy was sitting a couple yards away and watched in amusement.

"y don't ya girls stop and do wat we suppose ta be doin?" he yelled at them.

Both younger boys stopped and looked at the passing students again.

"This is gay…why the hell are we doing this?" John asked.

"Because they chose us to be 'ere. De main office must tink we're really great if tey want us to 'andle transfer students and any question students 'ave," Remy answered intelligently.

Pietro rolled his eyes, "Bull-shit," he answered. "Didn't your bitch sign us up for this?" he asked annoyed. Before Remy could answer a shadow appeared on John and Pietro making the three boys look over to the new presence.

"Is this the student transfer table?" a feminine voice asked with a smirk.

Pietro's eyes widened, "Oh hell no…"

"Oh hell yes," the girl answered and took a seat in the chair in front of John.

John looked at her from head to toe and wondered how Pietro knew her. "Ya this is the student transfer table…can we help you?" he asked as he watched her.

"Ya…I'm transferring," she answered.

"Ok, name?" he asked while Pietro glared at her.


John looked up at her and then at Pietro and then back to her.

Pietro kept glaring at her but then turned to Remy, "Remy…can we refuse transfer students?" Pietro asked.

"Je ne sais pas…maybe," Remy answered and turned to the girl. She had black shoulder length hair with red tips. Her pants were black and she was wearing a corset top that was black and red.

"Great!" Pietro answered and said, "We have the right to REFUSE YOU…goodbye have a good day…don't come again…"

Wanda's jaw dropped, "You can't do this?" she yelled.

"I think I just did…"

Wanda opened her mouth to yell at him some more but stopped when she felt her cell phone vibrating. She took it out of her pocket and looked at the caller id, when she saw who it was she smirked at Pietro.

"Hi Daddy…" Wanda answered as she perked an eyebrow at Pietro who cursed under his breath. "Ya I'm trying to get that all set up now…but there's a problem…the guy in charge of the transfer stuff is a major ass…" as she finished her statement making Pietro quickly reached up and snatched the phone away from her.

"Hello…dad? Ya it's me…how's it going? Ya, she found me…I didn't know my lil sis would be joining me this year at school. You wanted it to be a surprise…aww dad you shouldn't have…"

Wanda rolled her eyes at her brother's change in attitude. She then looked at the boy in front of her. He's blue eyes were on her as if he was trying to figure out something about her. She almost felt like asking him if he had a staring problem but instead looked at the paper in front of him where he had written her name.

She grabbed it and looked it over, it asked for personal information so she filled it out knowing that Pietro was going to be forced to accept her now. She handed the paper back to the orange haired guy who had kept his eyes glued on her and then looked back up to Pietro.

"Ya…don't worry…I'll make sure she gets in dad…bye…" Pietro hung up and then glared at Wanda. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Don't give me attitude…I didn't want to come here asshole."

"Then WHY are you HERE?"

"Isn't the answer obvious?"


"Of course…I actually just found this out this weekend."

"Why didn't you refuse?"

"You think I didn't? Of course I did but then he threatened me by saying he'd take away my allowance, my credit cards, my car, he'd stop paying my tuition...anyway doesn't matter anymore. Just get used to seeing my face…" she told him with a grin as her hand reached over and grabbed John's which was holding on to an 'approved' stamp. She held on to his hand, lifted it up and dipped it in ink and then harshly slammed it on her paper. Her hand stayed on John's as he looked curiously at her, she then smirked and let go. They all then looked at her paper which now read approved in bright orange ink, before either of them could say anything else about the matter though they heard a loud…

"HI! Is this student services table?"

Remy looked up at the sudden interruption. A girl with hazel eyes and blue hair stood in front of him.

"Oui…can I help ya"
Lexa smiled and didn't say anything but waited for Anna to catch up to her.

Anna rolled her eyes as she started to approach the table. She had started studying Jean's boyfriend from a far and had to admit that he looked good from a distance, only question was would it be the same from up close. As she got closer she noticed someone with silver hair that made her smirk.

'So that's why yah were making sure yah looked good…' She thought to herself while she looked at the sapphire eyed teen who was staring at her blue headed friend.

