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Chapter 14: What a Wonderful Feeling…A unique way of getting together.

He once again began to walk home. His eyes were half-closed, and he had to repeatedly shake his head to stay focused. He then saw someone picking flowers, and he automatically knew who it was. She was wearing what looked like a white dress shirt and navy blue pants that reached a few inches above her knees. Her hair was pulled in a low ponytail, and she wore sandals. She was humming a small tune as she picked flowers carefully. She must have sensed his presence, because soon she was staring at him, a surprised expression at first, but then that same glare that she had sent him before.

It's him...Ino thought as she glared at him.

It was that look that told him that she was hurt by his actions; that look of anger and regret. As soon as she looked at him, she gathered the flowers in her arms and began to walk away, hearing a huff coming from her as she stormed away.

Sasuke growled and watched as she began walking away; she was avoiding him again. And it was making him angry; very angry. No one avoided him like that; no one…

He began following her, storming after her, not letting her get away. Soon he caught up to her and reached out for her arm. He jerked her backwards.

"What the-"

The flowers fell from her arms and scattered on the ground…

Ino watched as the flowers fell on the ground, some flying in the air along with the wind. She glared and snatched her arm out of Sasuke's grip.

"Do you know how long it took for me to gather all those flowers Uchiha?!" She glared, her old personality starting to come back.

"I could care less." Sasuke replied coldly.

Ino looked down, casting a shadow over her face. "I am so stupid," Sasuke raised an eyebrow out of curiosity.

"To think for just one second that you were interested in me. I knew it couldn't be true…I bet Sakura is happy now…" Ino said, and looked up at the sky; she struggled to keep the tears back.

"She always wanted to better than me…she ended our friendship over you, you know that? That day when she declared us as rivals…she was right…she said she wouldn't lose, and she didn't lose either," Ino said, biting her bottom lip, a new habit she had gotten into. "She chose you over me and now she has you. I guess you have to make sacrifices in order to achieve your goals."

Sasuke just stared at her as she talked, letting everything she said sink in.

Ino chuckled bitterly. "I don't even know why I had the idea of you and me together in my head…it was just wishful thinking on my part...I actually thought I had a chance with you…Me, out of all of the girls…" She bent to pick up her flowers.

"I just want to ask you one question…everything that happened between us, did it mean anything to you? Or was it just something to pass time by…?"

Sasuke looked away and didn't say anything; his facial expression had remained the same. A few moments passed by, Ino sighed.

"Nothing. You won't ever change do you?" Ino said angrily as she continued picking up flowers. She was really getting fed up with this Uchiha. "You are so cold and stubborn. You act like you're so tough and strong. You act like you don't give a damn about anyone but yourself. You're such a coward Uchiha."

Sasuke looked back at her; he glared at her and clenched his fists. How dare she talk to him like that!! He was starting to like her better when she was depressed. He didn't like ANYONE calling him a coward. He was never scared…at least that he tried to convince himself. He started to remember when Itachi attacked his clan, how scared he was indeed. He was afraid to die, afraid of what his brother would do to him. Sasuke began to feel his blood boil with rage.

"Talking to you Uchiha, is like talking to a brick wall. Have a happy life with Sakura." Ino turned away from him and began walking.

Sasuke growled and grabbed her arm.

"I didn't say you can leave…" He snarled, his onyx eyes could tell anyone he was clearly pissed.

"Let go of me." Ino commanded.

"Make me."

Ino was already angry with him to begin with. Now she was full of anger. She was hurt, sad, and angry at the same time. She frowned, and quickly snatched out a kunai from her weapon pouch and thrust it towards his face.

Sasuke didn't expect her to attack him, but he was alert. As soon as he saw the kunai being thrust towards him, he let go of her arm and flipped out of the way of the kunai's path. Now she done it.

This argument has turned into a full-out war.

Ino felt good right about then. She charged towards him and aimed a punch at his face. Sasuke caught her fist in his hand and swung his leg in an attempt to kick her. Ino jumped and just barely dodged the kick. As she was in the air, she whipped out multiple shuriken from her pouch and chucked it in Sasuke's direction. Sasuke dodged the shuriken and blocked some with his kunai, but failed to see Ino but at the last moment. Her fist barely missed his face, and as he turned to Ino, he grabbed her arm and flipped her over. But, Ino wasn't done yet, as she flipped over, her foot was able to come in contact with Sasuke's chin.

