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"What's wrong Ryou?" Bakura asked, a smirk twisting his features as he stared down at his hikari.

Ryou, curled up on the floor of the endless darkness that was Bakura's Soul Room, looked up with sorrowful eyes. "What do you want with me? Why am I here? You know I hate you."

"Oh?" Bakura said, amusement clear in his voice. "And why exactly do you hate me little Ryou?"

Ryou looked down at his knees, hating the demon's eyes that were so full of dark enjoyment. "You control my body and try to kill my friends. I'm a pawn to you, not a person. Why shouldn't I hate you?"

Bakura chuckled. "Everyone is a pawn to me Ryou – you're not the only one."

"That makes me feel so much better," Ryou muttered resentfully under his breath.

Bakura chuckled again and moved forward to stroke Ryou's hair. Ryou whimpered and tried to back away from the fingers that glided through his silky locks. "Don't worry little Ryou – you're my favourite pawn." Bakura paused for a moment as he thought about something. "And to show you that you're my favourite I think I'll tell you a secret."

Ryou looked up with unhidden curiosity as Bakura removed his hand from atop the mortal's head. "What kind of secret?" he asked.

Bakura smirked. Ryou's curiosity was his main weakness and Bakura knew just the right ways to use this to his advantage. "A special secret that no-one else knows about. You know that I'm the King and you're the Pawn right?" A nod. "Well I'm going to show you my Knight – my loyal protector and servant."

Ryou got to his feet and turned to his right to see an outline in the swirling darkness that encompassed them. The person the outline belonged to soon appeared and Ryou gasped when he saw Bakura's Knight. He was dressed in a white kilt and a long red cape outlined in white. The man was obviously Egyptian from his tan and had short white hair. His grey-blue eyes shone in the darkness and his right eye was scarred.

"Ryou meet my Knight – Akefia Bakura, King of Thieves," introduced Bakura.

Akefia came closer and looked Ryou up and down. "I was never told that you were such a pretty pawn," he said lecherously.

Before Ryou could say anything or even blush he was pulled forward into a deep kiss. It was quick but when Akefia removed his tongue from Ryou's mouth the boy was still out of breath.

Akefia licked his lips, savouring the taste of Ryou's mouth, before saying, "Good looks and sweet taste – you're a real good catch aren't you?"

Ryou blushed hotly and Bakura scowled. The yami stormed forward and pushed Ryou out of the way, nearly knocking him over. "What do you think you're doing?" he hissed venomously.

"I'm just being friendly," Akefia replied innocently even though his eyes betrayed his amusement.

"You were being a lot more than friendly and you know it," Bakura snapped.

Akefia chuckled. "Don't worry your Majesty; you're still top of my list." He then swooped down and captured Bakura's lips. Bakura didn't seem to mind and fought Akefia for dominance.

Ryou, meanwhile, was fixated but horribly embarrassed by what he was witnessing. It was like a train crash – he couldn't look away even though he wanted to.

As Bakura and Akefia pulled away from each other, Bakura muttered, "I told you not to do that when others were present."

"You weren't objecting before," Akefia pointed out.

Bakura ignored him and turned to Ryou. "Well there you have it. Akefia is my special secret and you're the first mortal to meet him in 5000 years."

Ryou was speechless. Should he say something? Should he thank Bakura for revealing his secret to him? Should he say that he had absolutely no interest in Akefia now that he knew Bakura was his lover?

Akefia chuckled. "Maybe you should tell him the real reason you brought us here," he said knowingly to Bakura.

"What are you talking about?" snapped Bakura.

"Don't pretend to be ignorant – I know it wasn't my name you moaned when we last had sex."

Bakura felt his cheeks get warm. "I fail to see the relevance-"

"The mighty King has fallen for his innocent little Pawn and is too scared to admit it." Akefia turned to Ryou and said sadly, "It's a shame, isn't it?"

Ryou felt his breath catch in his throat and his cheeks began to burn. Bakura loved him? Impossible, it couldn't be true…could it?

"It also seems," Akefia continued, "that the Knight has also seen what a beauty the Pawn is. The only question left to be answered is 'does the Pawn want to try a threesome?'"

Ryou's eyes moved from one man to the next, his head spinning. Was this a trick, a cruel joke? Did he like the man he had just met and the one who kept him as a slave – a pawn – enough to get romantically involved with them?

"I think he needs some convincing," Bakura remarked.

Akefia grinned. "I agree entirely."

Before Ryou knew what was happening Bakura had pressed their lips together and Akefia had moved behind him, the man's hands travelling up his figure. Ryou's eyes slid shut as Akefia pressed kisses to the boy's neck and collarbone. It wasn't long until the inexperienced mortal was in heaven and small moans were escaping his lips into Bakura's mouth.

Bakura separated their lips and whispered in Ryou's ear. "If you join us you can experience this kind of pleasure and more whenever you want. Your status can be upgraded from Pawn to Queen if you want. You know what you have to do."

Bakura kissed Ryou's neck as Akefia moved to claim his other ear. "Just say the word and you reach paradise. It's a simple word – only three letters – just say it," he encouraged before going back to sucking and nibbling the boy's ear.

The words sunk straight into Ryou's mind and heart and he knew what he had to say. If only his mouth would start working. "Yes," he gasped before his knees gave way beneath him.

Akefia caught him and held him steady. Bakura ran his fingers across Ryou's jaw and said (in a voice that was much more gentle than it usually was) "Remember, you're still my slave and I'm in charge but maybe I'll be inclined to listen to suggestions from time to time."

Akefia smirked and kissed the top of Ryou's head. "You made the right choice little one."

Ryou sighed in content and his eyes drifted shut…

The alarm clock sounded and Ryou was startled back to reality. He shut off the annoying alarm and then stared absently at the wall in front of him. It had all been a dream. His first shot at happiness in a long time and it had all been a dream. Ryou bit his lip to stop the sadness and disappointment leaking out in the form of tears.

Suddenly, Ryou felt something tugging at his consciousness. Did Bakura want to posses him already? Or had he witnessed Ryou's dream and was bringing him to his Soul Room to be punished?

Fear gripped Ryou as his mind was dragged to where Bakura was, his body going limp and falling back onto the bed with a soft thump.

Ryou opened his eyes when he felt himself stop moving. He was in his own Soul Room and was sat up in the bed that resided there, just like he had been in the real world. Ryou was alone in his Soul Room. Or at least he thought he was.

A pair of arms snaked around Ryou's waist and Ryou jerked round to see Bakura's smirking face. How Ryou had missed the spirit that was in bed with him was a mystery. Something heavy moved between Ryou's legs and Ryou turned back to see Akefia lying on his stomach, smirking up at him. How he had suddenly appeared out of nowhere was also a mystery.

"That stupid alarm dragged you from us before we could say goodbye," Bakura started.

"So we decided to bring you back and do it properly," Akefia finished.

Both spirits moved forward and kissed one of Ryou's cheeks. Ryou's cheeks turned pink but he smiled all the same. There was suddenly another pull at his mind and Ryou was dragged back to the real world. Ryou's eyes opened and he beamed up at the ceiling. It hadn't been a dream – it had all been real!

Ryou looked at his clock and saw that he had been daydreaming for too long; he would be late for school if he didn't get a move on. He quickly got out of bed and dashed away to make breakfast. That was the first day that Ryou had ever been late for school and it was the first in a long line of tardy slips that he received.

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