Codename: Nightmare
Chapter One

Ralph whistled to himself as he drove his milk van along his route, waving at the normal locals who were out and about in the friendly small town of Newbay.

The town of Newbay had grown in popularity over since the Jonas Lake had been created thirty years ago, with it bringing a thriving fishing community turning the once quiet low populated town to the large town that Newbay now was.

A factory had only recently been built on the outskirts and with it, brought new jobs in with it making the town grow once again with new faces and new types of business.

The townspeople grumbled at first about the factory being built outside of the city due to the worry of damage that could happen to the lake and destroy their small fishing town. What the townspeople didn't know was that the factory was actually a cover for a top secret experimental laboratory that was designed to create weapons of an unknown nature.

Thoughts ran through the more curious members of the town as instead of hiring people from the town to run the factory, people were actually brought in and paid well to keep their silence and to make their families happy.

But for now, the day was opening up to be another bright and beautiful day in the town of Newbay complete with children heading off to school while the fishermen were busy catching and checking the fish in the lake.

A few hours later the black clouds from the factory exploding filled the sky blocking out the sun and throwing the town into chaos as everyone rushed around to try and help with the injured, and put out the fires of that had started in various places of the factory.

"Has someone called for help? We can't handle this on our own!" Jill called as she wrapped a blanket around one of the workers that had been pulled out of the burning factory.

"Every firefighter, paramedic and policeman is here helping! We're still pulling people out of there!" Graham said with a tired sigh, rubbing sweat and soot off his forehead leaving black streaks there.

"We have to call the Thunderbirds; they will be able to help us! It's the only way!" Jill said as the worker collapsed on the ground and she jumped down to make him comfortable until a paramedic could come over.

"Ok, I'll go and see Riley now! Just hope that they can get here quickly" Graham said before running off to the operations tent.

Thunderbird Five

John sighed as he came out from under the large panel, "Almost done then we can stop wearing these suits" He told his brothers as they worked around different parts of the geostationary satellite.

"That's great John! How are we doing down there Virgil?" Scott called across their shared communication channel as John disappeared back under the main panel with a handful of crystal processors after he had pulled out the burnt out ones from the panel.

"Almost done here Scott, but can truthfully say that both Gordo and myself are ready for a long relaxing shower when we get home" Virgil's voice echoed in their ears.

Swearing and cursing in an oriental language, John crawled out from under the panel before throwing another burnt out crystal processor into the pile.

"Think better wrap up Virgil, we're all tired up here" Scott said with a sigh and helped John put the tools back in their box, who was shoving all of the burnt out circuit boards and processors into a bag to see if they were salvage-able once they returned back to the island.

"Ok Scott! See you in ten minutes!" Gordon said, his voice sounding tired and strained.


"Sorry Graham, the communication system is fried! We're doing our best but its going to be three hours at the most till its fixed" Riley said with a tired sigh, as he received a thumbs up from one of the colleagues.

With a flip of a switch they prayed for some reaction from the radio but nothing, not even static earning a groan from everyone in the tent.

Graham sighed, "Ok Riley, just keep trying as we're going to need help here soon... we're all pretty much exhausted down here" He said before hearing a scream coming from one of the emergency medical tents.

"Go, I'll be ok here" Riley said with a slight smile, Graham smiled back and ran off to follow Jill.

Tracy Island

Scott smiled as he entered the kitchen, following his nose from Onaha's cooking where she had been making the boys something to eat. "Hi Onaha! Smells great" He said with a grin while helping himself to a cool drink.

"Thank you Scott, Gordon's sat at the table... where are John and Virgil?" She asked as she carried on cooking the boys snack.

Scott nodded ice to his drink, "Think they're still in the shower though they both were working hard up there" He said before sipping his drink.

"How much longer until you think it will be until Thunderbird Five comes back online?" Jeff asked as he joined his sons in the kitchen.

"Two months... it will take two months" A tired voice said coming from the doorway that led off to the lounge before heading towards the bedrooms.

"What's wrong with her John?" Scott asked wondering what was wrong with the satellite for John to be so upset.

"She keeps overloading the main processor for the backup systems... might have to redesign the whole of the main console otherwise the life support system won't come back online" John said as he entered the kitchen then headed to the table, sitting down with a sigh.

"I see John, we will get to work in finding out how we can adjust the panel to help and see if we can stop the processors and boards from shorting out" Jeff said with a smile while fixing a drink for John and himself.

"Yeah so don't worry Johnny! We just have to wait and see what Brains has to say about the system data we brought back down, and the burnt out circuit boards you brought back down" Scott said with a grin before sitting down next to Gordon.

John looked up from where he had been staring at a spot on the table and smiled softly. "You're right Scott" He said before thanking his dad for the drink.


Jill pulled back tightly in the corner of the building they had managed to move the small communication unit, she was shaking in shock and fear in hearing the moans through the cracked window in the small brick made outpost they hid in from the monsters outside.