"Ya actually…we…um…MY FRIEND has a question," Lexa stated and smiled sweetly at Anna who had just arrived.

Anna looked at Lexa puzzled, 'what question?' she thought to herself.

"Ok…" Remy started up at both girls. It got awkwardly silent after that so Lex gave Anna a nudge in the ribs winning her a glare.

Anna sighed and sat down in the chair in front of the long table. "Yah…uh…the problem is that…last year we had three senior roommates and ya their gone so we were just wondering how the process of getting new roommates goes…" she stated while mentally hitting herself for such a lame question.

Remy nodded and stared at the girl in front of him. She was very paled skinned, reddish brown hair with two white stripes as bangs. Her voice had a southern drawl to it that made her seem innocent but her outfit spoke other volumes.

She was wearing a small black skirt which looked quiet sexy on her since she had started crossing her legs showing quite a bit of thigh. Her tank top was a dark green color and was held up by two thick straps while the collar went into a deep v shape showing the top part of her cleavage.

Anna perked her eyebrow at him since he still hadn't answered the question.

"Uh well the process is quite simple," he started and racked his brain to remember what he had read about the topic earlier. "If there' someone you meet around this time then you can go ahead and request them as roommates and than just get it approved. If you can't think of anyone than you'll get assigned new roommates."

"Oh…well that sounds easy enough," she answered while he got a pamphlet out and showed it to her. Anna nodded as Remy leaned in towards her to show her specific things.

Lexa watched them and smirked, 'First impressions say a lot,' she thought to herself noticing how awfully close their heads were.

Wanda stared at the new girls a couple of feet from them. She squinted her eyes and put her head at an angle as she stared at the blue haired one. She seemed awfully familiar…but she couldn't quite place why…

Pietro on the other hand looked at the blue haired beauty and then at his sister with a nervous look on his face. John noticed this and gave him a questioning look.

As if a brick had hit her Wanda suddenly seemed to place the familiar face, "Laura Lex!"

Lexa looked to the side briefly meeting familiar sapphire eyes before looking at the girl that had called her name. She stared for a minute without saying anything and than… "Wanda?"

Wanda nodded and the both did something way out of character and screamed while going towards each other and giving each other a quick hug. Anna pulled away from Remy and the pamphlet and watched the other girls.

"What are you doing here?" Lex asked pulling away.

"I'm transferring here…but I didn't know you came here…"

"You didn't?"

"No," Wanda answered shaking her head.

Lexa's eyes narrowed and then both girls turned to the side and glared at Pietro who was looking up at the sky as if there was something really interesting up there. He then looked towards them said, "What?"

"You jerk!" Lexa yelled at him and started walking towards him. She climbed over the chair in front of him and then got on the table and jumped off in front of him while glaring at him the whole time.

Pietro looked down at her since she was shorter than him with a nonchalant expression. "Yes?" he asked.

"You're a freaking liar, what was with all those 'Hey Pietro tell your sister I said hi' and then a week later you'd be "oh ya she said hi too'" Wanda glared at her twin after hearing this but then rolled her eyes at both individuals.
"I don't know what you're talking about," Pietro stated calmly as the younger girl was ready to explode at him. Lexa got closer to Pietro to the point of her chest touching his. She looked like she was ready to hit him somehow and seeing this Anna started getting up. "Laura Lex…" she warned knowing that if she was sent to the principals office it wouldn't be good.
Pietro smirked hearing Anna's voice, "Mommy won't let you touch me?" he asked mockingly.
Lex smirked too and her hands unexpectedly landed on his chest and slid up. "No…" she started and then harshly grabbed his collar making him go forward and leaving him to tower above her. "Mommy won't let me kill you," she answered and then pushed him away and walked backwards. When her legs hit the table where they had all the papers, she put her hands on it and did a back flip making her land right next to Wanda.

