A Glimpse of the Past

By Andie O'Neill

Summary: It's been years since John Sheppard was thrown into the future, and now it seems to be Lieutenant Colonel Jason Sheppard's turn to take a little trip in time, only this time it's the past… but what is he supposed to be fixing, and why were his friends sent along with him?

A/N: You wanted a sequel… well here you are! Also, just so you know, for a bit, I'll have some jumping between the past and future, just a little, but I just wanted to make sure you were warned.

Part One "Future World"

Future Timeline

Jason adjusted his luggage as he stepped onto the gateroom so familiar to him. It had been years since he'd seen the place, and he couldn't help the grin that spread as he saw her standing on the steps. "Jay?" she questioned, looking as if she was waiting for him to disappear, just a figment of her imagination.

Jason dropped his back pack and let go of the rest of his luggage… she was just as beautiful as ever. "Lena…" he breathed.

Lena grinned in return before walking down the steps and over to him, stopping right in front of his face. "Jason… is that really you? Don't tell me your back?"

"I'm back… as great as SG-1 was… who could resist commanding your own team!"

"That the only reason you're back?" she asked, her face a mask of calm… he knew better.

"Well, if that command just happens to bring me back home… who am I to argue?"

Lena laughed at that before wrapping her arms around his neck, pulling him to her. Jason held her just as tight, hugging her to him. "I missed you."

"Missed you too, Lenny," he told her, kissing her temple.

"Jay, my boy! As happy as I am to see you, hug my little sister any tighter and I may have to kill you," someone teased. Jason let go of Lena, his smile growing as he turned around to see Malcolm Beckett standing behind him.

"Mal! I thought you'd left Atlantis to serve aboard the Orion!"

"It only lasted a year… I couldn't stand being away from the ocean," he admitted before grabbing Jason for a hug of his own. "It's good to see you young man!"

"I'm one year younger than you, Mal," Jason reminded him as he always had to.

"Yeah, one year younger than me!"

Jason laughed at that, pleased to see one of his partners in crime once more. "How's the rest of the gang doing?" he asked next.

"Well Ani and Ian are doing pretty good, though I think your sister has already driven poor McKay to madness. Apparently if I ever get married, I'm never to allow my wife to become pregnant."

Jason laughed at that. "Well, she always was a handful… I just can't believe I'm gonna be an uncle soon. What about Noah?"

"Noah's on a mission at the moment. They found what they believe is debris from an Ancient ship. They needed a translator… apparently the database is intact."

"Gotcha… and Nero?"

"He's on the mainland visiting Teyla. She's been a bit sick lately."

Jason frowned at that. He'd heard in his letters that Teyla had been feeling weak lately. "Is it serious?"

Malcolm shook her head. "She'll outlive us all more than likely," he assured his friend.

Sheppard nodded at that, relieved to hear it. "Well, I better say hi to Ian and Ani…wanna meet for dinner? It'll be nice to catch up on the Atlantis gossip!"

Malcolm laughed at that. "Ask me later… got a lot of reports to catch up on."

"Gotcha… what about you Lenny?"

Lena smiled. "Sounds great, Jay."

Jason was sure his face would be sore for days with all the grinning he was doing, but he couldn't help himself. It was good to be home. "Excellent… see you then!"

"See you then," she agreed, watching as Jason grabbed his stuff and rushed to see his family.

"Shep! What the hell are you doing here so soon!"

"Nice to see you too McKay," Jason teased as he stood as his sister's front door. He'd taken care of stowing his luggage in his room already and was eager to see Anika by this point. The last time he'd seen her, she'd been wearing a white dress walking down the isle to marry Ian.

"Sorry, just surprised to see you, buddy. I thought you weren't gonna get here until next week?"

"I wasn't, but my new assignment was moved up. How is she?"

"Awww you know Ani… tough as nails and not afraid to show it. She's been having a lot of back trouble… I can tell, but she refuses to let me do anything about it. Apparently she's fine," Ian said, muttering the last part which dripped with sarcasm.

Jason laughed. They'd only been married two years, and he knew no matter how long Ian and Anika had known each other, there were some things that could only be learned in time. "Watch and learn," he told his brother-in-law, then walked inside. "Ani!"

