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Ryuuji frowned as he fell on his bed, hair splayed out beneath him in a sheet of black, unbound. A week; it had been a whole week since the night in the hospital with Ryou, since the night Ryou had promised to let Ryuuji help. A week since the night Ryuuji felt he had finally gotten through to the depressed teen, and a week since he'd last seen so much as a silver lock of hair of the teen.

Ryou had never come back to the hospital to visit him like he'd said he would. Even so, Ryuuji had kept waiting, hoping maybe the next morning the boy would show up, or the next, but he never did. The boy had completely disappeared like a ghost, and everything had become normal. With the exception of the dagger wound in his stomach, it was like the night had never happened; like that apparition had never existed. Faintly Ryuuji wondered if Ryou was really that cruel, to promise to visit and then never show up. Ryou had seemed so adamant about proving to Ryuuji that he wasn't a liar, too.

With a sigh he rolled off the bed, wanting to take a shower. He could still smell that hospital stench of disinfectant and stale air on his clothes and frankly it made him sick. He hated hospitals, wasn't afraid of them, but he hated staying in them. He'd just been released that morning with a relatively clean bill of health and a few stitches. He wasn't allowed to strain himself until he saw the doctor again to have the stitches removed in a few days; he would be going to school tomorrow, but he wasn't allowed to participate in any gym classes. Other than that, he was perfectly fine.

Ryuuji turned on the water and pulled off his normal clothes, looking at himself in the mirror. He wasn't muscular but he was toned, his skin slightly tanned but in the middle of his stomach stood the mark where he'd been stabbed. Ryuuji traced his finger over the mark, knowing it would leave a scar. He stared at it, knowing that no matter what Ryou thought that Ryuuji was already completely involved with Bakura. There was no turning around now, not even if he wanted to. The scar would be an everlasting proof of what had occurred and forever bind Ryuuji's thoughts to Ryou.

He sighed and stepped into the shower, letting the warm spray wash over him and his sore muscles from lying in a lumpy hospital bed for a week. Damn but he hated sitting around doing nothing. He messaged his shoulder, closing his eyes. It felt so nice to finally have a decent shower and relax. He smiled slightly at the comfort but it quickly fell as his thoughts returned to Ryou.

His mind fell back to Ryou's absence, and how strange it really was. It just didn't seem like something Ryou would do as long as he could help it, and that almost scared Ryuuji more. He desperately hoped, as much as it would hurt him, that Ryou was just blowing him off and not hurt or being held hostage by that…Bakura.

When Yugi and the others had come to visit him in the hospital, Ryuuji had asked about Ryou; none of them had seen the boy. Ryou hadn't stepped foot into the school since he'd fainted in gym class and Ryuuji had taken him to the hospital, the day that had really started all of this. That was ten days ago now, only three of them that Ryuuji could account for Ryou's whereabouts. He didn't like that. Ryuuji remembered far to clearly the state he had found Ryou in when he'd had to take the boy to the hospital a second time; sick and delirious, hurt even more then when he'd run away from Ryuuji. He didn't want to think what could have happened to Ryou if he hadn't found him that day. He was terrified that something similar could happen again.

Ryuuji jumped when the water turned cold and snapped him out of his thoughts. With a grumbled, he quickly washed up and got out of the chilly water. He dried off before scrubbing his hair with the towel and going to put on some comfortable clothes, it wasn't like he was going to go anywhere else for the day.

Dressed in a pair of black sweatpants and a white t-shirt, long dark hair tumbling in wet tendrils down his face and neck he went down to the kitchen to find some food. Looking through the fridge and cabinets revealed to him an old pizza box with half a pizza still left and looking rather sad, a carton of milk that he promptly dumped down the sink after a sniff, a few cans of coke and some instant ramen packets. With a sigh, he set a pot of water boiling on the stove for the ramen, grabbing himself a can of coke while he waited at the table.

The teen looked around his kitchen, dark and cold, obviously never used but still messy. It wasn't anything like Ryou's; clean and white, bright, almost too sterile, but it was obviously used, he remembered it from that one trip to get the boy some pain killers. Ryuuji never cooked anything that didn't start with 'cut hole in film to vent.' Why bother? It wasn't like there was anyone around to care. That was the main reason he never seemed to stay home, it was too quiet and lonely.

