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O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Chapter 34 O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Anna's eyes snapped opened and they automatically looked sideways to look at her alarm clock. 6:50 am, yes! She had woken up before her alarm by five minutes. They were suppose to pick Laura up around seven and she had wanted to get up early to give her a final goodbye. She pulled the blankets aside before getting up and heading to look over the rail only to freeze in place.

From where she stood she could see the four identical beds. The only difference now compared to every morning was that one was now unoccupied.

Anna gripped the rail before sliding downwards towards the floor, she had been too late. Laura was gone...

"That bitch nevah did like goodbyes..."

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Outside O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Laura sneezed and shivered afterwards bringing her jacket closer to her. She knew it was cold but it wasn't that cold.

"Bless you..."

"Thanks," she replied and watched as her father put her luggage in their car. As she watched him she couldn't help but give a small smirk. Anna was probably awake by now cursing her to hell because she left without a final goodbye. She had purposely given her a later time, she was never good at goodbyes and in honesty she had cried enough the day before.

Thoughts of her last performance came to mind making her frown. It's amazing how close they had all gotten, and even though she was mad at some of them there was no doubt that she would miss all the boys. She pictured the girls and felt slight pain in her chest but as quickly as the feeling came it left only to be replaced by another shiver.

Again, she frowned. It was not cold enough for her body to be reacting like that. She shrugged the feeling off and as she watched her dad put the last bag away her eyes scanned the area wanting to get the last look of her heaven and hell.

Her eyes skimmed the buildings one by one until she got to the locker rooms and beginning of the football field. There her eyes stopped and widened for in instant before she put on a neutral expression. The sapphire eyes watching her remained impassive even as the his head tilted to watch her.

She bit her lip, February would end in a few days. Spring would start in the beginning of April. If he was hoping to finish telling her whatever it was he wanted to say last night it seemed he would still have to wait. Her hand went up near her chest and two fingers went up to the air as she threw him a peace sign. She slowly watched as two pale fingers mimicked her movements.

"Ready to go?"

The question made her turn to her father who was closing the trunk and turning to look at her.

"Sure..." She replied nodding and watching him walk towards the driver seat. She spared Pietro one last look and followed.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O 2B Dorm 5 O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Wanda moved her head sideways and met Jubilee's eyes. The petite Asian then turned and shared a look with Amara who then turned to look at Anna.

The southern girl was sitting Indian style on what used to be Laura's bed.

"It's hard to believe she's actually gone..."

Anna looked over towards Wanda and nodded, "It is...that's not what ah'm thinking about though..."


"Ah didn't want tah bring it up while Laura was still here. She asked for the extra days tah spend more tiahme with us but now that she's gone..."


"She said that her dad found out about the performances at the spot and that was a big factor in her leaving...so now the question is, how did he found out?"

"Didn't she say something about a video and sending it to your phone?" Jubilee asked.

"Damn it, how did ah forget that?" Anna asked and took out her phone. The other three girls then made their way towards her as they heard Laura's singing come out through the phone. When they finally reached Anna and looked at the phone Laura was on the screen in her cute blue body corset. She was jumping excitedly with the mike in hand.

"So...maybe the outfit is a little short but she pulls it off well so he shouldn't havegotten that mad."

"I don't think that's what he was upset about though it probably contributed to it," Wanda commented as she watched Laura try and kick Pietro.

"What is it?" Amara asked watching Anna's eyebrows scrunch forward in distaste.

"The angle of this video..."

"What about it? It's dead center...isn't that suppose to be a good thing?"

"Ya, it's also directly in front of the stage though..."


Anna eyes looked up to them and her green eyes flashed dangerously, "Those seats are always reserved..."

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Crystal nodded her head side to side as soft music played from Vertigo's phone. Their group had decided to go for a morning breakfast outing. The boys had been invited but all had declined, it seems they weren't in the mood for any happiness today.

Crystal momentarily rolled her eyes at that idea that Pietro was feeling 'down'. Half of her was still a bit peeved about the way he had talked to her the day before but the other half was gloating. Everything had gone perfect...even if everything had happened by accident.

Her eyes glazed over as her mind reeled back to how it had happened. She had known Pietro would be gone to New Orleans, they all knew but as the administration noticed and people talked about a certain group of girls missing as well her temper started to flare. She couldn't believe it but as she realized that Wanda had indeed being missing from all their classes the realization sunk in...

She was angry and ready to retaliate and thanks to Jean's brown nosing they had found out that the parents for all the missing teens would be brought together to start a formal investigation. So when she had seen the tall silver haired man appear on the school ground she had dragged Vertigo along with her and followed him to the seclusion building. After a few minutes they saw a blond pair go in and then a short bulky man with wild dark hair.

"What exactly are we doing? Don't you think we'll get in trouble for ditching class?" Vertigo had asked looking around paranoid.

"Shh...shut up for a minute..." Crystal answered and looked at the doors to the building questionably. "That man..."

"What about him?"

"He was here on parent/teacher day..."

"Well I would think that means he's a parent because he's definitely not a teacher around here..."

Crystal rolled her eyes, "Well duh...actually I think I saw him with the smurf that day..."

Vertigo's forehead scrunched inwards in a confused manner as she repeated the word 'smurf'. Crystal rolled her eyes again, "That stupid Laura Lex..."

"Oh..." Vertigo responded and watched a cynical smile grow on her friends face. "What are you thinking?"

"I think I should make a quick appearance...I'm sure her father would like a few details about this..."

"Can you really do that without selling Pietro out too?"

"I don't have to say where he's at...I just need to drop some unflattering hints...follow my lead..." And with that she walked towards the building. They slowly and sneakily walked through the hall stopping when they heard small murmurs. Crystal then turned winked at Vertigo and surprised the platinum blond when she abruptly walked into the room screaming in a loud voice.

"Where is he? When I get my hands on him...if he was going to leave he could have at least taken me with hi...oh...hello."

Vertigo walked into the room and watched as the adults looked at the blonde girls in surprise. The silver haired man looked at the short black haired man and then they both turned to the blond pair in the room with them as if asking, "Is this one yours?"

In return the woman of the duo scrunched her nose in distaste and looked away from all of them.

"Are you looking for someone?" Vertigo's attention turned away from the blond pair as the silver haired man asked Crystal the question.

"Oh...I um...I'm looking for my boyfriend...I thought I heard that've finally came back and he'd be here..."

The silver haired man looked at her curiously, "And who's your boyfriend?"

"Pietro Maximoff..."

The man nodded after the answer and mumbled something that sounded like, "Thought you looked familiar..." He shared a look with the short black haired man again before turning to her, "I'm Erik Lensherr...Pietro's father."

"Oh Hi! It's pleasure to meet you!" Crystal greeted and stretched her hand outwards towards him.

He looked at it but didn't move making her frown, "Would you happen to know where Pietro is and when he left?"

Crystal crossed her hands in front of her chest, "The last time I heard from him was Monday night...but I don't know where he went. That's why I came here wanting answers..." She then turned away from him and faced Vertigo. "See, I told you she's a bad influence...I'm sure this was her idea! Next thing you know he's going to have green hair to match her blue in their next performance..."

"Match who's hair?"

Crystal turned to the shorter man who had spoken. His voice had been gruff and as he looked at her he saw his eyes narrow reminding her of a certain someone. They were definitely related, "One of the younger classmen...Laura Lex Howlett. She joined his band early in the school year and I swear ever since then…"

"A band? As in a music band?" he asked interrupting her.

