Tokyo Lights

Disclaimer: PoT is legal in Denver.
Author's Notes: Can't shake this drabble bug. 2DK is equivalent to a two room apartment with dining and kitchen area. The Hara-Machi can be found online at Ken Corporation Ltd.
Front Summary: Apartment for Rent: HARA-MACHI 2DK-Chrome Meguro-Ku. It only made sense to become roommates. Collection of Drabbles.

Apartment 1A

When asked what his future plans were, Fuji said that he was keeping his options open. He wasn't one to make rash decisions.

It wasn't until Tezuka had been accepted to Tokyo University that Fuji announced his owndecision to attend Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. During the congratulatory party thrown in their honor, Eiji pressed Fuji for the reason behind his sudden choice. The tensai smiled and said that it was convenient, now that he had found a roommate to split the cost of living. Tezuka, who had been standing a few feet away when Fuji made this declaration, said nothing to contradict him.

Apartment 2A

They couldn't decide on which apartment to lease. The real estate agent had shown them five different places, all within their price range, but there had been something wrong with each of them. As an artist, Fuji needed space--and lots of it--while Tezuka insisted on having a tennis court nearby to practice at on the weekends. All five residences had either one or the other, but not both.

"It would be wiser for both of you to start looking for different roommates," the real estate agent suggested. "I doubt you would find an apartment that would suit your both individual needs."

"I have a better idea," Fuji said brightly, smiling mischievously. "Tezuka and I will just sleep together."

The real estate agent looked from the smiling pretty boy, to the incredulous face of the stoic one next to him and shrugged. Boys will be boys.

Apartment 3A

With the extra bedroom converted into Fuji's studio, Tezuka found that he had enough leftover space to install a small bookcase. When he brought it up with Fuji, the tensai thought it was a splendid idea and went to the book store the very next day to stock up.

When he returned, Tezuka was bemused to find that most of the books now adorning the new shelf belonged to Fuji. Art books, cook books, Feng Shui books, and the odd meditation book, with Tezuka's texts crammed in the bottom corner, stuck between slim volumes of Asian Fusion cook books.

It wasn't until he caught sight of The Kama Sutra: Illustrated Edition that he told Fuji to get his own damn bookshelf.

Apartment 4A

Tezuka was surprised to find that Fuji was a restless sleeper. Too often, he would wake up in an uncomfortable (not to mention a compromising) position with Fuji's leg sprawled on top of his, and Fuji himself burrowed in the crook of his neck.

At first, this invasion of personal space perturbed Tezuka, who was used to having a bed all to himself, but as the nights went by, he found that he woke up less often. And when he did, it was only to extract an arm or a leg from under the Fuji that had fallen asleep.

After all, Tezuka reasoned, this was just another way to save on the heating bill.