PREAMBLE: The Wend is a collection of writings (poetry, drabbles, ficlets) that revolve around the idea of Dias and Claude travelling together on Expel after the end of the game. For the most part, none of the pieces are connected. They're my attempt at exploring a number of themes using many different styles and perspectives. This is my firsttime trying something like this; I would greatly appreciate any C&C! Thanks for taking the time to read this :3

The Wend

by Maiji/Mary Huang

The last thing I want
is a journey with a destination.
I've been too often disillusioned. And you
offer no illusions: traceless and travelling,
only haunting the land.

I've written stories about wandering
for no one to read. I've imagined it
countless times – a wind, or perhaps a tide:
a ghost of no consequence, homeless and transient.

I'm only a child, I know. But I would be a ghost
with you. I've never wished for anyone to hold my hand.

Let me walk in kind beside you.
Let me keep pace alongside you.
Let me leave footprints matching footprints,
countless steps,
fading in the sand.