"Don't you two ever grow up?" Wanda asked annoyed.
"Anyway…so you know where you're crashing yet?" Lex asked Wanda ignoring the comment.
Lexa smirked and looked at Pietro, he had gotten the hint and scowled. "Well isn't that great…cause we have three empty beds in our dorm…" she stated and looked at Anna who had sat back down and was starting at her. "What do you think?" she asked. Anna looked over the raven haired girl, she didn't look like she'd be a bad room and plus she seemed to know Lex. "Why not…" she answered and turned back towards Remy who was staring at Pietro. They were having a silent conversation with looks. Clearly Pietro was shaking his head telling Remy not to help and as Remy started moving a stack of papers away from the table Anna smacked them in the center making them stop moving and slid one away. It read 'Roommate request' on the top. She smirked and handed it to Lex while starting intently at the senior in front of her. Everyone went silent as Wanda and Lexa filled out the paper. When they were done Wanda took the paper and sat in front of John again. "Will you do the honors or should I?" she asked moving the paper towards him. John looked at Pietro and then brought up the 'approved' stamp and slammed it on the small request. "Thanks," she told him and winked at him before getting up again.
"Well then I guess we're done here…come on we'll show you around," Lex told Wanda and linked arms with her. As they walked away Lexa looked back at Pietro and gave him a winning smile. She then stopped walking and looked back at Anna who was still sitting down in front of Remy Lebeau studying him. Her eyes silently roamed his body before they were interrupted, "Anna are you coming"
Her emerald orbs looked away and looked at Lex and their new friend before she got up and mumbled a "thanks" without turning back to him, she then got up and walked away. The three girls walked away getting farther and farther away while the three boys watched their figures carefully.
John finally looked away and asked, "What is it with you and the Howlett girl? You guys have been down each others throat since she started school last year." Pietro looked away from the blue headed figure and shrugged before sitting down. "You know you have a girlfriend right?" he asked Remy making him turn away too. "Oui…why would I forget?" he asked.
"Your eyes seemed a little to interested in Laura Lex's friend"
"I wouldn't be talking," John told him.
"What's that suppose to mean?" Pietro snapped.
"It's suppose to mean that your eyes were pretty fixated on getting a rise out of lil Ms. Attitude," John answered.

Pietro rolled his eyes, " eyes don't wonder anywhere ok...I only have eyes for..."

"You know's better to shut-up and not say anything than ta lie..." John interrupted him before Pietro could finish. Things got quiet after that statement until a loud shrill cry snapped them out of their dazes.

"Pietro baby!"

"Oh...hey Crystal..." Pietro answered and kissed his girlfriend.

"I missed you," she told him and snuggled into his neck.

"Me too," he answered and stared at John as the blond hugged him.

"So what were you talking about?" she asked and waved at Remy then at John.

"Nothing...just talking about how much we missed our girls," he answered.

"Aww," she squealed and hugged him again. Pietro returned the embrace but didn't miss the perked eyebrow on his Australian friends face.

OoOoOoOo Elsewhere on Campus OoOoOoOo

"Well I'm glad to be away from them...god he's just so damn...grrrrr," Lexa ranted to herself and walked a couple of steps from her friends.

"I can't believe he still gets to you..."

Anna smirked, "Yah have no idea...they're at it every time they see each's like they do everything BUT ignore each other."

"Believe me...I know a lot about it," Wanda answered with a small smile. Anna gave her a curious look and Lexa then looked at them.

"Oh ya...I guess I should properly introduce you guys," she stated. "Wanda this is Anna Darkholme...she's the first friend I made last year when I came to this hell hole and she's also my roommate," Lex stated and winked at Anna. " Wanda...Maximoff...she's a childhood friend. Our Dad's still live next door to each other and our families are pretty good friends too."

"Maximoff? As in Pietro Maximoff..."

Wanda gave a sigh and answered, "Unfortunately...he's my twin brother."

Anna patted her on the shoulder softly and said, "I'm so sorry..." as if someone had died and she was paying her respects. They stayed silent for a second then burst out laughing.

"So what is there to do around here?" Wanda asked as they walked down the campus.

"'s a very boring place that ah wish ah could run away from..." Anna answered.

"What stops you?"

"Mah mother..."

"That sucks," Wanda answered and looked around. She noticed that there wasn't a lot of people around so she asked about it. "Where is everybody? Is it gay to come to school on the first day or what?"

"If it was we wouldn't be here," Lexa answered and then looked around too. "This is the most Vigorous boarding school's in the country...meaning only the very powerful and rich can get in..."