"Jay?" Ani shouted from the other room. "Is that you?"

Jason followed the voice until he reached Ian and Ani's bedroom. His sister had obviously been lying in bed reading. She moved the book beside her and got out of bed, quickly moving to hug her older brother. Jason hugged her back. "You look absolutely beautiful," he told her, kissing her forehead. Ian says you've been having back trouble."

Ian watched from the door, unsure of what Jason was doing, but watched just the same.

"I'm fine."

"Just shut up and let me take care of the back."

"Jason! I'm absolutely fine!"

"Listen here, Ani, since you were born it's been my duty as your older brother to protect you till the day I die, now I'm gonna carry out that oath whether you like it or not. And you are going to let Ian take care of you or I swear I'll call mom and dad and have them knock some sense in you. Do you want that?"

Ani frowned, glaring at him. "You're here to minutes and already you treat me like a child. Jason, I'm HAVING a child, I haven't been a child for too ages."

"Doesn't matter, now sit on the bed and let either Ian or I take care of you."

Finally Anika relented, sitting on the bed. Jason smiled, looking back at Ian who's eyes were wide with surprise. "How the heck did you do that!" Ian whispered.

Jason just grinned. "Threatening parents and using guilt are the only ways I know to get her to do anything… so far anyway. Try it more often and I swear you'll get results."

"I'll have to keep that in mind."

As Ian placed himself behind his wife, he quickly got to work on Ani's back before she'd have time to think twice.

"So, I thought we could all have dinner later. Lenny's coming and Mal may be about to pull away from his work, what do ya say?"

"Sounds good to me if it sounds good to you honey," Ian said, looking down at his wife.

"That'd be great! I could eat a horse."

"When can't you eat a horse these days," Ian mumbled.

Ani, having heard him, elbowed him in the stomach for the comment. "Hey, I AM eating for two here."

"Home sweet home," Jason said with a sigh before sitting on the bed. "Well, mom and dad say hi. Hopefully they'll be able to make it for your birth, but mom's not sure she'll be able to get away from work."

"I hope they make it… I don't wanna do this without them."

Jason just smiled at his younger sister… now an adult. It felt nuts to watch Anika… seeing her swollen belly holding life inside her. He still remembered playing hide and seek in the afternoon with her… remembered the days when their father had first taught them both to surf and Ani had freaked when he and their father had pretended to drown. There were so many memories, and now here she was, about to become a parent of her own. He was proud of the life she'd made for herself. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure they'll get here."

Ani just nodded. "So how's Grace?"

Jay hesitated, giving her a fake smile this time as he thought about the people he'd left back on Earth. "We uh… um… we kinda broke up."

"Broke up! Oh Jay! What happened!"

Shepard shrugged, sighing. "It just didn't work out… but we're still friends. That hasn't changed. Grace O'Neill has her own life to lead, and it just so happens to not include me. It's better this way."

"How are you dealing?" she asked, her voice soft as she worried for him.

"I'm fine, Ani, perfectly fine! You have nothing to worry about. You should be thinking about the fact that you'll soon be parents! Don't worry bout me, I'm great."

Mrs. McKay knew better, but chose to let him go, settling for a pat on the hand while her husband worked tense muscles. "Okay… whatever you say, Jason."

Past Timeline

Elizabeth laughed as yet another popcorn carnal hit her mouth, but fell to the floor. John grinned, watching the Doctor brush off popcorn crumbs from her shirt. "Nice catch there, Elizabeth."

"Yeah well this isn't exactly my thing. God, if my father saw this he'd probably die of shame! Image to him was the most important thing in life."

John opened his mouth and waited as Elizabeth threw him popcorn, and quickly caught it, eating and swallowing it.

"Nice catch."

"Nice throw," he threw back, grinning. It had been a year since he'd been thrown into the future and then later sent back with very little knowledge of what he'd even done, but he'd had the most interesting dreams ever since… most of them of mature audiences only kind revolving a certain beautiful woman. In that year, he and Elizabeth had slowly gotten closer and closer in their relationship. He'd yet to come up with the courage to ask her out, but then again… how could he? Just because he couldn't stop thinking about what the future had in store for him didn't mean his hopes were the same as hers. What really did he have to offer her? She was brilliant, sophisticated, and not to mention the most beautiful thing he'd ever laid eyes on. She was absolutely amazing, and he had no idea why he hadn't noticed it before. Oh sure, he'd known she was beautiful the moment he'd met her, but had he believed he'd fall so hard for Doctor Elizabeth Weir, he just wished he knew how she felt about him.

