I Do not own Teen Titans or there Characters I do own Ryder and some other people to be later introduced.

Ryder had just woken up from his dream. He went to the bathroom and brushed his teeth. Then he took a shower. Then he went to his closet and chose his outfit. He

chose some white sneakers and a red hoodie with black jeans. He was going out to steal something for Slade. He had been working for him for years. He remembered

the first time he met him. Ryder had been a petty thief stealing small stuff ranging from candy to stereo's. Then one day while jacking a radio store. Some girl named Jinx

was also holding up the store. So he thought it was the perfect opportunity to get his goods and walk away untouched. Unfortunately it didn't happen like that. He

walked towards the exit and suddenly she shot abeam at him. Unfortunately for her she did not know he was a Shadow Master. He dimmed out but then some little guy

suddenly used some thermal goggles and saw me then some big guy grabbed and they teleported back to Slade.

When they got to Slade's Hideout. The big oaf had tied Ryder up and told him he dared him to get out. So he used his powers and got out. The HIVE teens were

shocked. Then Slade came and told everyone to calm down.

(Ryder POV)

I looked up at him he smiled. I then said "So your Slade?". Slade smirked and said "You've heard about me huh?" I answered back "Yeah sure." He then frowned and

got up and dismissed the HIVE then walked towards me and said

"Listen good because I will say this and finish with you. You are to work for me until I don't want you anymore. Remember I will kick your ass if you mess with me.

Shadow master or not. Your first mission is to go and steal me two potions at Upper Eastside mall in Pennington got it?"


Now its been two years since that little conversation and now I'm on my way to finish my last mission and go into hiding. I'm tired of working for the guy it's that simple.

I hate him. I jump out my warehouse window and start walking down the street. Then I concentrate and I teleport right into the Titans Tower.

When I get in there it looks like I'm in the living room. So I walk around. This place is a pigsty. Pizza boxes everywhere and there is a bowl of bubbling green stuff.

Looks nasty to me. I leave the living room then go into the kitchen. Nothing interesting. I concentrate and Search the house with my Shadow sensors. The room with the

chip is downstairs. I teleport to the room and to my surprise there is Cyborg. I freeze then Blend in and walk around hi. I get to where the chip is and feel something

blast me.

(Cyborg POV)

Some Guy is in the house I feel it in the sensors I put around the Tower. Suddenly he is in my lab. The nerve of him coming into my lab. I'll show him. I blast him when

he thinks he is being slick. He's out cold. I think I'll bring him to Robin.

Robin POV

What is it Cy? Cybrog looks at me and says some guy tried sneaking in but I caught him just in time.

Robin thinks and says Bring him to the living room. Robin then decideds to call all the Titans.


When everyone got to the Living room they saw some black guy out cold. Then Raven suddenly screams.

Raven POV

I could not believe it. Out of all the places for him to be at it had to be where I LIVE. This was outrageous. There laying on my couch was the thin I hold most precious

to me. The one thing I always tied to protect ever since we got on Earth. My half Brother. He was my Mothers child with an light Guardian on TazaRania the exact

opposite of Azarath. When we got to Earth I had to let him go on his own because Trigon might find him with me. Uh oh he's stirring. Time for th moment of truth.