It really was amazing how lonely someone could get from being by themselves day and night. Maybe that was one of the reasons he was drawn to Ryou; they were both alone. Maybe Ryuuji wanted to quell his own lonesomeness by helping Ryou. He did really want to help Ryou! There was no question in Ryuuji's mind about that, but maybe his intentions weren't as pure as he'd thought, or tried to lead Ryou to believe.

The water started to boil over on the stove and onto the flames, loud snaps and sizzles waking Ryuuji up. He jumped up and turned the flame off and tried to take the pot over to the sink, but he'd gripped the handle too far up when setting it down and burned himself, yelping and dropping the pot in the sink. He winced and cursed, shaking his hand in the air trying to cool it off.

"Shit!" he muttered and threw the cold water on, running his finger under the chilling flow and wincing more at the pain the direct contact caused him. Oh yeah, that one would turn into a blister.

He looked at the little read mark on his finger and groaned, hanging his head as he sat on the floor. He couldn't concentrate on anything anymore! All he could think about was Ryou! If he was mad at Ryou, if he was worried about Ryou, if he was doing the right thing for Ryou, were they alike; everything led back to Ryou! Why in the hell was Ryuuji so obsessed? It couldn't just be him worrying; Ryuuji didn't know Ryou well enough to be as concerned as he was for the boy from the start. Damn, but Ryuuji just wasn't that compassionate for others in general. Ryou being depressed shouldn't effect him, plenty of people in the world were depressed and he didn't give a damn about them. Why was Ryou so special?

"What the hell are you doing to me?" he growled, thumping his head back against the cabinet.

Ryou stared blankly down at his notebook, not paying attention to the teacher; honestly not seeing the point. He'd been like that all week, dazed and spacey. The boy glanced to his wrists, tugging his sleeve down in an attempt to make sure that the bandages were hidden; he didn't want anyone to see them. It had already been a week since that night at the hospital, and the night he had finally had enough and tried once and for all to end his pathetic life. Ryou shivered at the memory, still fresh in is mind.

He had finally done it, had finally gotten the guts to put an end to everything. Ryou had watched the blood well up around the blade as he dug deeper, testing the act and amazed at the sight, the pain freeing. He could remember the anticipation throbbing in his veins as he turned the knife around and started dragging it up his arm, remembered the feeling of the blade slicing into his soft flesh, ready to claim his life.

Then Bakura had come in, most likely to tell Ryou to hurry his ass up and get out of the bathroom already. He'd seen the knife and jumped into action, slapping the blade out of Ryou's hand and dealing a similar blow to the boy's cheek before making quick work of the injury, stilling the flow of blood already pooling on the bathroom tile. Ryou numbly watched it glide and seep through the cracks like a small red river. He didn't even notice Bakura tending to his arm anymore as he watched it flow, dizzy.

The boy had just sat there in a daze as Bakura cleaned him up, not moving, not speaking, just sitting there. When Bakura had finished staunching the flow of blood and had Ryou's arm neatly bandaged from his wrist to his elbow he'd grabbed Ryou by the hair and dragged him to the boy's room, throwing him down on the bed. Bakura was yelling at him at that point, but he couldn't understand what the tomb robber was saying, and if he had he didn't remember it.

Bakura had watched Ryou throughout the night, making sure the teen didn't try a repeat performance, and he hadn't. Ryou spent the next two days just lying on his bed, barely moving. Bakura had to practically force him to eat anything. By the third day Ryou had started moving a bit more and taking care of himself for the most part. On the fourth day he'd convinced himself that he needed to go back to school and on the fifth day actually managed it for the first time in two weeks.

Ryou shivered again, his hand shaking and he tore his eyes away from his wrist, pulling himself out of the memory. He fought off the tears pricking his eyes and sighed, looking at the clock. Why did he have to be here? It was pointless anyway, he wasn't doing anything; he just worked on auto-pilot the whole week.

The door slid open, it was still fairly early in the morning for students to come in late, and Ryou looked up, freezing when he heard a familiar voice.

"Sorry I'm late."

"It's alright. I'll let it go today. How are you feeling, Otogi-kun?" the teacher asked as Ryuuji took his seat, eyes fixed on Ryou as he passed the boy, almost accusingly, and he answered.

"Better," and the class continued.