Sasuke got up and wiped the blood from his mouth and growled. She watched as he charged towards her, his full intent of hurting her clear on his face. As he approached her, she side-stepped, avoiding him and aimed a punch at him. As she punched him, she noticed he disappeared in a cloud of smoke to reveal a block of wood.

'Substitution jutsu…' Ino thought as her blue eyes scanned the area. 'Where could he be…?'

Suddenly, Sasuke was charging towards her, but she was too late. He kicked her hard in her stomach, sending her falling backwards. That was when she realized she truly made him angry. Ino breathed heavily and took out a kunai, aiming it at Sasuke; Ino wasn't about to give up because the odds were against her.

He easily caught the kunai and threw it back at her. It whizzed past her, just barely missing the side of her face and cutting the bow that held her hair, pale blonde hair falling around her form. Suddenly, she felt a kick at her back, making her stumble forward. She turned around and aimed a kick at him, successfully kicking him in the face. Sasuke broke his fall; now he was really angry. He leaped from his position and swiftly charged at Ino. He smirked and then kneed her in the stomach. Her blue eyes widened as her back hit a tree, and she coughed up blood.

As she sunk, Sasuke stood in front of her and held a kunai close to her face, his breathing ragged. He sounded angry.

Ino glared and wiped the trail of blood from her lips. "What are you waiting for?? Finish me off. You don't care about what happens to anyone…so just end it."

Sasuke continued to stand there holding the kunai dangerously close to her.

"Do it!" Ino yelled, her voice quivering. "Finish me off! That's what a real ninja would do, right?! Isn't that what you want?!" She cried out, tears finally freed and cascading down her face. "I have nothing to live for anymore. So finish it!!"

Sasuke watched as tears fell down her delicate face and his eyes had begun to soften. Her blue eyes stared at him, and he suddenly wasn't angry anymore. He actually hurt her; his anger had gotten the best of him.

"Do it!" Ino exclaimed, biting her lip and trying to hold her sobs. Sasuke stared at her crying form and his arm began to tremble, he found himself losing his clutch on the kunai. He looked down; he felt himself wanting to embrace her, to wipe her tears away, to apologize for hurting her. A strong wind blew, Ino's long hair blowing in the wind, her stifled sobs racking her body. Sasuke's raven hair blew gently, his bangs brushing his face lightly. Ino's tearful blue eyes glanced at the boy in front of her, her cheeks flushed and her eyes puffy. It was still dark out, casting a shadow on his face. He lifted his head and gazed at her, his onyx eyes flickering with something Ino couldn't recognize. He loosened his grip on the kunai and dropped it to the floor, a "clunk" as it collided with the ground.

"Ino…" His voice was unusually calm.

She didn't realize what was going on, until he grabbed both sides of her face, his fingers wiping her tears away, and then he crushed his lips against hers.

Her blue eyes widened as their lips connected. She was in complete shock, and it took her a few moments to kiss back. She couldn't believe that UCHIHA SASUKE was actually kissing HER. His lips were so soft against hers, softer than she had imagined them to be. She felt him wrap his arms around her.

Sasuke didn't know what had gotten over him. But soon he felt himself kiss her. Her eyes had widened, but fluttered closed. He tasted something metallic, probably because of the blood on her lip, but he didn't care. It just felt right.

After a few moments, Sasuke drew back, lightly placing a kiss on her bottom lip.

"I…am interested in you." He said simply, sounding a bit embarrassed.

Ino's blue eyes stared at him in shock, panting.

"But…I thought…Sakura-"

"I was never with her." Sasuke interrupted.

Ino choked back another violent sob. She couldn't believe this was happening. She felt Sasuke embrace her and whisper,

"To answer your question…you do mean something to me…"


It had been a few months after Ino and Sasuke had gotten together. Everyone was surprised, but they accepted it…Even though they didn't have a choice. Sasuke was still Sasuke, he still worked on his goal to avenge his clan and Ino didn't stop him, she accepted it. He still didn't talk much, but his actions spoke louder than words. Who knows how long it will last or even if it would, as of now, she was happy and content with how they were now and didn't think of the future.

Sasuke was away on a mission and wouldn't be back for a few days. Ino got out of the shower, her long pale blonde hair draped over her shoulders. She took long strides to her dresser. As she began combing her hair, she glanced down and saw a flower lying on a piece of paper. She picked up the piece of paper and read it.

"Ino – Sasuke"

She smiled and placed the flower in her hair, tucked behind her ear and began humming. After everything that happened, she felt content. She still felt sad, especially after losing her father, but she knew everything would be alright. She would make a special dinner for them when he gets back…


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