It was Crystal's turn to be intrigued and it took all her willpower not to smirk, he didn't know. "Yeah, she's the co-vocalist...I think I have a video of one of their latest performances, would you like to see it?" not even waiting for an answer Crystal had taken her phone out and started browsing her videos. A small twinkle shone in her eye as she noticed the skimpy outfit on Laura Lex in a certain video, she pushed play and turned the phone towards the two older males.

While Erik's eyes widened a bit in surprise Laura's fathers eyes narrowed even more and his cheek twitched multiple times as he watched on. After the video ended Laura's dad kept staring at the blank screen, next to him Pietro's father cleared his throat interrupting whatever thoughts were running through the shorter mans head.

"Can you send this to me kid?"

Crystal gave an innocent smile, "Of course...planning to add this to your home videos?" she asked. The question went ignored and instead the only answer she got was a string of numbers. After putting the number into her message bar and attaching the video she pushed the send button. As the 'send' image went away, they all turned towards the door to see that someone had joined them.

"Ms. Essex, Ms. Amaquelin...what brings you both here?"

"Uh…" Vertigo and Crystal exchanged looked.

"This young lady is my son's girlfriend, it seems she was hoping to find out where he was same as us…."

"I see. So none of you have heard from any of them?" Both girls shook her head. "Has Ms. Grey heard anything?" Both girls shook their heads again. "Well I'm sure Mr. Maximoff will make contact when he can...I need both of you to head back to class though because unfortunately since you didn't get an invite to this event I will not be excusing your tardys…"

"Yes headmaster!" Both girls replied and started to dash off. Crystal stopped abruptly and gave a short glance back though as she heard a small beep from a phone. After seeing the black haired men look at his phone she turned back and smirked. Things had definitely gone better than she hoped.

"Earth to Crystal…"

Crystal blinked and came back to the present only to notice that all the other girls were staring at her. "What?"

"We asked if you were ready to order because the waitress is looking at us like she's tired of waiting," Emma answered as she turned back to her menu.

"Who cares? make her wait," Crystal answered while taking a sip of her hot chocolate. Tabitha and Vertigo exchanged smirks at this answer.

"What were you thinking about?"

Crystal turned and to the red head of the group who was watching her, "About Pietro...and how we're finally going to go back to normal now that my nuisance is gone…"

"You sure about that? It seems that even though she's gone he's not too excited. Which is weird considering how much they hate each other…"

Crystal's eyes narrowed and she turned to the purple haired asian of their group. "Of course I'm sure. As far as him not being excited I'll fix that tonight…" she answered in a suggestive tone letting them all know what she was planning without going into details. Elizabeth rolled her eyes at this as some of the other girls, "Oohed".

When they finally settled down they all got quiet only for the silence to be broken by...

"Has anyone found out how the chink managed to find a way out or being suspended?"

"TABITHA!" Emma yelled out, "Choice of words…" she murmured through gritted teeth while glancing at Elizabeth.

"I was just kidding…" Tabitha answered and looked down at the table with and "oh-shit" expression. "You know that right Betts?" she added.

"I'm Japanese..." the lavander haired beauy answered while her attention remained focused outside. Though she hadn't responded in a negative way Emma threw one last glare at Tabitha.

Jean shook her head in a disapproving way but broke the somewhat awkward silence, "I passed by the Financial Aide office yesterday and she's no longer on their roster."

"Meaning she should be gone right?" Vertigo asked.

"Yes, but since she's not it could only mean that she's found herself a sponsor. Someone to pay for her tuition…"

"Who would do that?"

"One of them had too, though not sure how they talked their parents into it. The tuition fee is pretty expensive, even for people like our parents who have money.

"We were so close! Imagine the panic! Losing two of her trouble makers! To bad only one ended up leaving," Vertigo commented resting her chin on her hand.

"One is better than nothing," Emma remarked making Jean nod.

"It helps that the one that left was the biggest problem of all. Maybe this will make Anna's confidence falter…" Jean added smiling happily.

"You've been in an awfully good mood lately...considering that you found out your boyfriend went out of town with a group of girls…" Crystal remarked. "On a day that is famous for flashing…"

"No point in crying over spilled milk...all you have to do is clean it up, and that's exactly what we did. I don't think we're quite done yet though…" as she finished she turned to two of the younger blondes, "I've heard that there's been trouble in paradise for some of our friends...have you heard anything?"

"Heard and seen. It seems Roberto's not good enough for a Princess…" Vertigo answered and clicked her tongue.

"I haven't heard anything but I have seen that the pretty goth boy has a new mark on his chin, I also noticed that he hasn't made any contact with his little girlfriend…"

"I didn't know you were interested enough to notice all that," Emma commented perking an eyebrow at the her.

"I'm not really...but you have to admit he's not bad to look at…"

Jean ignored Emma's eye roll and spoke before the older blonde could give a response, "Good, I have a little job for you two…"

All the girls turned to face her curiously, even Elizabeth glanced over.

"What is it?" Tabitha asked somewhat excitedly.

Jean gave a mischievous smile, "Lets talk about it after we eat…" and with that she signaled for a waitress to come over. The waitress acknowledged them but gave signal to please hold on making some of them scoff and start whining about bad service. As they complained Emma looked at Elizabeth and studied her before her lips parted to speak.

"What do you make of all of this? You would kind of know what they were thinking right?" The question got everyone else's attention making them turn to the purple haired girl. "You think their losses will make them back off?"

Elizabeth turned away from the window and looked from the redhead to the blonde girl staring intently at her. "If they found a way to make Jean leave the school how would you feel?"


"Well?" Betts asked again after a few seconds of silence.

"I'd be veryupset…"

"Upset...right...well you're dealing with girls that don't use the word upset. They used the word Pissesd. Do you believe they'll back off?" The Asians violet orbs went from one girl to the other and watched as their own eyes grew a bit in worry. Before anyone could make a comment the waitress came surprising some of them enough that they jumped at the unexpected voice. Elizabeth took this time to look back out the window, a ghost of a smile of her lips.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Later O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Anna's emerald eyes followed red hair as the group of girls made their way towards their building.

"You're such a creeper..."

"We are creepers...yah guys are up here tah yah know..."

"Well we actually just got here, you've been up here for a while waiting for them to get back..." Jubilee responded smartly while looking over the ledge of the rooftop.

"Did the fresh air calm your anger?" Wanda asked looking down as the blondes got closer to the building.

"Not really..."

"So I'm guessing you have a plan to strike back?"

"Ah already setup a minor problem...we'll see how it pans out. There's no point in attacking in a big way, thay'll be expecting that and in all honesty it'll be a lot more fun to watch them squirm while thay wait forh somethang bigger tah happen..."

Amara walked over and stood next to Jubilee taking a glimpse over the ledge, "Well whatever it is let's try and keep it low key. My parents threatened one more mishap and I'll be gone too..."

"Let's not get tah excited, this first one is nothing tah bad...it's just going to hurt her ego..." Anna replied watching as they started to disappear. Before walking in the last girl hesitated for a moment and looked up making green orbs meet dark purple. With a small smirk curling up on the facial expression the girl disappeared.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Meanwhile O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

"Are we hanging out for the rest of the day?" Vertigo asked as they walked down the hallway.

"I'm not...I have plans to get my baby in much higher spirits and what I have planned usually works," Crystal commented and winked at them.

"I have plans with Remy, he's been wanting to talk to me about something but we haven't had time with his band practice...I'm also meeting Scott later so I'm pretty booked..." Jean answered

"Great, I guess that means we can shop for some new hot outfits," Vertigo responded while linking arms with Tabitha who was shaking her head and muttering, "Bobby's gonna hate me..."

"He'll get over it..."

"Are you going to visit Warren today?"