"Make us sound spoiled why don't yah," Anna commented making Wanda smirk as Laura Lex continued.

"Well…the only exception would be if they got a scholarships or something. Anyway people can't just waltz in all this causes only 40 kids per grade meaning we're lucky that we're coming to this school. Also the campus seems a little empty cause the freshman don't come in till tomorrow for their orientation. This gives the higher grades a heads up in getting our beds and things like that. Which reminds me I need to buy a new uniform..."

"Blah...uniforms..." Wanda answered rolling her eyes.

"What's wrong with yours?" Anna asked.

"I must have grown a few inches cause you can almost practically see my ass," Lexa answered.

"I'm sure some around here would appreciate it," Wanda commented, "Maybe even my brother..." she added slyly.

Laura Lex rolled her eyes and kept walking waving a hand at them dismissing the comment.

Anna followed her smirking then turned towards Wanda. "I'm not sure you'd brother would notice actually..."


"He has a girlfriend...they've been dating since last year..."

" my brother really is living a second life out here. He didn't tell me Lex was here...or that he has a girlfriend...wonder what else he's doing out here on his own..." she mumbled to herself. Anna shrugged and they kept talking following the impatient midnight haired beauty.

OoOoOoOo Next Day OoOoOoOo

Anna yawned and opened her eyes. She sat up in bed and it took her a while to realize why it didn't look like her room. She slowly got up and walked over to the rail to find that Wanda was already up and was talking on the phone. Laura Lex on the other hand was still snoring while cuddled in her blankets.

Anna walked back to her bed, grabbed a pillow and then went back to the spot near the rail. Without any hesitation she threw at sleeping beauty making her wake.
"Ahh...what?" she asked groggily sitting up.

"Get up...the freshman are coming today so we're gonna have two new roommates."

Lex rubbed her eyes before stretching her arms out. Then got up and started dressing as Wanda kept talking on the phone. When she finally hung up Anna was on Lexa's bed all changed and staring at her.

"Do you guys know where Pietro's room is?" she asked.

"No...why?" she asked while Lexa combed her hair.

"That was my dad...he's been trying to get a hold of my stupid brother but his phone is off so he's making me play messenger and go tell him to call him," she answered annoyed.

"...I know what dorm he's in..."

Both girls turned to Lex. "What?"

"I said I know where it's at..."

"And why is that?" Anna asked a little surprised.

Lexa turned to them and shrugged, "I just know things," she answered and started walking out the room.

OoOoOoOo Boy Dormitories OoOoOoOo

John poured some milk into his coffee. He yawned and turned on the TV to watch the Sunday morning cartoons.

Pietro came out of his room, "Hey we're getting a new roommate today."

"I know..." John answered and then laughed as the coyote fell off a cliff trying to catch the roadrunner. Pietro watched him for a second before going over to some cupboards and seeing if there was any food. He found some cereal and poured himself a bowl then sat next to his crazy Australian friend.

About thirty minutes later a door opened and someone joined them without saying a word until he sat down.

"Remy not up yet?"

"Nope...he got some unwanted company early this morning..." John answered.

Warren Worthington smirked, "Unwanted for you of him?"

"Me...those blokes don't let people sleep," he answered agitated.

"You're just jealous you're not getting any," Pietro mocked. John raised his fist to punch the younger boy on the shoulder but before he could make contact there was a knock on the door.

"Anyone expecting anyone?" Warren asked. John looked at Pietro who shook his head. Both younger boys then turned and kept staring at Warren giving him the clue that they wanted him to be the one to open the door. He sighed and walked over to it and let it open then just stared. "This is a surprise...can I help you? I really don't think girls are..." before he could finish though the person Warren was talking to brushed past him. John and Pietro caught sight of the red tips and stood up.

"Barge in like it's you're fucken house why don't you," Pietro snarled as Wanda walked in.

"Morning tah yah too sunshine."

Pietro turned to the southern drawl and noticed that Wanda was not alone. He rolled his eyes, "What are you doing here? and how did you find me anyway? And couldn't you come alone?" he asked.