Along with Riley, Graham and herself were five other survivors all huddled together. The clicking of Riley continuing to play with the communication more than determined to get it to work because now their lives were in danger from whatever was out there in the town.

Graham reloaded the handgun and shotgun he had found in an abandoned police car, "How is that coming Riley?" He asked handing the handgun to Jill, who took it with shaking hands.

Both Graham and Jill use to be in the police before they left to open a shared business together in selling fishing equipment, but they were great friends with the chief and was allowed to use the police firing range to keep in practice.

"Think almost done, can you search through that box Joe for some wire" Riley said wiping some sweat away with the arm of his shirt.

Joe went over and searched through the box for the wire Riley needed bur froze when he heard something nearby.

Everyone in the room froze and went silent listening hard for whatever noise Joe had heard, Graham slowly raised the shotgun into place ready to fire if it found a way into their hiding place.

The moaning had faded but not gone entirely, signaling to the survivors that the monsters had moved on deeper into the once peaceful town but a low hiss like moan could be heard through the boarded up window followed by a few clicks of nails touching the concrete.

The surviving scientist who had only a slight cough due to smoke inhale paled realizing what it was that was climbing around and along the walls and alleyways. 'It escaped! How did it escape?' He thought to himself as they listened to the noise as the monster moved on.

"Ok, let's get this communication channel fixed and send that distress call out" Graham said lowering the shotgun and locked the safety back on.

Joe handed the wire over to Riley, allowing the young man to work and the lone scientist to worry about what else had escaped from the underground laboratory.

Tracy Island

John looked over the data readouts frowning as it refreshed to keep the watcher updated on the latest about all of Thunderbird Five's systems that was working on through the backup systems. Sipping his coffee with a deep sigh as he read over the information before frowning seeing that one of the scanners had picked something up but couldn't get a fix on it.

Trying a few tricks he knew to see if he could get the scanner to fix the signal but nothing worked. 'Oh come on babe, give me something!' John thought as he tried one more trick before locating which scanner had picked up the signal.

'Oh...' He thought once again before entering a few commands to lock the computer before rushing out of his room, and ran off to Jeff's office colliding with Scott in the main lounge sending both of them flying.

"Woah there John, what's the rush?" Scott asked getting back up on his own feet before helping John to his own feet.

"Uh... Scott? Oh right the scanner!" John said as he got helped back on his feet, shook the confusion and dizziness from his head before rushing back to his destination.

"John! Wait up!" Scott said stunned to what his blonde brother was talking about and rushed to catch up with him.

"Boys, what can I do for you?" Jeff asked surprised to see two of his sons in his office when usually they were off doing their own thing, but one look at John and he could see that he was distracted by something.

"Dad, can I use the computer please" John asked his mind still on the signal and knew that if he didn't get a fix on the source and soon then the satellite would be out of range.

Jeff frowned and got up from his chair, "Ok John, but care to explain to me what this is about" He said glancing over at Scott, who looked ruffled and just as concerned as he did.

"I was checking the scanners of Thunderbird Five and noticed something odd about scanner eight... that one is..." John half muttered as he logged into the main computer system for their rescue organization, working on boucing the signal away from scanner eight to a more powerful one.

"Right near where the outer ring repairs, so what can you hear?" Scott finished for John and frowned seeing his younger brother working at a fast pace even for him.

Jeff rested a hand on Scott's shoulder while they watched John work at the computer, who now muttered under his breath in a unknown language.

John worked to re-route the scanner information and boost the signal to hear the message but all could be heard was static, "Not sure... it's coming from a town called Newbay but can't make it out" He told them as he had managed to track the signal but not clear the interference to hear the message.

"Scott, go and find the others while John works on this" Jeff told his eldest son who nodded and ran off to find his other brothers, who he remembered seeing at the pool.

John sighed and listened to the channel, "I...rnati...Re..ue, in" The message played out.

Virgil and Gordon joined Scott, both looking damp as their clothes stuck to them. "What's going on Dad?" They asked as they continued to dry themselves off.

"Sounds like we got a rescue, have you got a fix John?" Jeff asked his son who had pressed his palms into his eyes as a mark of fustration.

"No Dad, it's a short range transmitter... it's pure luck that 'five picked it up at all..." John said with a deep sigh.

"Ok boys away you go, I'll stay here with Brains and see if we can get a better fix on the source of this call just stay on your toes on this one" Jeff said earning a small smile from John as he got up from the chair and joined his brothers near the mural.

"F-A-B Dad" The four boys chorsed with smiles on their faces though inwardly they were all worried about what could be happening at Newbay for them to send the unknown distress call out.

"Good luck out there and stick together" Jeff said as Brains rushed in and activated command and control.

'Think we're going to need it' Virgil thought feeling a sense of foreboding building up in the bottom of his stomach.

To be continued