Elizabeth perked an eyebrow at her blonde roommate, even though she and warren were somewhat avoiding each other that kiss from last semester certainly did the job in convincing all of them that they were an item. "Um...I was...definitely thinking about it."

"Perfect, I think I'll tag along. I have an urge to see John. I feel like he hasn't been ignoring me as much lately so I think I'm going to give it a go!"

While the other girls "ohhed" and "awwed" Elizabeth rolled her eyes and wondered what Emma was talking about, she was in all the same classes as her and she had yet to see John send any green lights her way. The most he did was answer any questions she had if it was class related but whenever she got too close he would back off and usually find a way to Wanda.

"Alight luv...that sounds good..." Betts answered trying not show her frown.

"Great, let's go get ready and we can head over," Emma answered linking arms with the Asian. "We'll meet up later..." She added to Jean and the others as she passed their dorm room. They didn't get too far though before they heard Vertigo's voice echo in the small hallway.

"Hey...what's this?"

Both girls turned around and walked back towards the open room that Jean shared with the younger blondes.

Tabitha eyed the large white envelope in Vertigo's hands. "It has a J on it..." she stated and turned to Jean who took the package.

Jean fingered the opening carefully before tearing at it and sticking her hand into the envelope. Her thin fingers grabbed at a smooth piece of paper and slowly pulled it out. As she stared at the item in her hands the white envelope fell to the floor. Her fingers visibly started to tighten around the paper causing it to wrinkle and the girls started to close in to see what had caused such a reaction from their leader.

"What is it?" Emma asked stopping next to her.

An angry cry echoed through the room making them all jump in surprise. Emma's blue eyes looked away from Jean and looked at the picture in her hands which was decorated in pretty greens and reds. Remy was at its center with mistletoe above his head and his lips were attached to that of a white banged black clothed goth.

After the screaming was done, Elizabeth was was standing by the doorway asked, "Let me guess...she hasn't lost her confidence?"

Jean didn't look up as her hands tightened on the picture even more making the edges bend.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Remy shivered as a chill ran down his spine.

"What's wrong with you?"

Remy turned his head sideways to look at the Aussie on the loner couch seat watching him with a perked eyebrow. "De rein...just got a chill…"

John smirked, "They say that someone is talking about you when you get chills."

"No one says dat homme…"

"Ya, they do!"

"Non, dey don. Dey say that if yo ears are burning den someone is talkin' bout you...if y' get chills dey say dat someone is walking on yo grave…"

"How does that even make sense if you're still alive?"

"Je ne sais pas...I'm just correcting y' on what dey say…"

"Whatever mate, I still think it means someone is talking bout ya…

Remy shook his head and just leaned his head back to rest on the couch arm. He stayed like that for a few minutes until he heard the aussie voice again.

"So what are the plans for today? Mope?"

"That seems ta be what Pietro 'as in mind non?"

John grunted in response, "I guess so...though I think I'm starting to get hungry. You wanna go out?"

"I'm meeting Jean in a bit so its probably better if I save mon appétit."

"Actually ya might wanna eat now. Doubt you'll have much of an appetite after you break her smarty pants heart."


When he didn't get a reply John looked sideways at his Cajun friend, "You are breaking it off aren't you?"

Remy shrugged and avoided eye contact while making a sound that sounded like, "Eh…"

John's hand went towards his face and a loud smack could have echoed through the otherwise silent room. "What do you mean 'Eh', I thought that the breakup was a done deal!"


"Or did you change your mind since now you can't put moves on Anna?"

"Non...I was jus tinking dat without practice maybe I'll spend more time with 'er...ma'be i'll get 'er to ditch cheerleading ever other day and y' kno...rekindle de fire…" Remy tilted his head towards the orange haired boy to see him give a skeptical look. "Ok so maybe deres oder reasons like I 'ave needs..."

John rolled his eyes but didn't say anything as a smirk graced his lips. After a while of silence that had gotten so comfortable the Aussie had closed his eyes they sprang open as the Cajun drawl spoke.

"Ma'be...I'm hoping dat if I spend more time wit Jean and less with Anna...je ne sais pas...maybe some of de attraction will die..."

John stayed quiet for a few minutes waiting to see if anything else would be added. After a few seconds of silence his lips parted, "It's February...I dated Wanda at the beginning of the school year...sometimes as much as you might want it to go away...it doesn't."

The small room once again became silent until it was broken by the cajun drawl, "...lets get somethin' ta eat…"

"Not waiting for Jean?"

Reny shrugged as he got up, "I'll jus eat some more."

"Alright...lets go get Roberto and Ray, they probably have frowns that need to be turned upside down!" John started and started making his way towards the door before stopping abruptly making Remy bump into him, "Should we get Pietro?"

"Y' can try...mais je ne sais pas...ma'be he's not even up...he hasn't come out of dat room all morning..."

John nodded and shrugged his shoulders as he turned the door knob, "I did say it's hard to forget…"

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Later O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Pietro took a drink of his soda cup as he opened the door with his free hand. After he had seen Laura off in the morning he had come back to the room and gotten back in bed with a weird chest pain and a headache. When he opened his eyes again it was well past noon and when he made his way out of his room he found himself alone. Usually this would annoy him because it meant that the others went off without him but today he wasn't feeling like being social so it worked out fine.

As he walked into the room he saw a few scatters items telling him that he was no longer alone. By the look of the empty wrappers he easily concluded that Kurt was back in the dorm but since there was no sight of him it meant that the younger blue haired boy had locked himself into his room. Still not feeling up to any chit chat he silently made his way towards his room taking another sip of his drink as he walked into his room.

The sight waiting for him almost made him spit the sip out but in an instinctive reaction to keep it in he swallowed hard making the liquid go down the wrong hole.

There was a small giggle as he held a hand to his throat. "I guess my surprised worked huh?"

Pietro gulped hard trying to get the uncomfortable feeling in his throat to subside. He then turned back to his blonde girlfriend and his eyes travel from her toes to the loose strands of hair caressing her shoulders. His eyes traveled downwards again and stayed focus on the two small lacy strips holding her ample mounds.

"Do you like it? I wanted to show it off to you that night you came back from New Orleans but considering everything that's happened I didn't get a chance."

"Yeah…" Pietro breathed out. His mind knew he wasn't in the mood for this, but his body wasn't listening and it started to react as Crystal walked to him stopping right in front of him. Her hands slowly slithered up his arms before wrapping themselves around his neck. She then got on her tiptoes and pressed her lips against his.

Pietro responded to the kiss passionately, he needed a release to his stress and frustration.

As the heated kiss continued they slowly made their way towards his bed and fell on it when the back of her knees bumped into the soft mattress. He attacked her neck making her squeal and squirm under him in delight. When he finally pulled away from her neck he started pecking up her chin, her cheek, her nose her eyes. She smiled up at him when he finished and gave him a mischievous look before dipping her face into the crook of his neck and repeating his own actions.

Pietro tried to stay focus on the caresses but he found his mind start wandering as he noticed a noise in the background. His eyes moved around trying to find the source of the music while trying not to move his body so he wouldn't alert Crystal. After a few seconds he pinpointed the sound which was coming from Crystals phone on his bed stand.

He didn't really mind music while doing this type of activity, but as the song continued and he heard the lyrics he found his mood dying out…

/Sometimes a dream will haunt me all day

I walk around feeling something has changed

I catch myself thinking you feel as I do

Like somehow the dream is haunting you too

But I know the longing

Is mine and mine alone

I keep forgetting

That I'm in love with a ghost/

He momentarily zoned the music out and closed his eyes trying his hardest to focus on the soft kisses at his throat, but it was too late. His eyes snapped opened and he swallowed hard...