"I couldn't come alone because I don't know this campus yet dipshit which is why they came with me...anyway dad told me to tell you to call him..."

Pietro looked at Wanda and then at the other two girls. Anna was staring at the ground not really showing much interest in the subject but Lexa's eyes were exploring every inch of the room. " Why didn't he just call me?" he asked suspiciously.

"You're phone would have to be on for that," she answered dryly. Pietro blinked at her before walking away into a room.

The girls watched him go and after he was gone stood there awkwardly.

"So...won't you girls get in trouble for being in the boy dorms?" Warren asked and closed the door after making sure no one had seen them come in.

"Probably," Laura Lex answered while staring around at the room. It looked like a regular living room except there were six other doors connected to it. It was definitely different then the girl dorms since it seemed every boy had their own room.

"So...that was all we really came for so I guess we'll be leaving now..." Wanda stated out loud.

John watched her with a small smirk and answered, "Pity..."

She nodded and she started walking away when all of a sudden a shrill laugh was heard making unpleasant goose bumps go up on their arms. Anna's eyes narrowed immediately...she knew that laugh.

Seconds later a door opened and steamed poured out of it. Anna guessed it was the bathroom and seconds later she found she guessed right since Jean Grey came out with a towel wrapped around her. Remy Lebeau stepped out seconds later with a towel around his waste. Both were laughing but stopped when they saw their guest.

Jean's nose wrinkled in distaste, "I didn't know you guys had termites..."

"Ah didn't know they let sluts into the boy dormitories..." Anna countered. Jean glared at the at her while Remy stared a little shock that she was in his dorm and even more shocked that she knew Jean.

" you have any idea how much trouble you'd be in if you were discovered in a room with four boys half naked?" Lexa asked with a cynical smirk.

Jean grinned back, "In order for that to happen you'd have to tell them that you were here too...and being in a boy's dorm is can cause that means that you guys would get in trouble too..." she answered smartly.

Lexa laughed out loud, "Jean...look who you're talking too..." Anna smirked at this while Wanda moved her head to the side and studied the red headed girl. "You're the teachers so much."

"In other words do yah think we give a damn if we're kicked out?" Anna asked.

Jean watched the expression on all their faces before she started getting nervous. She then quickly left and closed a door behind her.

"Was it something ah said?" Anna asked making Wanda smirk and Lexa hide a laugh.

"You're still here?" Everyone turned to Pietro who had reappeared and stared at them.

"We're were just leaving...I have a feeling we overstayed our welcome..." Lexa answered him and started walking out.

"Bye…" Wanda stated and looked at John before walking out behind Lex.

"Yah might wanna put some clothes on…it's chilly outside…" Anna told Remy as she walked out and closed the door leaving four dazed boys staring at it.

OoOoOoOo Minutes later OoOoOoOo

"Who was that?" Wanda asked as they walked back to their room.

"Jean Grey…#1 student at the school, very popular, snobby and oh ya a boyfriend thieve…" Anna answered.

Wanda gave a puzzled looked to Lex who shrugged and mouthed, 'It's a long story'. The rest of the walk was quiet until they got close enough to their room that they noticed the door was opened.

"Ok…who left it open?" Laura Lex asked as she walked ahead.

"Not me," Wanda and Anna answered in unison. When they finally reached the room they found Lexa standing in the door way looking in.

"HEY!" she yelled loudly. They then heard a loud crash as something made of glass hit the floor. Anna pushed Lexa out the way and walked in. A girl with long brown hair turned around to look at them slowly. She seemed to be a bit afraid, but with a greeting like that who wouldn't be.

"Who are yah?"

"Me?…I'm…Amara Aquilla…" she answered slowly.

OoOoOoOo Elsewhere OoOoOoOo

Her almond eyes looked around carefully. She had no idea why she was here…she didn't belong there, she could tell just by looking around. She sighed as she slowly got up from the bench. She had been sitting there for about an hour just thinking things through. She still had a chance to leave and runaway from it…this was only orientation…actual school didn't start till the next day…

Jubilation Lee shook here head throwing the thoughts away. She couldn't runaway…her parents would be devastated. They were so proud that she had gotten a scholarship to go to this prestigious boarding school…she couldn't back out now.