Ryou felt his heart clench at Ryuuji's glare and turned his eyes away quickly. He was shaking again, Ryou's head spinning. He hadn't thought about dealing with Ryuuji yet. Of course the teen would be mad at him; Ryou had completely blown Ryuuji off the whole week. Those first few days though, Ryou wasn't up for doing anything, no matter what. His mind had just shut off. But even after that, how was Ryou supposed to force himself to see Ryuuji? He was so ashamed; he didn't want anyone to know.

Ryou glanced back at Ryuuji out of the corner of his eye, the teen was ignoring him. Suddenly sharp, green eyes met brown and Ryou turned away, heart pounding. He could feel the flush creeping up his neck, burning his cheeks, his eyes stinging. God, what was he going to do? Ryuuji would confront him, no doubt about it. The second he could get Ryou alone, the boy knew he would be interrogated, and then what? What was he supposed to say? 'I'm sorry; I was too busy trying to kill myself to come see you.'

Ryou crossed his arms on his desk and buried his face in them. He could feel the bandage around his wrist, rough and real against his cheek. Suddenly he wanted to rip that bandage apart and tear back into his wrist, make the wound deeper so that no one would be able to stop the bleeding. How could he face Ryuuji like this? What would Ryuuji think? The tears started to fall and faintly Ryou could hear the teacher telling him to wake up.

He squeezed his eyes tighter as the teacher yelled at him louder, the tears falling faster. His shoulders shook as he tried to get a hold of himself; he couldn't do this now, not in class, not in front of everyone. He couldn't raise his head now but the teacher was going to keep yelling at him unless he did.

He heard the teacher walking over to him and shook his shoulder, the rest of the class starting to whisper to each other. He could feel their eyes on him, watching him. He wondered if Ryuuji was watching him too.

The teacher's voice was becoming softer, more concerned with Ryou's lack of response. Ryou could hear the rustling of the teacher's clothes as she kneeled down next to him.

"Bakura-kun, are you alright?"

Ryou shrank away, pulling his arms closer to his body. Why couldn't everyone stop watching him? He could hear Yugi's voice asking if he could take Ryou to the nurse and a stroke of fear shot through him; he tried to make his voice work.

"No…I'm f-fine. C-can I go to the…bathroom?" Ryou managed to stutter out, barely keeping the sobs out of his voice, though he kept his face hidden. The teacher agreed and Ryou hid his face as he ran out of the room, everyone still watching him.

He slammed into a bathroom stall and put the seat down, curling up in a ball on the lid. He hid his face in his knees, his hands shaking and heart racing. Of course Ryuuji hated him now, but that wasn't a bad thing…that was good; if it was so good why did Ryou have the strong urge to finish what he had started a week ago? He bit his lip to try and drive off the sensation of wanting to kill himself, trying to ignore it, suppress it; now just wasn't the time. His emotions were all so messed up, Ryou couldn't figure out how to deal with them anymore. He clenched his fist, feeling the tug on the scabbed over wound.

Ryou didn't know how long he'd been in the bathroom when he heard the door open and the sound of people walking the hallway flooded in then faded back out. Ryou tensed, holding his breath, glad that he had finally been able to get his sobbing under control. He listened for the sound of the person leaving again, but it never came. He watched the feet pacing along the stalls…looking for something; the feet stopped right in front of his door.

"Ryou?" the boy gasped at the call of his name in that all too familiar voice, a voice laced with anger, hurt and concern. Ryou tried not to respond and not to fly into hysterics again. Ryou heard Ryuuji sigh and he could practically hear the frown marring the handsome features.

"I know you're in there, Ryou. Now come out. I want to talk."

"Th-there's nothing to talk about," Ryou rasped out, knowing Ryuuji wouldn't leave without some form of response.

"Ryou, don't make me come in there," Otogi half growled and Ryou squeaked, knowing Ryuuji would make good of his word. He bit his lip and wiped at his eyes, trying to clean his face up a bit before cracking the door open enough to peak around it at Ryuuji.

"What is it?" Ryou asked quietly, still half hiding behind the door. He looked down, embarrassed when Ryuuji's eyes softened at Ryou's tear streaked face. The duelist reached out to brush the lingering trails from Ryou's face but the pale boy flinched away, shrinking further behind the door; Ryuuji sighed and pulled his hand away. What had happened to their agreement?

"So, what happened to you? You never came back," Ryuuji started, leaning against the sink across from Ryou's cubical. The pale boy shifted and turned his eyes away from Ryuuji again, wondering what he could say.

