Codename Nightmare


Groaning awake, Virgil didn't even know where he was until the computers around him beeped for attention.

Looking at the consoles around him, the pilot soon realized that she was being remotely controlled somehow similar style to the autopilot. He was thankful for that, as after the shockwave of the nuclear bomb that had destroyed the city of Newbay, he wasn't sure that he could fly them to main land safely.

"Thunderbird One, come in" Virgil called gaining attention from Gordon, who woke up and looked around stunned to where they were.

"Thunderbird One, please respond" He called again once he was sure that Gordon was ok, who soon disappeared off back to check on the others.

Brains couldn't believe that the system was working, even in its early stages. When the alarms for Thunderbirds One and Two sounded off, alerting the scientist that something terrible had happened to them then he jumped into action and activated the programs.

Now on the monitor in front of him, Brains could see Thunderbird Two heading for the nearest city. On a steady course that would bring them into safety, for Brains and their father to fly out and help them return home.

The thing that worried him was that Thunderbird One was no where to be seen.

Virgil used every method he could think of to try and find Thunderbird One, before disengaging the auto-pilot and swung the bird around.

"Gordon, think you better see this" He said with a frown, holding onto the controls tightly.

In the horizon, there was an angry red glow with a large ring around the entire area including the sky. Newbay was gone.

"Thunderbird One, please respond" Virgil called again as Gordon joined him, with the survivors; Graham, Jill and Joey.

"Where are Scott and John?" Gordon asked as he sat down in the co-pilot's chair.

"I don't know the last thing I remember is the shockwave then this" Virgil said as he used the scanners to try and find Thunderbird One.

Graham frowned, "Do you think they made it out?" He asked looking around the landscape through the large windows of the green transport craft.

"I'm sure of it, they're fast" Virgil replied as he moved away from the scanners and started to sweep the area for any sign of Thunderbird One, in case it had touched down somewhere.

"Wait! What was that? Swing around again" Jill asked as she moved to lean against Gordon's chair.

Thunderbird Two swung around over some rocky cliffs that led down to a rapid river; smoke rose up from this canyon.

Down below close to the rivers edge lay Thunderbird One, it looked like it had crashed down the side of the canyon to lay in a hundred pieces of scrap metal.

Smoke rose up from a fire burning at what could only be the engines and the interior of the sleek jet.

Thunderbird One had been destroyed and with it, the death of Scott and John Tracy.

The End.