/I know you're not her

She went away

She went away/

The action didn't go unnoticed by the beautiful blonde on top of him. She slowly pecked away at his neck but began moving the kisses upwards to his face and stopped when her lips hit the corner of his. "What's wrong?"

Pietro pecked her lips and when they separated he asked, "What are we listening to?"

Her small shoulder gave a shrug "Dunno...Kitty was messing around with my Pandora..." She murmured her lips hovering above his. "Why?"

He shook his head deciding not to answer and she paid it no mind as she continued her assault on him. As they kissed again her hands went to the belt at his waist and she started to undo it but pale hands grabbed at them stopping the action and making her look up at him in confusion. When he didn't say anything she looked from him to his shrinking appendage, the sight making her brows scrunch inwards in annoyance.

"Why?" She asked her voice cracking with hurt and anger.

He avoided looking at her, "I'm just not in the mood..."

"You were a few seconds ago!"


"This is fucken ridiculous! You know what maybe I'll just go out like this and find someone who does want me!"

Pietro turned to look at her, an annoyed expression on his face and without saying anything his sapphire eyes rolled giving her an answer as to how he felt by the outburst.

Crystal growled in frustration and got off him and off the bed. Without saying anything else she took her phone not bothering to turn it off. She gave him a death glare and then walked out of the room grabbing her coat on the way not bothering to cover her half naked state.

Pietro gave a deep inhale and exhale and closed his eyes the last part of the song repeating in his head...

/When I'm around you

One thing becomes clear

The person I think of

Every day is elsewhere/

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Later O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Remy took a bite out of the piece of steak he had cut off and sneaked a peek at Jean who was eating her pasta across from him. She had been eerily quiet and he couldn't help but think something was wrong.

"C'est bon?"

Her green eyes moved away from the plate and looked at him, "It's great..." she answered and moved her eyes back down.

Remy eyed her for a few more seconds before turning his attention back onto his own food. After another bite he asked, "Someting wrong?"

"Nope!" The answer had been quick, an obvious gesture that she she had been waiting for the question to be asked and an obvious lie. "What about you? You kept saying that there was something you wanted to talk about. What is it?" her fork then fell into her plate a little more forceful than she had intended making the clatter of the glass echoing through their booth. Her eyes left the plate and she fixed an intense stare at him.

Remy finished chewing his bite of food and returned the stare with the same kind of intensity. Part of him was annoyed at the odd attitude she was throwing at him, the other half was somewhat curious and nervous. Had she some how found out?

"Before I tell y' why don y' tell moi what's bodering y'? Y' know I 'ate when y' get like dis and I don have time fo games. If someting be bodering you jus say it..."

Jean inhaled deeply before, "Maybe it's the idea that you went off out of state with five other girls!"

Remy perked an eyebrow at her, "It didn bother y' a few days ago."

"It's finally sunk in! One of those girls...the leader of those misfits hates me! I'm too sweet and innocent but it finally dawned on me, what if she tried something with you just to get back at me?" the answer came in a low whisper so they wouldn't cause a scene with the other customers but as she talked her face leaned in closer and closer to him.

Remy looked unphased by her anger and leaned towards her too, his words unlike hers came out calm. "Un...I asked y' to come wit me...deux if that's what y' worried bout den don worry, she was a lady et I was a complete gentleman..." as the lie passed his lips he tried to stop the vision of his hands aggressively holding Anna's as he pressed her against a wall. He didn't want to lie, but Jean's attitude made it easy to do, thankfully she couldn't read minds. "Trois...don kno what y' two got against each other et at dis point I frankly don care but she's mon ami...y' knew dat from day one and I'm telling y' dat again now, dat ain't gonna change so get over it...or don't...again it won't make a difference. I know 'er now dough...and she's not as horrible as y' tink..."

"Oh really?" Jean asked perking an eyebrow.

"Oui, " he answered without hesitation.

Jean blinked, "Ok..."

"Ok?" he repeated after her.

"Yeah, I'll take your word for it," she replied and with that she grabbed her fork again and started playing with the fettuccine noodles.

Remy looked at her with an annoyed expression, it was going to be a long night. He quietly sighed to himself, already regretting the words he was about to speak. "What I wanted ta tell y' was...since I won't be doing any sports for de month I was wondering what y' though about ditching a few cheer practices so we can spend some time together before yo tuturing sessions..."

Jean swirled her noodles onto her fork," I'm not sure...we're going against our toughest competitors soon...also senior finals are coming soon and Scott has asked if I can stay later with him. He wants to be fully prepared for the exams so...I'll definitely consider it, after all...It'd be weird not to spend any time with my boyfriend..."

"Funny, dat's what I was tinking too..." he commented and went back to his food as they both went into a silence while eating their food.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Monday O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Anna walked in a slow and unresponsive manner behind Raven, if any onlookers would be asked to describe her the first word to come to mind would be 'zombie'.

It had barely been the first school day without Laura and the blue haired girl was already missed. A few times during class Anna would think of something really funny and she'd turn sideways to tell her blue counterpart but instead was met with inquiring blue eyes.

Having Ray take Laura's seat was somewhat of a comfort but it had not been the same. He understood the jokes she would end up telling him but sometimes things turned awkward and it didn't help that Roberto had decided to sit next to her too. Ray sitting besides her wasn't an odd sight but having the smooth Brazilian native sit on her other side definitely made eyebrows raise. What Anna found even stranger is that both kept constant conversation with her, it was almost as if both boys had been told to sit next to her so she wouldn't get lonely or something…

"We're here."

Her mothers voice broke her train of thought and she looked up at the metal door they had stopped in front of. Her eyes glanced sideways as her mother outstretched her arms towards her handing her white garments.

Anna took them and rolled her eyes, "Was an escort really necessary? What does the headmaster think we're planning tah ran away or somethang?"

"Precautions don't hurt," Raven answered giving her a pointed look.

"Whatevah," Anna responded back and started to open the metal door.

"Please be good..."

She stopped as she heard the words and turned giving her mother a smirk, "What? Afraid ah'm gonna spit in peoples food?"


"Don't worry mather...ah won't be doing anythang liahke that...though ah should warn yah that yah shouldn't come tah my station. Ah might make an exception..." after the words passed through her parted lips she opened the door and walked in not waiting to see how her mother would respond.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

"I can add babysitting to my resume after today, right?"

Ray gave a small smirk and shook his head in an amused gesture, "I guess, though I don't think that'll help your chances. And technically she didn't need babysitting...I'm sure she'd be fine even if we hadn't sat next to her in all our classes."

"You know what, that's exactly what I told Remy but did he care? Nope, still had us babysitting. He owes us."

"Shut-up, you know you didn't hate it as much as you're making it seem. You miss Laura too, and being around Anna made it...better."

Roberto made a face that said he agreed with the statement but wasn't planning to admit it and just mumbled a "Hmm..."

Ray shook his head again and then gave a quick glance towards the seats at the opposite side of the room. His blue eyes stared at locks of black hair before turning his head towards the stage where his drama and english teacher were in deep conversation.

"Wonder what the big announcement Mr. Wyngarde hinted in english is going to be…"

Ray shrugged and asked, "Did you buy your new toys?"

"Yup, they'll be here next week. Should be fun."

"A whole week? What are you going to do to distract yourself until then?"

Roberto shrugged and his answer came out in a low hollow tone, "Go back to being who I was before Amara...before Vertigo..."

"And who was that?" Ray asked turning to him with a curious expression.

"Oh, thats right, you weren't here for those glory days. You don't know what it was that brought us all together..."

"You mean it wasn't music?"

"No, not at first anyway. That was a nice surprise for later. What brought us together was the fact that girls love us...and we love them."