"I…um…got…scared. Sorry," he whispered, knowing what he said wasn't a total lie, just not the truth. Ryou had been afraid, afraid to face Ryuuji again, ashamed more than anything after that. He was so weak, how could he face Ryuuji right after trying to kill himself? It was embarrassing, but God, right now Ryou was fighting off the urge to try again, anything to get him away from Ryuuji's accusing eyes; he tugged on his sleeve to make sure the bandage was covered.

Ryuuji frowned but nodded, wondering how he could be mad at the boy for getting scared. It was a natural instinct, not one that Ryou could help. He was completely going against everything he had instilled in himself, how could Ryuuji blame him for freaking out? He knew this was tough on Ryou…but still.

"Alright, what were you scared of? Bakura? Did you think he would hurt you for coming to visit me?" Ryuuji fished for ideas, wanting to understand Ryou a little more, glean maybe a little more information about what he was dealing with. But Ryou stayed silent, biting his lip, hoping Ryuuji would just leave. Ryuuji growled lightly at the response, pulling at his hair.

"Will you get out from there? You know I won't hurt you." He sighed when Ryou didn't budge from his spot behind the door. "Alright, so what was up with you in class just now?"

Ryou looked back at Ryuuji sheepishly, squirming, "Aren't…aren't you mad at me?" Ryou gripped the edge of the door nervously while Ryuuji just blinked, clueless. Ryou squirmed more, "For… not coming…to see you. You looked so…mad," Ryou whispered.

"I…I'm…frustrated," Ryuuji huffed, he was fighting off his temper but it was hard to keep it in check. "I really just…don't know what to do with you anymore. You…really don't have any idea what you do to me, Ryou." Ryuuji looked back up, something inside him triggering when he saw Ryou was nearly completely hidden behind the door.

"Dammit, Ryou! Stop hiding from me!" Ryuuji glared and slipped into the stall, enough to grab Ryou's wrist and pull him out.

Ryou yelped loudly and yanked his wrist out of Ryuuji's grasp, staring timidly up at the older teen, ripped away from his hiding spot and vulnerable. He held his breath as Ryuuji started at him curiously and unconsciously tried to hide his hand behind his back.

Ryuuji blinked, his head still outstretched, ready to grab Ryou again as he wondered what rough material had been wrapped around Ryou's wrist. He saw a spot of white before Ryou covered it up with his jacket sleeve again. Ryuuji reached back over quickly to grab Ryou's wrist again, carefully this time, and yanked up the boy's sleeve to expose the neat white bandage.

"He hurt you again!" was Ryuuji's first thought as he stared at the bandage.

"Y-yes," Ryou stuttered, glad to lie about how he'd been injured, especially if that was what Ryuuji already thought. He couldn't tell Ryuuji that he'd done this himself. However, Ryuuji raised an eyebrow at the quick agreement, watching Ryou's wary expression.

"He didn't do it."

"What?" Ryou blinked, his heart flipping in panic. "Of…of course he did. Wh-who else would?"

"It's how you said it. You're lying to me. Tell me who did it, Ryou," the older teens eyes narrowed, not falling for this poor little act Ryou was putting on.

"Ba-Bakura…"he answered back timidly, not meeting Ryuuji's eyes.

Ryuuji glowered and held Ryou's wrist more firmly, though making sure to stay away from the part that seemed to hurt.

"Tell me what happened or I'm going to look myself," he warned and Ryou blanched. Ryuuji began to unbind the bandage and Ryou sprang to life, fighting back.

"No! Don't!" he screamed, tugging at Ryuuji's hand, feeling the strain on his wound and the sharp pain of it tearing back open. The panic in Ryou's voice only encouraged Ryuuji more and he managed to loosen the bandage enough before Ryou slipped his hand away. Ryou winced at the pain as the blood began to drip lazily down his arm, staining the white cloth pink as it hung in rivulets from his arm.

Both Ryou and Ryuuji froze as the material slipped away to the floor, small trickles of blood oozing down Ryou's arm where the wound had reopened. Ryou could feel the tears welling back up as Ryuuji looked at the obvious incision, speechless.

Ryuuji couldn't tear his eyes away from the deep gash running neatly up Ryou's arm, eyes falling to the smaller, slightly pink marks left from the few trial cuts across the boy's wrist. Ryuuji couldn't say anything until he looked up at Ryou's face.

