Ok everyone. Friday seems like bad day since everyone seems busy, so FOR SURE the poster and trailer go up SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, TOMMOROW. And the season 2 sneek peek goes up...NOW!

If you liked season 1...

Shows Sharpay kissing Gabriella

Shows Troy smash a keyboard over Ryan's head

Shows Sharpay Kick Ryan where it hurts the most

Shows Gabriella Kick Ryan where it hurts the most

Shows Chad Kick Ryan where it hurts the most

Shows The Sandman standing in front of Troy and Chad

Shows Troy running from three thousand angry cats

Well then...

...Your gonna love...

Shows a seven foot tall skin head walk up behind Ryan,"Yo, you a vigin?"

Ryan nods slowly.

He leans in, about in inch away from Ryan's face,"Not for long."

Season 2

Shows Troy dressed in all black dive through a window

"Hey Troy, guess what, the front door was unlocked." Chad laughs.

Shows Chad punch Ryan in the face

Shows Troy, Chad, and Ryan all looking in a window terrified

Twice the profanity

"Hey guys, what are ya doing?" Ryan asks

"Your mom in a shed." Chad quicky replies

"YOU BITCH!" Sharpay screams, tackling Gabriella

"HOLY CRAP!" Troy shouts

"I know...where's jello when you need it?" Chad asks

Twice the explosions

Shows a prison wall exploding

Shows a giant house explode

Shows a truck explode

Shows Chad's stomach explode

Twice the special guest

Shows R2-D2 fly into Chad's face

Shows Harvey Birdman jump up and shout,"I'LL TAKE THE CASE!"

"Psh, you can't tell me what to do, my daddy gets me everything I want, right daddy?" Sharpay asks.

Shows Darth Vader rubbing the temple of his helmet,"Yes..(deep breath)...princess."

"YOU!" He points to a stormtrooper,"Get me asprin...HURRY YOU FOOL!"

Twice the stupidity

Shows Chad eat a whole row of mentos and drink a diet Coke

Shows Sharpay tee off and hit Troy in the back of the head

Shows Chad kick Ryan in the throat

"Oh my Gosh, that's the Virgin Mary." Ryan says, looking at Chad's knee.

Everyone gasps.

"I once made out with a girl named Mary." Sharpay says.

It's always sunny in New Mexico Season 2

"So, when is your birthday?" Chad asks Ryan.

"October 31." He smiles.

Chad's eyes grow huge

Shows Leatherface slam a giant sliding door on his fingers and start crying.

October the 7th

Well what did ya think. Let me know!