"So, you were all man-whores?"

Roberto gave a low chuckle, "I can't believe you said it that way! Playboys has a nicer tone you know…"

"Whatever, so if you're going back to that person, what? You're going to sleep around with others to forget?"

"...No," the answer was so low that Ray had barely heard it. After a few seconds Roberto cleared his throat, "Not necessarily...but now I'm free to look, talk and flirt with whoever I want. It's like you said, I need a distraction and whats better to distract me than a beautiful body and smile?"

"You're stupid."


"You're not going to find any smile that will fix how you feel. Only time will do that...'

Roberto scoffed, "You get that from a broody poem book or something?"

Ray opened his mouth to respond but stopped as bad feedback from Ms. Harkness mic echoed through the room. The gray haired woman started talking and Ray turned to the stage to listen but was was unable too as Roberto asked, "What do you think this is about? Hey maybe it's good news! like they're going to switch our roles and then we won't have be paired up with you know who…or maybe..."

"You should shut-up so we can actually listen."

"Angry much? I thought you guys were suppose to be emo not mean," Roberto joked and watched as Ray rolled his eyes. The goth boys lips parted but whatever words he was planning to say never made their way out as his annoyed face went from suprised to a deep frown.

"What is it?" Roberto asked and turned towards the stage. He didn't need Ray to give him an answer because the sight he saw made the answer obvious. A curious expression started to form onto the tan boy's face. "Hm, I think I would have to consider this a distraction, and look...there's one for me and you."

Ray's frown grew deeper if even possible, "I didn't ask for a distraction so keep me out of this."

Roberto turned back to Ray for a brief second, "What do you mean keep you out of this? Haven't you heard? Misery loves company…"

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Meanwhile O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

"Is he looking over here?"

"I don't know i'm not looking."

"Check...I feel like we're being watched."

"You check, I'm not looking at him."

"I don't want to look, what if he is looking?"

"Then you'll stare at each other?"

Amara pouted and sunk in her seat, "And if he is looking? What do you think I'll find...a gentle expression or a hard one?"

"You'll only find out by looking."

Amara seemed to contemplate the idea and when she finally decided whether she was going to look she sat up straight and looked forward towards the stage.

"Not looking?" Jubilee asked.

Amara shook her head, "If I ignore it maybe the feelings will go away."

Jubilee nodded though the dark skinned princess didn't glance her way, "I guess that's the best way to look at it."

Amara nodded and her mouth opened to respond but stopped as the feedback from a mic echoed through the room making her and Jubilee wince.

"Sorry for keeping you waiting, we were just discussing a few changes..."

Jubilee rubbed her ears as she looked up to the stage to see their drama teacher with the mic in hand.

"Due to how large this production is getting it seems we are running short on help. We spoke to headmaster Xavier a few days prior and thanks to his help as well as the leadership committee a solution was found. Teachers from after school classes have been asked to offer any students they can spare to participate so please welcome our new temporary members..." As Ms. Harkness finished a line of students walked onto the stage.

Jubilee's eyes widened before she turned sideways to look at Amara who had suddenly tensed up while she looked at the platinum blonde on the stage. Amara didn't bother turning to share her look so she turned back to the stage where Mr. Wyngarde took the microphone and began talking, though she was no longer paying attention. Her almond brown eyes glanced at the person standing by Vertigo. The girl stared back with a small smirk on her lips and a twinkle in her blue eyes. She then broke the contact and looked to the opposite side of the room, Vertigo followed suit and looked in that same direction.

"You've got to be shitting me..."

Jubilee didn't respond right away, still a bit shocked from the unexpected events and bit by the foul language that came out if the Brazilian girls mouth.

When she finally responded she gave a quick sideway glance towards where Ray and Roberto sat. "Well it looks like this awkward situation just got a bit more awkward."

Amara didn't give an answer and instead kept her eyes on her ex while he stared at his ex, every once in a while her cheek gave an involuntary twitch.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Anna closed her eyes and inhaled deeply letting the aroma of spices fill her lungs. She hadn't been looking forward to this punishment but considering what food station they had put her in it wasn't as bad as she thought. Another plus was that there weren't many people coming to her. Either Southern food wasn't as popular as she had first thought or the fact that she was manning the station was scaring everyone off. Whatever the reason was she wasn't complaining, the only problem was that she was finally alone for the first time that day.

All throughout classes it was Ray and Roberto who kept her company. During breaks and lunch it had been the girls and even on the walk there it had been her mother, but now she was completely alone which she found wasn't a good thing because her mind kept wandering and thinking about things she didn't want to think about and shouldn't think about.

One of the minor things preoccupying her mind was Laura Lex, she wondered what school she ended up being transferred to and if she would even hear from her again. The day prior she had tried calling her phone but the only answer was the operator telling her that the number was temporarily disconnected.

The second thing and the one plaguing most of her thoughts had to do with a certain Cajun charmer. With everything that had been going on with the others she hadn't had much time to think about him...but now she had had an hour to herself and she found that more than half of that hour her mind kept going to him.

Every time she closed her eye flashes of their forbidden night reemerged and she hated it. Not because it hadn't been good, not because she regretted it but because it brought to light that maybe she was feeling a little more than attraction towards him and that was the worst turn of events that could have happened.

This was started as a game, Remy was only a pawn to get to Jean and make her life a little more difficult but now a real friendship had began and even stronger feelings had started to erupt. This new realization was making her doubt because there was no way that he would come out unscathed by her actions, but even though she had no intention to hurt him it was too late. She had already gone too far to just stop now, and the fact that Jean and her crew definitely had something to do with Laura Lex's departure didn't make her urge for revenge die down. She would have to continue her game and pretend both for his and her own sake that what had happened that night meant nothing.

She would pretend that the sweet things he whispered in her ear meant nothing, pretend that the way his hands softly traveled up her arm before pinning her aggressively to the wall meant nothing, pretend that the way he moaned her name and looked at her as he fucked her silly meant nothing...he was nothing…

Though she was trying to convince herself of this her legs pressed against each other tightly as her stomach churned excitedly and she felt herself get moist as more flashes of what happened that night came back to her. Her teeth grazed her lip a bit and she felt a shiver go up her spine as she heard…

"Don kno which entree y' had but I tink I definitely want it cause it seems like y' still be enjoying it...chere…"

Her eyes snapped opened and she blinked repeatedly to get the dilated orbs go back to normal. He watched her curiously with his head tilted to the side waiting for an answer and as she cleared her throat to answer she thanked her lucky stars that no students had come to her as her mind went drifted.

"What are yah doing here? Came tah amused yahrself and make fun of mah misfortune?"

"Now why would I wanna do dat?" He asked with a ghost of a smile on his face as his eyes roamed over her white outfit. "Any what's dere ta make fun of...y' look tres joile..."

Anna perked an eyebrow at him and tried to ignore the way her heart started speeding up, "yah have such weird taste...then again yah are dating Jean so ah suppose ah shouldn't be surprised."

His half amused smile went away and though he didn't frown at the words he didn't smile again, "Seriously dough...which entree did ya 'ave caused y' seemed pretty satisfied and I'm 'ungry."

Anna pursed her lips together and hoped that her heavy foundation hid her cheeks which were starting to feel warm. "Ah actually haven't eaten yet, only been here for an hour and my break's not for another thirty minutes. The smell alone though is enough tah give yah a foodgasm…" she stopped after the word her eyes getting a bit wide.

Remy's brown orbs met her green and a spark passed through them before he looked down at the different options of food. "Well den...give me a bit of everyting. I'd be a bit crazy to deny myself a foodgasm after all."

