Ok, I was watching, It's always sunny in Philadelphia today, and decided that so many people liked The Library, I decided to make it a whole series...errr, season. The Library was considered the first episode(or chapter, but I call them episodes), so here's the line up for season one, each show will be about 3-5 chapters long. If all of these can bring in at least 150 reviews I'll do a season two, if not, then I'll only write the part 2 to the last episode and end it. Read each setup and tell me what you think.

Season 1

Show 1:The Library: Gabriella cheats on Troy with Sharpay, Troy gets back at her by "dating" Ryan, Chad and Troy met at Ryan's house to put a plan together.

Show 2: Brokeback Fountain: Ryan convinces Chad he's gay after the way he sees him drinking from a fountain, Chad belives him and has to find another dude to kiss to find out for sure.

Show 3: 15 hours of fame: Ryan wants to be world renown, so in a desperate attempt at achieving fame, he holds Troy and Chad hostage in Chad and Taylor appartment with a shotgun and demands that it's broadcasted in at least 24 states and Indonesia.Special guest appreance by ECW's The Sandman.

Show 4: Pussy problems: Troy accidentaly backs over Gabriella cat while she's on a trip to visit her grandmother in Texas. Well her grandmother who was suppose to die turned out to be ok, so Gabriella will be home in 12 hours, Troy has until then to find a replacement.

Show 5: Prison Break part 1: Chad owes his landloard eight thousand dollars in unpaid rent, so Troy and Chad convince Ryan into robbing a bank, well Ryan is shot and apprehended in the process and Troy and Chad abandoned him, well after a guilt trip they decide they have to break him out of prison before he's raped by a man twice his size.

Season 2

Details to come later...