"I try," she joked, putting her bowl of popcorn on the table, still smiling back at him.

"So, any idea when the President and friends get here?" he asked, putting his own bowl away on her table as he sat beside it facing her.

"Less than a week. Teyla believes the decorations should be finished by then with all the help she's been getting from everyone. I just hope everything goes well."

"Teyla's people have already planned the dishes they're gonna fix… me and McKay got to do some taste testing… everything checks out okay so far… I think some of those recipes might even be enough to knock the President's socks off."

"Good, anything that'll help things run smoothly is okay in my book. I keep thinking something will go horribly wrong and it's starting to drive me crazy."

"Then stop worrying about it. If we can hold off the wraith and every other enemy we've faced, I'm sure we can impress President Hayes and the others. Caldwell seems to certainly have faith in us. Apparently he's been looking forward to this shindig for a while."

"I'm sure he has," Elizabeth said with a smile, rubbing her shoulder.

"You okay?"

"Just a little sore… and tired."

John got up from his chair and moved behind her, rubbing her sore shoulders. Sheppard almost stopped when he heard the long drawn out moan come from Elizabeth as he worked her knots. "Good?"

"Very," she told him, rolling her head forward. "Would this be my birthday massage?" she asked teasingly.

John grinned. "Yes well seeing as how I forgot to get you something this year, consider this to be your gift. Just relax… you're pretty tense back here."

"When did you learn to do this? I wouldn't think massage would be a class they teach in the Air Force."

"Hardly… actually my grandmother taught me when I was a child so I could help her out when she got sore."

"Remind me to thank her."

"It would be kinda hard considering she's been dead for ten years."

"Any other people I can thank for this, then?"

"Nope… unless you wanna give that thank you to me," he said, working her neck a bit.

"Okay, thank you, Lieutenant Colonel Sheppard."

"You're welcome Doctor Elizabeth Weir." God, she smelled good. What the hell did she wash her hair with? It was starting to drive him crazy. "Anywhere else you need help with?"

Elizabeth paused; thinking of quite a few places he could massage, but chose to keep her mouth shut and chase the dirty thoughts away. She really needed to stop thinking like that… it was unprofessional, not to mention he was a friend, her best friend. It wasn't right to be thinking of him that way. "No, Colonel… I think that'll be fine," she told him, knowing that it was the use of his rank that was keeping her focused. She couldn't go there with him. They were friends, nothing more.

John moved back in his seat and smiled, staring at her as he noticed the obvious change. Now she was relaxed. "I know you're worried about what's gonna happen, but don't, no matter what happens, you can count on me and everyone else here to see that things go well. We owe you that much."

"Thanks, John."

John just nodded, staring at her. "Picked out a dress yet?"

"Uh huh… it's already finished."

"Really? What's it look like?"

"It's a surprise."

"Let me guess… would it happen to be red?" he asked, teasing her about her love for the color.

"You'll just have to see and find out like the rest… sorry."

John just sighed, raising his hands in defeat. "I'm sure whatever you wear will look perfect on you."

"I hope so."

"I know so."

Elizabeth finally frowned, realizing his eyes were still on hers. Weir blushed, looking away from him and turned to look at the computer. "I'm sure you do, Colonel."

John chuckled at that. The woman could be wearing a huge ugly T-shirt and he'd think she was beautiful… so he supposed he was a little biased considering the fact that he couldn't get his mind off her. "Well, I suppose I should get back to work. Annoying Rodney won't happen on its own, you know."

Doctor Weir laughed at that. "Yes, you do that. Have fun," she called as he walked out of her office.

"Always!" he called back before the doors slid shut. Elizabeth walked him walk away, and smiled. If there was one thing she'd learned in her time on Atlantis, it was that Lieutenant Colonel John Sheppard was absolutely adorable. Could anyone really blame her for liking the guy? After all, it was kinda hard NOT to. It was that damned charm… she really needed to find a way past that… and fast.

To Be Continued…

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