Anna shook her head at him but started packing the food onto a plate. Remy watched her movements until she put the plate in front of him.

"So thirty minutes huh?"

"Ya, yah'll be long gone bah than."

"Non don't tink I will. Find me den," and with those last words he walked away leaving her to watch him with a bemused expression on her face.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

"Excuse me Ms. But I was wondering if you could help me find a book?"

Wanda didn't look up from the book she was inspecting. She had been on duty as the library aide for an hour now and her first job was to check all the returned books for signs of damage . The librarian had told her to make sure to help any students that asked for it though which meant she would have to stop what she was doing.

"Um...have you tried looking through our online index?" She asked trying to get out of helping.

"Yup, didn't find anything on fire though."

At the words Wanda froze in place leaving the book she was scanning half opened. She mentally cursed herself for being so distracted not to recognize his voice. Her head tilted to the side to see a smirking Aussie watching her amused.

"Hi!" He greeted when she didn't say anything for a few seconds.

"Hey..." She replied and looked around and saw that though he had been a little loud no one turned to look at them, "What brings you here?" She asked and went back to her book.

Since she looked away she didn't see his small shoulder shrug as he took a seat on a chair by the counter he was leaning on. "The library can be such a quiet and lonely place. Thought you might use some company. So how's it been?"

It was Wanda's turn to shrug, "Pretty much what you said, quiet and boring. I've just been checking books out and whatever...this isn't a hard job at all."

"Don't say that too loud, Ms. Nova might not appreciate the way you're dissing her job."

"She's stepped out and left me in charge. Said something about idiotic brothers making idiotic decisions. I somehow relate to that statement."

John smiled, "If it makes you feel better he hasn't made too many this weekend. Kinda just kept himself holed up in his room."

"Doing what I wonder," Wanda replied, "Cause by looking at him he doesn't look like he's getting good sleep."

"Aw, such a nice sister. Choosing to say he looks like shit the nice way."

This made Wanda's lips turn upwards in a small smirk, "You said it…"

"To his face actually. What kind of friend would I be if I didn't?"

Wanda shrugged, "I guess a bad one, though really it's his fault he's like that. His bad decisions got him where he is now."

"I'm assuming that you're talking about the fact that he choose blonde over black?" Wanda shrugged again but didn't reply making John fidget in his seat. "Have you girls heard from Laura?"

"No. I haven't talked to Anna since lunch. I immediately got escorted here which I'm guessing happened to her too so I haven't been updated. If she does make contact I'm sure it'll be with her though…"

John nodded and looked away from the raven haired beauty staring instead at the cart of books she kept grabbing from. He grabbed the next on the pile and his nose scrunched in distaste as he looked at the black cover with pale hands holding an apple.

"No practice today?" Wanda asked pulling his attention away from the book.

John put the book back on the top of the pile and slumped into his seat putting his chin on his arms, "Yeah but not till later. Remy said he had something to do and Roberto and Ray have drama so I had time to kill. That will hopefully also give your brother time to get over his funk, he has to choose songs tonight." Wanda nodded but again didn't comment. "What time are you out of here?"

"Punishments about three hours so 6:30."

"Great, that's plenty of time!" John responded and sat up.

Wanda perked an eyebrow, "plenty of time for what?"

John grinned mischievously, "For you to help me find a book about fire of course!"

Wanda's eyes widened at bit as she looked at the excited aussie and she suddenly knew that she was not going to be finishing scanning the returned books.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Later O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Remy eyed his empty plate and wondered how long he had actually been staring at it. It felt like an eternity but he knew it couldn't have been more than ten minutes.

Before he had decided to focus on his empty plate he had been staring at a certain green eyed southerner but every time their eyes met they would both hastily look away as to not attract attention. Which he noticed was actually causing more attention.

It was a rare thing for him to be eating alone. Usually he was either accompanied by Jean or at least one of the boys but today it was just him completely alone sitting to the closest table where Anna was stationed. Since it was such an odd sight everyone else in the cafeteria was watching him and only got more curious when both teens looked at each other only to look away. So now he was looking at the white cuttery which didn't really help his mind focus because he found that the shade of the plate reminded him of the soft skin he was trying not to look at.

Soft pale skin that he had withering under him and on top of him, all over him really…

As the the mental image ran through his mind he groaned and dropped his head to the table making sure not to hit the plate on the table. So much for staying away from her...

"Yah're so dramatic, It hasn't been all that long and no one told yah tah wait…"

Remy's head snapped up to see Anna taking a seat across from him with a small plate of chicken.

"Non, dats not it…"

"It's yahr audience?"

"Y' noticed too?"

"Everyone is looking at this table, it would be hard not tah notice. Ah almost considered not sitting here," she teased as she started to pick at her chicken.

"The cons of popularity," Remy mumbled in a low tone but Anna heard and nodded agreeing.

"With yahr new found free tiahme ah assumed yah'd spend more tiahme with yahr girlfriend or actually ah guess ah should that after leavng forh a few days and not making contact with her at all ah expected yah tah be on a short leash. So do ah dare ask why yah're here instead?" Anna asked and took a bite of the chicken that was now on her fork.

Remy shrugged, "She's got cheer. Couldn't get away taday but dere's always tamorrow."

Anna nodded then responded with, "That answers one question, what about the other?"

Remy smirked, "Y' make it sound like it be a crime ta come see un ami."

Anna shrugged, "Yah waited more than thirty minutes forh meh tah come out here. It's hard tah balieve that there's no reason behind it, not tah mention yah came alone...which also reminds tah ask yah if yah know what was up with Ray and Roberto. They were liahke flies tahday."

Remy's smirk got a bit wider if even possible at the last statement, "It's only been a few days but I would imagine dey already miss being around a bossy and moody goth so who else would fit dat bill?"

Anna rolled her eyes and took another bite of her food. She shook her head and swallowed, "So what exactly is gonna happen with the spot and yahr performances? Yah guys planning on taking a break?"

"Non. Pietro already scheduled a practice fo today, which I guess it's a good ting. It'll keep dem all busy."

"Gawd, it feels liahke we're the only ones without problems doesn't it?"

Remy scoffed at this comment making Anna perk an eyebrow at him questionably, "Desole still had some of dat chicken in my throat," he lied while clearing his throat and looking away from her.

Anna rolled her eyes and shook her head then turned down to her small plate, "Ah'm just gonna eat my chicken and pretend yah didn't do that…" she remarked in a small whisper making the cajun boy turn back to her. As his lips parted to ask why she didn't want to talk about it she stopped him with a question of her own, "How was the food?"

Remy frowned at the obvious change of topic but remembered his conversation with John and sighed knowing that he himself had been the one to decide that he wasn't going to bring that topic up. "Oui, c'était bon mais...I've had better tasting things when I eat out…" Remy stopped talking as he heard a coughing. Anna grabbed for his half filled cup of soda and downed the contents. It was his turn to perk an eyebrow at her.

She cleared her throat and looked at his face but avoided making contact with his eyes instead deciding to focus on his nose, "This is dangerous chicken…"

It was quiet for a few seconds before his chuckle broke the awkward silence and as he laughed the odd tension that had build around them evaporated. Anna smiled and a small chuckle escaped her lips too and soon after both southerners found themselves talking normally, Anna pretending that him being there with her meant nothing to her as she played with the ring on her thumb and Remy pretending that he didn't care that she still had said ring.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

"I'm not taking these…" John answered and pushed a few books back towards Wanda who was back behind the check out counter.

"You made me leave this counter for more than thirty minutes to find you a stupid book. We found these so you're taking them," Wanda answered with a ghost of a smile on her face.

