Tokyo Lights

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Author's Notes: It's been forever and a day it seems. I'm sorry this update hasn't come sooner, but thank you to all who have stuck with TL. I hope this installment isn't too abrupt. Please also note the rating change. Just to be safe, of course.

Apartment 105A

Fuji isn't sure what to make of it when he first notices Tezuka peering at him over his math textbook.

"What is it?" Fuji asks, curious at the blush that graces Tezuka's cheeks. What's even more suspicious is Tezuka's casual dismissal of his question.

The blush, Fuji is amused to note, has yet to abate.

Apartment 106A

It's not that Tezuka is lazy.

It's that he is able to efficiently accomplish most tasks without unnecessary expenditure of personal energy.

Simple physics, really.

The day that he perfected the Tezuka Zone, the bespectacled boy knew that he had the power to manipulate anything within this sphere of influence.

It is only recently that he suspects that this particular skill is a handicap, for it has made him soft and complacent in regards to motivating himself to take the initiative.

The dark haired boy realizes that most of his life has been spent waiting for things to come to him, rather than the other way around. He believes the situation needs to be rectified immediately.

Now, as he stood in front of Fuji with his hand lightly resting on the tensai's waist, he says the words he feels needs to be said.

"I love you."

Then, he waited with bated breath to see what would happen next.

Apartment 107A

Tezuka has no illusions of being a good dancer.

The only beat he has ever known is the fast and furious tempo of the tennis courts.

His lightning fast serves and powerful returns are the only notes that fill his ears—they move his body, pushing it past his limits, and then some.

His aims had been high, and as such, he didn't have time for frivolous engagements, but now he regrets, in retrospect, his terrible rhythm.

He heard somewhere that making love was like dancing and while Tezuka can hear the music, he's not sure if the steps are correct.

And now as the usually stoic boy stares into Fuji's eyes, with his hands either side of the tensai, he realizes that his usual grace has deserted him.

Yes, the erratic heartbeat is still there, along with a soft pink which graces his cheeks, but now the motions are forgotten with the onslaught of heat radiating from the body underneath him.

Tezuka purses his lips as a small furrow begins to form between his brow. He can feel his body tensing in anticipation, pulsating with barely contained excitement, but also shaking with a touch of apprehension.

As if reading his mind, Fuji smiles and reaches up, linking his fingers behind Tezuka's neck to reassure him.

The dark haired boy sighs softly and shifts his weight so that his hands are resting on Fuji's slender hips.

The first thrust makes both cry out in pain and surprise.

The ones after go deeper, brushing closer and closer to something inside Fuji, making the tensai shudder with pleasure.

Tezuka wonders if it's possible for a man to contain such happiness within himself without exploding.

When Fuji sighs and whispers a sweet 'I love you', the answer comes to Tezuka in a flood of blinding white light.

Apartment 108A

Fuji leaned over and opened his nightstand drawer, pulling out the book Tezuka had recently returned.

"Now," the tensai said, settling back against Tezuka's chest. "Are you feeling up to trying page 34?"

Tezuka blushed. Page 34 had intrigued him from the first moment he saw it and he had went back frequently to check and recheck the logistics of such an outlandish pose.

"How did you know…?"

The light haired boy chuckled. "The binding on that page was the most worn."

Tezuka didn't think he could turn any redder than he was at that very moment.

Fuji seemed to take pity on him as he pulled the other boy down for a heated kiss, his hands languidly tracing the contours of Tezuka's stomach. "Thank you," the tensai murmured against his lips.

He didn't need to explain. They both knew why.

Reluctantly, they pulled apart as oxygen became an issue, but Tezuka took the time to place a hand on Fuji's cheek, forcing the tensai to meet his eyes.

"You were worth it," he replied softly.