"Ryou…you…" Ryuuji shook his head and let his hand drop, all of the frustration forgotten. "Why? Why would you…do that?" Suddenly Ryuuji's fears that he would be the one to push Ryou over the edge were far too real. Was it because of him? Could he save Ryou anymore? How could he manage to save the teen from himself if things had already gotten so far?

Ryou just pulled his arm closer to himself and looked away, the shame burning him. "I…I just…I couldn't…" Ryou bit his lip and slid to the ground, legs weak, wanting nothing more than to crawl under a rock. "I'm…I'm sorry,' Ryou whispered and shrank into himself, clutching his arm closer to his body, like he could hide the injury. Ryou flinched when Ryuuji kneeled down next to him.

"Why are you sorry? Do you regret doing…this?" he asked quietly, and Ryou nodded faintly. Ryuuji's heart speed up in hope, maybe it wasn't too late. "Does that mean you won't try this again?"

Ryou stayed still and Ryuuji's heart fell again. He frowned and looked away, wishing he could understand what was going on in Ryou's mind. He was clueless about how to deal with this. Ryou needed professional help, that's what you were always taught in health class on how to deal with friends that felt suicidal; but how could Ryuuji do that in Ryou's case? It sounded so easy, but it was so hard. And Ryuuji knew that Ryou would never go for it, or even if he did, he would never tell the truth. Doing the professional thing just wouldn't cut it.

"Was this the first time you've done this, Ryou?"

"…Yes," he answered meekly, daring a glance up at Ryuuji.

Ryuuji stayed quiet. Now what the hell was he supposed to do? What if Ryou tried again and succeeded? He needed to keep an eye on Ryou somehow. Someone needed to help him if he tried again. Then it clicked in Ryuuji's mind that someone had to have bandaged Ryou up. Maybe he had changed his mind…

"Did you wrap you arm yourself?" Ryuuji asked, hopeful. He desperately wanted the boy to say he chickened out, but a slightly bitter expression crossed Ryou's face instead as he shook his head 'no.' Ryuuji's hope sank a little.

"He still needs me," Ryou whispered, and Ryuuji raised an eyebrow, but Ryou didn't say anything more. Ryuuji sighed, in any case, there was someone watching Ryou…Bakura? That freakish twin like…thing that had stabbed him? Ryuuji wasn't sure it was even possible, but it was the only option he could think of.

Ryou shivered, the being was like a ghost. Actually, if it was like Yugi's other self he probably was a ghost. It had to have been the spirit from Ryou's ring, what else could it be; even though Yugi was positive that they'd done away with the spirit at Battle City. Bakura was obviously back, and he would just have to convince the others that he was right.

Ryuuji sat back and rubbed his face in lack of anything better to do. God, this was turning into a big mess.

"Did Bakura wrap you're arm?" he asked and Ryou bristled, his eyes growing as wide as dinner plates.

"How… I mean…what…makes you say that?"

"Did he? If he didn't then who did?" Ryuuji didn't let Ryou side track him and Ryou nodded his head gently. For whatever reason, Bakura wanted Ryou alive, and if he did, then maybe Ryuuji wouldn't have to worry so much about leaving Ryou alone.

"Tell me if he's hurt you since…you tried…to…" Ryuuji found the words stuck in his throat. Since you tried to kill yourself was what he wanted to say, or at least what he was thinking, but he couldn't make himself voice it.

Ryou shook his head no and Ryuuji relaxed again, so the deal was: For some reason Bakura beat Ryou, for some reason he wanted Ryou alive, and for some reason he stopped beating Ryou after the boy had tried his hand at suicide. It was like Bakura half cared, but why would he hurt Ryou in the first place if he cared what happened to the teen? There was still a major piece of the puzzle missing that would link everything together.

The bell rang and Ryou jumped, looking around in panic, watching the door. Ryuuji frowned and barely kept himself from screaming. That look infuriated him. Why was Ryou always worrying about everyone but himself? The least of Ryou's worries should have been who would walk into the bathroom. Ryuuji grabbed Ryou's wrist, staring at the boy who tried to pull his wrist back. Ryuuji let him, but sighed.

"Let me see, you're bleeding again," he frowned and lowered his voice, eyeing the slowly dripping wound on Ryou's wrist.

"Oh," Ryou looked cautiously up at Ryuuji, hesitating before letting Ryuuji see his wrist, heart fluttering with nerves.