"I asked for a book about fire...like maybe tips about starting some not this!"

"What's wrong with," Wanda grabbed the first book in the small pile, "The Fire"?"

John frowned and looked at the book, "You mean other than the fact that there's a topless guy on the cover? How do we even have that book here in the first place!"

Wanda let a small smile slip as she turned the book over, "But look, this last line in the summary fits you so well! 'The problem is that when you play with fire you might just get hurt.' It seems like you could learn a lot from this…"

"Luv...it's an erotic romance novel!"

Wanda bit her lip to stop from laughing and looked around to see if anyone had decided to look at them thanks to John's loud outburst. A few people did look their way but didn't seem interested in whatever was happening, they just seemed annoyed that they were making a racket.

"Shh…" Wanda childed, "We're in a library…"

"I'll shh, when you find me a good book!" he answered though his tone automatically went down low.

"What's wrong with the other books we grabbed?"

John gave her a pointed look and picked another book up to show her the cover, "This shelia and bloke are almost doing it on the cover! Seriously how are these books even in here?"

This time Wanda couldn't help the chuckle that escaped her lips, "I have no idea. The headmaster must be a closet perv…"

"Not something I wanted to find out," John answered and took his phone out of his pocket and turned the screen on. "Oh damn...didn't realize time was going this fast. I gotta go…"

Wanda's small grin faded, "Right, you have practice…"

John looked up at her and smiled, "Yeah...it seems I didn't find what I was looking for though so...I guess I'll have to come back tomorrow…"

"..." Wanda didn't respond as she let the words sink. He patiently watched her and waited for some type of response. After a few seconds Wanda blinked, "I suppose so…" she answered slowly. His smile widened and he pushed the books even further towards her making her look down at them. "Are you sure you don't want to take at least one? Makes your visit kind of a waste if you leave empty handed…" she remarked in a daring tone and with a perked eyebrow.

"This visit is far from a waste," he answered in an honest tone making her fidget and look away from him. He smiled again and tapped a book in front of her, "I'll take your challenge though and I'll check this one out."

"Pig…" she mumbled taking the book and scanning it along with his school ID. "Looks like the headmaster isn't the only closet perv…" she mumbled under her breath but still loud enough for him to hear.

"Actually, I just really like the title."

Wanda chose not to respond to the comment and handed him the book which he quickly hid under his jacket away from prying eyes. "Guess I'll see you here tomorrow…"

"And in class right? Unless you're planning to ditch or something…" she stated smartly.

He grinned, "oh yeah...almost forgot about that."

"You almost forgot that we have all the same classes?"

"You were distracting me!" he defended.

"And apparently still am because you're running late now…"

"Oh crap…" he replied and started walking fast towards the door giving her one last glance and wave. She watched him until he walked outside of the building where he then proceeded in running towards the car garage building.

She smiled and shook her head then turned to the computer screen where the title of John's book was still displayed. The words she read made her smile fade and she groaned to herself. She had been perfectly fine knowing that this punishment was suppose to be boring...but now it didn't seem so bad and that wasn't a good thing.

She looked at the title one last time, 'Friendship on Fire' before closing the page and leaning on the counter, she had a feeling this was going to be a weird week.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Friday O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Anna nodded as a girl came over to her post letting her know that it had been an hour and half and it was time for her break. She quickly grabbed two slices of pizza and walked over to the table she had been sitting at all week.

"Ah'm guessing cheer's more important tahday tah?" She asked and sat down.

Remy stopped playing on his phone and looked in her direction. He ignored her question and instead looked at her plate,"Y' must be pretty hungry, hadn't see y' eat more den one serving all week..."

"Actually this one if forh yah," she replied as she grabbed a slice and slid the plate towards him. She smirked as he looked at it weirdly and picked it up even more awkwardly. "Not much of a pizza person I take?" She asked perking an eyebrow.

He gave a small shrug, "dere's noting wrong wit it but come on when y' used to eating good southern food dis jus pales in comparison."

"True. So how was yahr day?"

"Fine till I got ta math...don't know why but yo mere 'as started to 'ate me more den usual…"

Anna smirked, "Ah'm sure she comes tah check up on meh making sure ah'm staying out of trouble so the fact that yah've been sitting here every day forh the last week might have somethang tah do with it."

"Y' tink she'd like dat fact, my grades are pretty good in 'er class. I can tutor y' next year," he teased.

"HA!" she remarked loudly and then added, "Onlah if it's Jean's kinda tutoring," under her breath making Remy turn to her and and say 'quoi?' Anna pursed her lips, "Ah asked if yahr ready forh yahr performance tahnight."

"For de most part. Just one last pitstop before I 'ead over to de spot."

"Oh? Where are yah going?"

"Meeting Jean. She's suppose get out of practice early so we can spend some time together before she tutors and 'eads over to watch us."

"Isn't that sweet of her..." Anna commented and instantly recognized the sarcasm in her voice making her head snap towards him, "Sorrah...sometiahmes mah mouth talks without thinking..." She looked away and turned back to the half eaten pizza in her hand. "It's good that she's gonna make tiahme forh yah. It's probably seemed liahke a long week without her since she's had cheer practice and long tutor hours and yah had band practice. Yarh probably also getting tired of seeing mah face so the break will probably be good…"

Remy smiled as Anna ranted on, after a few seconds he leaned towards her and took the pizza from her hands only to put it against her mouth making her stop talking. He laughed as her eyes widened in surprise but then they quickly started to narrow in realization making him lean away.

She chewed the piece of pizza that she ended up biting and when she was done she glared, "Ass…"

"I do 'ave one of dos…why y' bring it up chere? Been looking at it?" he asked in a teasing tone.

Anna rolled her eyes, "Don't flatter yahrself swamp boy…" after that comment she took the last bite of her pizza while Remy barely started on his. When she was done she looked around thoughtfully and said, "Ah dunno how yah do it and in a way ah'm kinda happy ah don't have tah deal with that kinda crap anymore."

Remy swallowed a bit of pizza. "Do what?"

"A relationship...ah literally watched three of them fall apart in a day…thay're so difficult tah manage yet so easy tah break... "

"Three?" Remy questioned with a perk eyebrow. Amara, Roberto and Jubilee, Ray were obvious assumptions but a third? Pietro flashed into his mind but disappeared with a blink as he looked at Anna questionably.

She waved off the question and looked away.

He studied her for a moment before asking, "How so?"


"y' said dere easy ta break. Elaborate."

"Do yah really need an elaboration? We're in high school. Look around yah it's everywhere…" she tilted her head sideways making him look to a corner of the cafeteria where a couple was smooching.

"Dey seem to be enjoyin' it."

"Ah've been here all week and that's the fourth girl ah've seen that guy with. Relationships are full of lies...full of miscommunication...pain and denial," as she said each words she thought of Wanda, Amara, Jubilee and Laura. Her eyes skimmed the cafeteria and landed on a table where a violet haired girl sat, she was looking outside and from where Anna was sitting she could make out the familiar built of Warren Worthington. "It's a waste of tiahme and it changes who yah are…"

Remy kept studying her intently and frowned, "C'est triste…(it's sad)."

Anna perked an eyebrow, "What is?"

"Dat someone mess y' up bad enough ta mak yah forget how beautiful l'amour can be."

A sound escaped her throat that sounded in between a sigh and chuckle, "It's a beautiful lie..." As she continued she got a dazed look that seemed like she forgot here she was: "mah favorite part of it was the paranoia...yah know when yah send a text an thay take forhevah tah answer. Yahr mind starts wandering wondering why they won't answer...wondering if they're with someone else... and the best part is when yah find out it's not paranoia…."

