Journey Bonds

This is basically about pairs of cats that

had their bonds strengthened by the journey. (I

made up a couple also.)

please give me suggestions (pairs)


A dark brown she-cat padded onward, her paws heavy and limbs weary. She thought of why the Clans were making this journey, sadness almost overwhelming her.

"Ravenpaw!" a delighted mew sounded far up front, where the Clan leaders were. (I don't have the book with me now so I can't write what exactly happened.)

Swallowtail looked up and saw a sleek black tom conversing w/ Firestar, leader of ThunderClan with Leopardstar, her own leader, looking on.

Firestar raised his head and faced the Clans. "Cats of all Clans! Follow Ravenpaw and Barley to the barn. We will have shelter there."

With the other cats, Swallowtail padded onward once again, this time toward the barn. She heard a few mews of complaints from some elders, only to be hushed by the leaders.

"I remember this place." Ashfoot, a warrior of WindClan mewed. We sheltered here when Firestar brought WindClan back home.

Swallowtail looked up and saw an old stone Two-leg building made out of stone.

"Swallowtail!" Leapardstar padded up to her and mewed "You and that cat over there go hunt. Firestar arranged it." As she talked. Leopardstar flicked her tail to a lighter gray tom with blue (or was it amber) eyes. That smelled of ThunderClan.

Knowing it would be hopeless to argue with Leopardstar; she reluctantly went up to the tom and introduced herself.

The tom hissed and reluctantly mewed "I'm Rainwhisker. The sooner we catch prey, the sooner I can get away from you."

Swallowtail guessed Rainwhisker was as hesitant to hunt with her as she was to him.

The two cats padded out into the fields. It was Rainwhisker who first saw a rat. He suddenly stopped and creeping forward stealthily, he pounced, killing the mouse with a swift bite.

"Good catch." Swallowtail tried to be friendly, and her charmed work, a little.

"Look, were sent to go hunting together, so lets just follow the warrior code and hunt, okay?" Swallowtail mewed impatiently.

Rainwhisker nodded, the hostility in his eyes turning to uncertainly. "Fine."

As they continued their hunt, Swallowtail became more and more attached to Rainwhisker, seeing the muscles ripple underneath his starved (skinny) frame, and his quickness and skill.

"We caught enough, let's head back." Rainwhisker mewed abruptly.

Sighing, Swallowtail picked up her catch and padded wearily toward the barn, her mind on Rainwhisker the whole way.

Swallowtail swallowed (weird) the last of her rat and curled up next to Mothwing. She pretended to be sleeping, but her eyes were trained on Rainwhisker. He caught her gaze and she instantly looked away.

It was dark and all the cats were asleep. Except for Swallowtail.

She gazed up at Silverpelt. "When will I find someone I will love?" she whispered.

"Now." That was Rainwhiskers voice. She froze, and then relaxed.

The two cats got up and rubbed against each other, purring softly and entertwining tails.

"I love you Swallowtail." Swallowtail looked up to see the pain and anguish in his eyes. "I love you so much but I have to stick by the warrior code!" he whispered.

Swallowtail felt the same. "We can still be friends." She whispered. "And we will see each other at Gatherings."

Rainwhisker sighed. "We will. We've known each other for so little time, yet I love you!"

Rainwhisker and Swallowtail stayed in that position for a long time, their shadows forming something that looked like a heart, (I know, they probably don't know what a heart looks like but oh well) their bodies silhouetted by the moonlight.