N.O.-S.A.N.C.T.U.A.R.Y- Hey everyone. So I decided to write a new fiction for Naruto. The pairing will be Sasuke Uchiha with Ino Yamanaka. I know there aren't many fans of them two, but please just read it first and acknowledge it. It doesn't hurt to at least see a different pairing, and maybe you will like it too. I will update each chapter if and only IF I get at least 4 or more reviews for each chapter, so I know whether I'm wasting my time or whatsoever. So I will update if I get at least 4 reviews for each chapter. Please no flames; if you don't like what you read, then just don't review at all please. This story has nothing to do with the original plot of Naruto by the way, just warning you beforehand.

Here's the story: Everyone always looks down on Ino Yamanaka. Everyone thinks that she's automatically a slut just because she tends to flirt with Sasuke. People think she's way over-confident, or conceded. But what if that was only just pretend? Not everyone is what they seem…

Warnings: mild abuse, mild cursing, romance, action-adventure, a bit OOC

I do not own Naruto, or else I'd be at the BET awards drinking cocktails and buying me a whole bunch of mansions. Actually, if I owned Naruto, I would OWN BET! HAHAHAHA! Okay…excuse me…okay I don't own Naruto.


Why is it that people judge me so much?

Why is it that I lost my friend just because of a boy…was I so selfish? Was she so selfish…?

Women are always saying that men aren't worth it…So why is it that I was so caught up in this delusional love…?

Was it delusional…?

Was it worth it…was it worth losing your friend…?

No, it wasn't. I wish I hadn't lost my friend, Sakura Haruno.

Now, she is acknowledged for her new-found strength.

And I am acknowledged for nothing.

My tough, confident exterior.

Is nothing but a mask. A mask to hide the sadness in me.

A mask to hide the darkness in my heart.

A mask to hide the real me…A lost, sad puppy.

A pathetic person in this world, a pathetic nobody whom everyone thinks is a whore.

But I am no whore.

I am just…lost…secretly broken…I'm just…

A Nobody.