She looked at the piece of paper that was half crumbled in her hands. After quickly scanning it she read "Dorm 2B room 5" and kept repeating it under her breath as she made her way towards the room. Five minutes later she was in the building going towards the room. Outside it had been sunny and quiet …but as she got closer and closer to the room things seemed to go a bit dark and loud.

/And if you cut yourself

You will make him happy /

Jubilee knocked on the door but the music was so loud she knew they probably didn't hear. She stared at the closed door for a minute and wondered what kind of wild roommates were waiting for her since the ;lyrics to the song playing were a bit dark. She slowly grabbed on to the knob and turned it.

When she looked inside she saw a girl with long blue hair and black tips swaying around to the song and it looked like she was mumbling the words to the song. Another girl with long brown hair was unpacking and had her back to her. She looked around and met two cold sapphire eyes watching her, the girl had red tips and was sitting on a bed just staring at her. She averted her eyes starting to feel uncomfortable only to look into emerald eyes that were watching her from a balcony. They seemed fixated on her…almost making the girl look like a hawk stalking her prey.

Jubilee stood still and looked around not knowing what to do, seconds later the music died down and the blue haired girl finally noticed her presence.

"Oh…what do we have here? Fresh meat…"

"I think you mean freshman…" the girl with red tips corrected.

The other girl shrugged, "Same thing…" she answered with a smirk as the brown haired girl turned around and looked at her. Jubilee stared at them a little timidly…

"Shut-up…gawd yah just wanna freak out all the new girls taday don't yah…"

Jubilee stared at the green eyed girl who was walking down the stairs and stopped in front of her.

"Hi. Ignore her she's an idiot," she said giving a nudge towards the blue haired one. "Ah'm Anna-Marie Darkholme…"

"Hi…I'm Jubilation Lee…"

Anna smiled kindly and saw that the others were quiet studying the new girl, she rolled her eyes and said, "That idiot is Laura Lex , she likes to be called Lexa. That's Wanda Maximoff and our other newest member, Amara Aquilla," she stated and pointed at them.

"Nice to meet you…"

"That's your bed…" Wanda stated and nodded towards the empty bed.

"Thanks…" the younger nodded and walked over to it.

She started unpacking her things, Amara soon resumed doing the same and the three eldest girls watched. After they were done they sat on their beds quietly and everyone just stared at each other.

Lexa eyed everyone…it was quiet…freakishly quiet…her eyes scanned all over the room. The silence was going to drive her mad…she could almost hear the tick tocking of the clock…tick tock tick tock. After what seemed like forever…which was really a minute she couldn't take it anymore…

"SOOOOO…this is an awkward silence…"

"Thank yah Dr. Obvious…"

"Hey…I'm just trying to break the ice…so…how bout we say where we're from and I don't know…something we like…or something like that. I'll go first…I'm from here…and I like…that smell after it's rains…it's very calming to me."

Anna looked around and saw that no one seemed to want to go next so she sighed and, "Ah'm from Mississippi…Ah like doing what ah want when ah want…rules don't matter tah meh…their just another obstacle of life."

Lexa smirked, "Aren't we rebellious…"

"I feel like we're in a support group…" Wanda stated and shook her head. "I'm from New York…and I like…trouble…," she gave a mischievous smile. Lexa smirked at her before turning to the new girls and watching which would speak first.

"…I'm from California."

"Yah're a long way from home…"

"Ya…my parents thought it would be great for me to come here…get a good education."

"You don't seem happy about that," Wanda commented.

Jubilee gave a week smile, "It's just…different. I like to be called Jubilee…"

"I'm from Nova Roma…it's in Brazil. I like…to make my own choices…though it doesn't happen a lot. I like to think that one day maybe I'll be in charge of myself…"

"What do yah mean?" Anna asked but before the question could be answered someone barged into the room.

"Yah know there's sumething call knocking…ever heard of it?"

The intruder, a girl with long black hair and purple highlights smiled at Anna, "Nice to see you too luv…Lexa…" she greeted in a British accent.

"Traitor…" Lexa greeted back with a fake smile.