Ryuuji gently took the offered wrist, turning the cut up for a better look. He traced the smaller cuts, running his finger gently along the side of the long one from Ryou's wrist to elbow. His heart clenched at the sight, not wanting to believe the physical evidence in front of him. Ryuuji let Ryou's wrist go to wet a paper towel and clean the opened bit of the cut, at least it wasn't bleeding very badly.

Ryou blushed at the gentle care, feeling his heart flutter in a different way. A warmth spread through his body, a pleasant feeling, comforting. It was what he always seemed to feel when Ryuuji touched him like this; caring, gentle…loving. Ryou's blush deepened and he quickly glanced at Ryuuji's face before looking away again. Ryuuji noticed the look though and a small smile curved his lips. He looked back to his work, glad that the bleeding had stopped now. He traced his fingers along the cut again, feeling Ryou shiver, but his smile fell. How could Ryou be so depressed to actually go this far?



"…Don't," he hesitated, " Please don't try this again," Ryuuji begged quietly, looking back at a guilty Ryou. The boy didn't say anything. "Please! Promise me…"

"I…I don't think I can, Ryuuji," the somber boy whispered back, not meeting the dark haired teen's eyes. Ryuuji frowned and Ryou felt his heart break apart at the sadness he saw in Ryuuji's eyes.

"Why not?" Why can't you promise me you won't try to…kill yourself?" Ryuuji grimaced as he forced the words out of his throat, choking on them slightly. Just saying the words out loud sent a chill up his spine. Ryou sighed and looked away, his eyes taking on that distant look again.

"I…even right now I…" his voice dropped to a mere whisper, eyes focusing on his arm, "I don't want to promise it." He looked back up at Ryuuji, amazed that saying the words didn't hurt anymore, but what did hurt was the utterly helpless look Ryuuji was now wearing.

Somewhere in the distance the bell rang again, but it was lost on both boys. They sat in silence for a while, not looking at each other, not knowing what else could be said. Slowly Ryou stood up from the floor, tugging his sleeve back down, wishing he had something to cover the cut up with.

Ryuuji's eyes widened when Ryou stood up, his heart fluttering. He felt that if he let Ryou go now, he would completely lose the teen. If he let the depressed boy go now, leave his side, Ryou might not stay alive long enough for another meeting. He watched Ryou slowly walk to the door, dizzy with unease, feeling utterly helpless, each step Ryou took closer to the door making the feeling worse. Why was this tearing him up so much? Again Ryuuji found himself asking himself why he cared what happened to Ryou. Why did the thought of never seeing the gentle boy again break his heart apart?

"Wait!" Ryuuji jumped up and grabbed Ryou, hugging from behind and burying his face in the shorter boy's hair. Ryou gasped and blushed at the contact, his own pulse racing as he tried to turn his head to look at Ryuuji.

"Ryuuji-kun? What…are you doing?"

"Please don't try to kill yourself again! Please," Ryuuji begged again, feeling Ryou stiffen, starting to try and say something but Otogi cut him off. "Please. I'm being selfish now; you'll kill me if you do it. Come to me if you feel like trying again but…please don't." Ryuuji bit his lip, realizing he was shaking and wondering where the sudden burst of desperation had come from. His grip never loosened on Ryou until the boy tried to turn around.

Ryuuji swallowed, trying to gain some semblance of his dignity, though his eyes showed the opposite as Ryou stared unbelievingly at him. The older boy forced one of his cocky smiles, though it came off sad and embarrassed.

"Can I be conceited enough to hope that what I said will make a difference?" Ryuuji asked shyly causing a pretty blush to stain Ryou's cheeks as he looked down, still fighting with himself.

"I…I mean…that…" Ryou stumbled, his own heart racing. Ryuuji felt that string wrap around his heart again, pulling him down, near impossible to fight and he found himself lifting Ryou's chin and pressing their lips together gently.

Ryou jolted at the act but was otherwise paralyzed by the sudden kiss, his heart pounding in his ears. Ryuuji's kiss was so warm. Ryou stared at Ryuuji's face until the other pulled away, seemingly equally stunned at his actions. Ryuuji let go of Ryou and the boy bolted out of the bathroom, leaving Ryuuji alone to collapse numbly against the wall, wondering what the hell he'd just done. Faintly he could hear the distant rumbling of thunder; it seemed like the nice weather was coming to an end.

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