Needless to say, life went well for Sakura and Sasuke after their child was born. Natsu was easy to work with, but could be very stubborn at times when he wanted. A year later, Naruto and Hinata had their first child, and unlike Sasuke and Sakura, they had theirs in the hospital. It was a beautiful baby girl, that Hinata and Naruto named Mizuki. She had lavender eyes with hardly any pupils, like Hinata, but her hair was blonde like Naruto's. And they were very happy. Needless to say, there were a lot of baby cryings between the Uchiha and Uzumaki residence.

Shikamaru had been stuck between the two blondes, Yamanaka Ino and Sabaku no Temari. In the end, Temari had given Ino a good bashing, (no seriously, hair flew everywhere) and the streets of Konoha were blonde for a couple of weeks. So Temari had won the blonde war. Gaara had become the Kazekage, and was leading his life happily, hiding from his advisors and subordinates once in a while when the papers just became too frustrating for him.

Kakashi had won a ticket to go and see the novelist of Icha Icha Paradise and he got to see the next novel the Ero-Sennin was working on. After he came back from his vacation, he came back looking quite pale and his mask was red now, not blue, as the result of several nosebleeds. Yes, they had gone to one of Jiraiya's "data-collecting" spots, which was...the women's bath in Konoha.

Asuma, sensei of Ino's team, had gotten a gift certificate to the biggest cigarette shop in Sunagakure, and he went there whenever he had spare time. He had become a frequent customer there, and had even made friends with the shop owner. He usually came back from these little excursions smelling like smoke.

Kurenai, sensei of Hinata's team, had finally managed to get better clothes than that bandage dress that she usually wore, which was a relief. She now dressed in yukatas, which complimented her eyes more. She had also cut her hair which was its own little way.

And Maito Gai, sensei of Rock Lee's team, had bought more spandex suits...except in different colors. He now had green, blue, white, and black. He said that all these colors seemed youthful, except black, which he wore whenever somebody had died or gotten hurt. Lee was aspiring to collect all these colors of spandex suit now too.

Rock Lee had gotten even stronger, and he was especially strong when he was drunk. He had not quite recovered from his fatal injuries in the Chuunin exams against Gaara, but he could manage and proved everybody wrong. Everybody had thought that he wouldn't recover enough to be a shinobi, but he had, and received the "Fighter Award". It was only rewarded to peoplewho didn't give up.

Hyuuga Neji had learned the importance of being kind, of having good qualities, and he was acting nicer to everyone, except when his friends were in danger. When his friends or the mission was jeopardized, he instantly activated the Byakugan, which was a silent warning of telling people to get out of his way or they would get hurt too.

Tenten had gotten an award of being the best weaponsmaster in Konoha AND Sunagakure, of which she was very proud. She constantly wore the shiny silver and gold belt around Konoha, so it made her hard to look at with the sun gleaming on it.

Hinata had grown confident of herself and had grown her hair out. She no longer stuttered or was afraid of her Cousin Neji. In fact, when Hinata went back for a family reunion, it was reported that she and Neji had been cuddling together under the moonlight. Of course, that could've been just a rumor, but it probably wasn't...seeing as the cousins had more affection for each other than before.

Inuzuka Kiba and Akamaru had perfected most of their techniques, and Akamaru had the Inuzuka compound was rather in much mayhem. Shino's parents, who were really annoyed that their son had been hijacked by the sugar, got even more pissed when they kept waking up to maniacal laughing and the barking of dogs.

Ino had given up on Shikamaru and was dating a man from the Village Hidden in the Clouds. His name was Chyno. He was rather quite cute, in Ino's opinion, and could summon clouds whenever he wanted. Of course, he couldn't make it rain, he could just make it cloudy. Konoha was never cloudy because Chyno was always happy.

Chouji fat as ever, but his strength and chakra lever had gone up tremendously, which made him a fearsome opponent, especially when he was spurned. He had defeated Jiroubou of the Sound 5 with ease, even though of the difference in size and strength.

The 5th Hokage was still holding on to her position, constantly getting drunk, and constantly sleeping on her job. But without that, she wouldn't be the Hokage. Tsunade was constantly giving missions out to Cell 7, which now consisted only of Kakashi and Naruto, because Hinata was better with children than Sakura was.

Her protege, Shizune, was constantly going into bars, getting drunk, and waking up only to find a drunken Lee sitting beside her, nearly conked out, but not quite. Sometimes it could be quite scary, even scarier than Shino's maniacal laughing. And sometimes she swore she saw Shino at the bar too, pouring sugar into sake and then drinking it. No wonder the poor girl had to go to therapy.

Everything went well in Konoha...and their children were growing up just as they intended. Only one thing was amiss in the village. Nobody knew what it was. They just knew that it was a threat to Konoha and needed to be stopped as soon as possible. Little did they know it, but this threat was the infamous Lani Uchiyama.