"I don't wanna start this again…it's the first day back and I'd rather not go back into this drama. Anyway I just though you should know that the assembly is starting…" the girl answered and left.

Anna rolled her eyes and got up from where she was sitting as Laura Lex glared at the doorway.

"Lets go…this will be important tah yah…" she told them looking directly at Amara, Jubilee and Wanda.

OoOoOoOo 10 Minutes later OoOoOoOo


"Watch where you're going"

"Don't Push."

Amara watched as kids pushed around and bumped into people to get a seat for the assembly. She was following Lexa closely making sure not to bump into anyone since she didn't want to get snapped at. Jubilee was following close behind her.

When the finally got a seat, Anna looked at them and said, "Get ready for it…"

"What?" Jubilee asked nervously.

"Death," Lex answered and lowered herself in the seat. Wanda, Amara and Jubilee looked at each other before looking at the stage where a bald man stood up and walked towards a microphone.

"Hello students, and welcome to the Xavier academy…we hope you had a good vacation and are ready for a year of fun and…"

OoOoOoOo 30 Minutes later OoOoOoOo

"Make it stop….make it STOP!" Wanda mumbled loudly to Anna and Lexa while covering her ears.

"Can't…so just enjoy the show," Anna answered as Xavier talked about the school rules and policies. Laura Lex didn't to be paying attention because her head was back and she seemed to be in a deep sleep. Amara sat facing straight with her arms crossed but her eyes were shut. Jubilee on the other hand was taking all the information in and once in a while glanced around only to see that some boy had his brown eyes fixated on her.

After a while of more talking and introducing some of the teachers, Principal Xavier looked at all the students and noticed that a very pretty red head had her arm up. He smiled kindly and said, "Yes Ms. Grey…do you have a question on anything I've said?"

"No not really Mr. Xavier…I really just wanted to make a comment."

"Yes?" He asked and as he did Lex and Anna both sat up straight and stared at the redhead.

"Well this is my last year and I just wanted to thank all my past years teachers because with their help I've paved my future and…I wanna be a teacher!"

Many people clapped at this but Anna just rolled her eyes as Lexa snorted. A couple seconds later though she got a huge smirk on her face and raised her hand.

"That's very sweet of you Jean…would anyone else like to say something before I talk about academics?" Xavier looked around and found one hand up…once he saw who it was he mentally kicked himself for asking. He quickly over looked Laura Lex and tried finding someone else to call on but there were no more volunteers. After a minute he sighed, looked at the other teachers and said, "Yes Laura Lex…would you like to be a teacher someday too?"

"No not really…but since we're sharing what we wanna be when we grow up I'd like to tell you too…"

"Yes?" he asked. While he waited many students looked back to where Lexa was now standing, one of them being Pietro Maximoff.

"I…" she looked around and then at Anna who looked at her clueless to what she was about to do, "I wanna be a stripper…"

Many loud gasps sounded around the room after she said this it got awkwardly quiet. She smirked at the teachers whose jaws were on the floor.

Anna hid a laugh but then sang out, "I'm in love with a Stripper!" before people could start laughing the microphone was harshly taken away from Principal Xavier and a loud voice yelled through the mic.

"Laura Lex Howlett, Anna Marie Darkholme you are BANNED! from this assembly leave at once."

Anna perked and eyebrow but got up and started walking by people's knees to leave. "As yah wish…mother…" she mumbled under her breath.

Lex started following her giving Jubilee, Amara and Wanda smirks, "Good luck surviving the rest…" she whispered to them. As she walked out the row her eyes caught sapphire ones. She stared deeply into them before turning to the stage and shouting, "This isn't FAIR! Come on let me stay…I still have two years to change my mind…"

Anna smirked and grabbed her by the arm and started dragging her away. Before they could get out though they stopped as they heard, "I think you'd two should wait in my office…I'll be there shortly."

Anna looked at Lex as Principal Xavier finished and then both started walking off again. Once the doors were closed to the gym they both breathed out.

"Crap…my daddy's gonna kill me…" Lexa mumbled.

"This should be interesting…" Anna commented and started walking towards the principals office.

Laura Lex looked at the closed doors and then started walking after her friend, "What a great way to start the year…"


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