Remy felt his eyes narrow and his hands slowly started to form into fists knowing who she was referring to. Before he could make a comment on it though Anna blinked and shook her head making her bangs go into her hair. When she looked back at him the daze look was gone.

"So again ah don't know how yah do it but ah guess ah should give yah big props. Ah would thank that having a relationship with someone yah hardly see would be difficult but yah both do it so well, it must really be somethang special…"

Remy's lips parted but they went through a motion of opening and closing with no sound.

Anna tilted her head sideways as she watched him and then gave a small smile, "You'd be a great looking fish...anyway mah breaks seems tah be over. That girl is stating tah give meh the stink eye, sorrah our conversation seemed tah get weird. Ah don't even remember how we got tah this topic…"

"Yo mouth spoke without thinkin…"

"Oh yea…ah'll work on that. Have a good time," and with that she got up and started walking away. She stopped though as she felt a strong grip on her wrist making her turn around to see that he had gotten up too.

"Y' goin' tanight?"

"No. Amara and Jubes…"

"Y' should come," he interrupted. "Sound like y' could use a drink…"

"Ah don't think so. Drinking has been getting meh inta trouble the last few tiahmes ah've consumed."

"Don't tink dats alcholo chere...I tink y' do that all by yo self. I'll look fo y'..."


"A bientôt…" he interrupted again and then proceed in walking away from her.

Anna stared after him and was about to shout after him but stopped when she heard a "ahem" making her turn to the girl who was still covering her spot.

"Fuck meh…" she groaned annoyed and gave him a last look before walking back over to the pizza station.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Elsewhere O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Wanda looked at the barcode of the book in her hand. She noted the author last name and started looking for the right spot for it. As she did this she thought she heard a shuffling sound so she froze in place and looked around. No one there, it was Friday evening and most of the students that even knew where the library was were out because it was the weekend.S he frowned and took a glance at the clock on the wall before going back to organizing the books on the small cart next to her.

A few minutes passed with just the occasional 'thump' which was caused by her putting books onto shelves but then she thought she heard it again...shuffling.

She took a deep breath in and chose to ignored it and grabbed her next book. The spot for it was right in front of her and as she moved it forward to put it in place a hand came out from the empty spot and a loud "grahhh" echoed through the empty building.

Wanda stared at the hand, blinked and smacked it with the book making an 'ow' ring though the area.

"About damn time you showed yourself."

A few seconds later a head of orange hair rounded the corner. He was shaking his hand and once he saw her he stopped and grinned sheepishly.

"So you knew I was here huh?"

Wanda didn't give a verbal response and just nodded as she looked for the spot for her next book. John watched her for a few quiet seconds.

"How did you know?"

Wanda shrugged and glanced at the clock on the wall, "you always come at this time..." She replied offhandedly while putting a book on the shelf. After a minute of silence from him Wanda turned to glance at him and found him watching her. His eyes were a bit wide and his mouth was partially opened. "What?"

His parted lips closed and within a few seconds curled upwards in a gentle smile, "you were waiting for me..." He responded in a softer tone that she was used to. A tone he used to use on her before what seemed like ages ago.

It was her turn to stare at him agape and besides herself she felt her heart start speeding up. "Don't be stupid...you're just predictable," she remarked before turning away from him making it seem like she was looking for another spot for one of the books.

"I see..." He responded and leaned on a bookshelf while he crossed his arms in front of his chest. His eyes never leaving her smaller frame.

If Wanda could feel his intense gaze she ignored it, "so you ready for your performance tonight?"

"I guess so...are you girls going?"

"I doubt it. Jubilee and Amara have already told us they're not and if you think about it wouldn't it be weird for us to go now? I mean no ones dating anyone now..." She replied as she got a dingy looking stool from the cart.

"Hm..." Was John's only response as he watched her put the stool on the floor and look upwards at the spot she was trying to reach. A spot that he would have no trouble reaching, "Need help?"

"I got it..." She replied while stepping on the stool.

"Aright but that stool doesn't look safe..." He answered.

"I think I can handle putting a book away, been doing it for thirty minutes now...thanks for your concern," she replied in a sarcastic tone.

"Right…" John answered and watched as she put the book in it's rightful place. He also watched as the book on the shelf above the one she had just placed wiggled with the shelf as she held on to it to step off the stool. In a quick moment the book started to fall and instead of letting it hit the floor Wanda made a grab for it causing her to step on the edge of the stool where a loud crack echoed through the large empty room.

She held on hard to the book as she felt her body start falling and she braced herself for the hit. When she didn't feel anything one of her eyes slowly opened and all she saw was orange. This made her other eye open and her face tilted upwards to looking to piercing blue eyes.

"I want to say I told you so but i'm afraid you'll hit me…" the comment was said in a whisper but due to their closeness he might as well been shouting it.

Wanda quickly squirmed out of his hold and when she was a good foot away from she mumbled a 'thanks'. He nodded and walked a few steps towards her. As he got closer she took steps back until her back hit the bookshelf behind her making the shelf move.

He looked at the shelf and grabbed it making the movement stop before turning to give her a curious look, "It's a good think this is your last day...looks like if you'd stay any longer you might mess this whole place up…" he teased and grabbed the book she had saved from her grasp. He then went back to the other shelf and with ease put it where it belong.

When he turned around he saw her in the same spot watching him, "What's wrong? You're quiet all of a sudden. Did the fall hurt after all?"

"No, it's just…"

"Ah there you are!"

Both teens jumped startled and turn sideways to see Ms. Nova walking towards them.

"Wanda I have a final assignment you can help me with before you go..oh hello. I didn't know you were with a student, come see me when you're done."

"Oh it's ok, I am done."

John's head snapped to the raven haired beauty with a questioning look. Her eyebrows rose up in a challenging way as if daring him to disagree but when he didn't say she looked back to the older woman.

"Great! Lets go back to the counter," Ms. Nova responded and started making her way back the way she came.

Wanda let her get a few feet away before turning back to John. "Thanks again," she remarked before walking away leaving the aussie alone in the aisle.

O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O Meanwhile O-o-O-o-O-o-O-o-O

Remy walked out of the cafeteria and slowly made his way to the quad which was where he was suppose to be meeting Jean. All the way there he couldn't help but think back to his conversation with Anna. They've been friends for a little more than six months and he had seen many sides of her but the side she had just shown him a peek of was different.

It was pain, but in a different way...a dark way…

It surprised him...the emotion he felt off her and the fact that she actually spoken of him. She didn't say his name of course but he knew what she had been referring when she said the paranoia hadn't been paranoia. He knew who it was that had made her lose that trust and put her on edge about relationships...

He stopped walking and closed his eyes as he tried to regulate his breathing which had gotten harsher as his blood boiled. He needed to calm down... he inhaled deeply and released the breath trying his best to get his focus off his classmate. He achieved this goal but his mind went back to words Anna had spoken, words he knew

were right.

Relationships were easy to break, especially if on a foundation of lies...

Remy's eyes snapped open as felt arms wrapped themselves around him. When he looked down he saw red hair and before he could say anything she was on her tip-toes and soft lips made contact with his. His eyes closed again and without thought he gave the closed mouth kiss all he had…

He had to find out what was true and what was a lie.

When he opened his eyes she pulled away and he watched her smile, "Finally, we can spend a little time together. I have thirty minutes before I have to be at the tutoring center so what should we…" Jean didn't finish her question. Instead she stopped talking and her head tilted a bit to the side as she studied his face intently. She noticed he seemed bothered, almost conflicted. "What's wrong? You seemed distracted…"

Remy gingerly grabbed both her hands and stared at the them before their gaze moved to meet her own.



"I think we need ta break up."

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